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WIP Wednesday - Netherworld III: Once Bitten, Twice Dead

Zombies, anyone?

     I asked Dan, “So what will happen if he’s a zombie?  I take it that will be hard to fix or everyone wouldn’t look so freaked out.”
     Dan started to reach for me again and stopped himself.  It’s tough remembering the restrictions a physical body puts on you when you’re used to being a ghost.  He had to settle for giving me his most comforting yet concerned look.  “If he’s a zombie, then his soul is gone.  He can’t be fixed.”
     “You mean … he’ll stay like that?  Just an empty body?”  I looked over Dan’s shoulder at the the man, my stomach doing a slow, sick drop.  Oh, this couldn’t be happening. 
     Dan spoke carefully, as if to a child.  Normally I get ruffled if I’m condescended to, but in this case, I knew it was because I was not only clueless but ready to be upset.  It turned out I had plenty more to get upset about.
     “Zombies are dangerous creatures, sweetheart.  If his soul is gone, he’ll have to be – his body will have to be destroyed.”
     I tore my gaze from the too-still body.  Gerald was starting to shake as he stood next to his friend, and I was reminded of how good shifter hearing was.  Though Gerald wouldn't catch my end of the conversation, he could probably hear Dan speaking through Jason.
     “Destroyed?  As in killed?  What the heck, Dan?”  My voice was rising.
     Dan swallowed.  “A zombie is like an automaton.  All it knows is what its body tells it.  If it’s tired, it stops where it is and goes to sleep.  If it’s hungry, it grabs the nearest thing and eats.  And I’m not talking a cheeseburger and fries from the nearest drive thru, baby girl.”
     A shudder ran through me and I went colder than cold.  “People.  You’re saying he will eat people.” 
     “Zombies prefer fresh meat.  So fresh it’s still breathing.”
     I felt ill.  Again my mind insisted, this can’t be happening.  But apparently, it was. 
     “I guess he’s not hungry then,” I said weakly.
     “Not yet.”
     “Who’s going to kill him if he’s a zombie?”  My gaze went to Gerald.  The werepanther was tough and bad to the bone, but no way the big man would be able to kill his best bud.  I looked at Tristan and Patricia next, who stood to one side, their predator faces as sad as vampires could get.  I really wanted to think my sweetie and his sister would find it too difficult to destroy someone who was ready to take a stake for them. 

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Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy Now At Amazon

Brandilynn and her boys are now at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Slave (Clans of Kalquor 4)

Damn it, they were all law enforcement.  And cops just loved to take down those in higher authority when they could.  Except Dani wasn’t higher authority any more.  She was no one.  As a prostitute, she was lower than no one.  These officers wouldn’t care too much about her.

Now available from New Concepts Publishing

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Create a Couple of Kalquorians - It's All About Those Bods

This week's polls are about the always delightful Kalquorian physique.  You made Conyod average height with well-defined but not bulky muscles.  His best feature was his chest and abs.  So what are the favorite features for your dream Dramok and Nobek?

Results from last week's polls:  We were talking hair, hair you can dig your fingers in and grab handfuls of while these big men visit naughty delights upon you.  For our chopped-locks Nobek, you went with straight hair.  For Erybet you chose to give him straight, midback length hair, worn loose. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

First Four Friday - Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy

Chapter 17

    Being pulled from one place to another against my will was nothing like the hopping around I do with Dan.  Much like Erica Ford’s earlier attack, this was more akin to being hooked in the belly by a sadistic fisherman and reeled in through a lake of molten lava.  In short, it hurt.  A lot.

Available from New Concepts Publishing

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WIP Wednesday - The Font

I've finished the first draft of this vampire tale. Heriolf, the self-styled lord of southeast Georgia's vampires, has powers beyond those of his subjects.  He uses his enhanced abilities with terrifying results:

     A female vampire moved forward, her bobbed brunette hair and flapper-styled dress suggesting she last drew breath during the Roaring ‘20’s.  Her white kid gloves were spotless.  She took several steps forward, closing the distance to Heriolf.  He smiled at her, but Elisha noticed how sharp his ice-chip eyes became. 
     She offered a curtsey.  “Glorious Master Heriolf, I’m come to you in all humility to—”
     “To murder me and take my place.”  Heriolf laughed into the shocked silence.  “I hear your thoughts, fool.  Have you not been told of my powers?  Of my absolute omnipotence?”
     The vampire didn’t wait to hear more.  She sprang at Heriolf, a silver blade in her gloved hand.  She was fast.  Heriolf was faster.
     The Norseman seized the flapper in mid-air and ripped her in half at the waist as if tearing a sheet of paper before flinging the two parts to the marble floor.  Blood sprayed, and Naya ducked the splatter by crouching behind Heriolf’s chair. 
     His massive bare chest covered in the twitching corpse’s blood, Heriolf roared at the assembled.  “I am not only your master, I am your god!  Who else will challenge me?”
     No one spoke.  No one moved.  Elisha caught Sebastian’s gaze with his own.  Moving carefully, he knelt and bowed his head.  Everyone around him immediately followed suit, and less than a second later, every vampire, except the ones standing guard near Heriolf and Naya, had gone to their knees.
     There were a few moments of utter silence as the congregation awaited the tyrant’s next reaction.  Heriolf had been known to go into murderous rages, killing off a dozen vampires at one go just because they were unlucky enough to be at hand when he lost his temper.   
     Nothing can be as still as a vampire.  Even their hair was motionless, refusing to acknowledge the occasional errant breeze.
     Heriolf’s voice rolled through the room like distant thunder.  “Clean this up and resume the ceremony.”

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy

    I frowned at them now that my hormones didn’t rule my brains.  “You said something about I was your only witness to the killer.  Where are the ghosts of the other women who were murdered?  There were what, more than a dozen in the last two years?”
    Tristan answered that one.  “Not all the dead come back as ghosts."

Available from New Concepts Publishing

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Create a Kalquorian - The Final Word on Conyod and We're On to Erybet and Sletran

You have spoken.  The overwhelming majority of you have said you want a say in the rest of Conyod's clan. 

These polls will be going faster than before, as I am already outlining Alien Redemption and need my characters ready to jump in.  We will create our Dramok and Nobek simultaneously, so there will be two different polls each week.  Some options will be the same as the ones we had for Conyod, especially where physical characteristics are concerned.

A little background on our clan is in order here.  Dramok Erybet, chief commander of five companies of ground attack forces, along with his Nobek Sletran, who was in direct command of one of those companies, went off to fight the war against Earth.  Conyod stayed behind on Kalquor.  They kept in regular contact for the most part, but near war's end, Conyod lost all communications with his clanmates.  He didn't even know where they were located.  After the war ended, he finally heard from them just days before they came home.

There has been little to celebrate since their return.  Both are on administrative leave, though they assure Conyod it isn't for any wrongdoing.  They were invovlved in heavy fighting and it has been determined by Erybet's direct supervisor that they are due a year's respite.  Erybet and Sletran are changed men.  Erybet has lost a lot of the confidence that made him a leader men could count on.   Sletran disappears for hours at a time, usually in the middle of the night while his clanmates are sleeping.  He is now prone to sudden fits of rage in which he destroys his belongings.  He has even turned this inexplicable anger upon himself, hacking off his long hair with a knife.  Despite Conyod's pleas to know what happened to them so he can help Sletran, his clanmates will only tell him they are sworn to secrecy in the interest of the empire's security.

Our first polls have to do with our two Kalquorians' hair.  Obviously with Sletran, we won't be worrying about the length and style, as his impromptu cutting means his is now growing out.   You only have to worry about the texture of his.

Now on to Conyod.  Our Imdiko is done!  The last poll cited his motto, which was ‘From caring comes courage.’ - Lao Tzu.  So, here's the full look at the hunky Kalquorian you helped create:

Character:  Imdiko Conyod, psychologist specializing in traumatized Earther Mataras

Height:            6’6”
Weight:           250 lbs
Sex:                 Male
Hair:                Black, midback length, wavy, hangs loose         
Body:              Muscular, well cut but not bodybuilder big, chest and abs are his best feature, beautifully chiseled
Face:                rugged, square-jawed, manly, clean-shaven, grim when not smiling, Hugh Jackman type
Mouth:            thin-lipped but beautiful teeth, smile lights up entire face
Imperfections:  a little OCD, can’t function without a to-do list
Overall personality:  Understanding of others’ shortcomings and patient with almost everyone
Habits/hobbies:  Breeds champion kestarsh (Kalquorian version of horse)
Greatest accomplishment:  Being chosen to be a part of the Earther Matara psychological team;                             out of over two hundred applicants he was top choice
Age:                48 (looks late twenties)
Home:             Among the seaside cliffs near the Royal House and Council, capital city of Kalquor         
Motive:            To rectify whatever has gone wrong with his clanmates       

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Now available from New Concepts Publishing: Alien Slave

Clans of Kalquor 5.  Dani Watson is a sex slave on the planet of Dantovon.  Having escaped post-Armageddon Earth, she’s resigned to spending several years working in a brothel to pay off her slave contract.  Her one consolation is that she avoided being captured and enslaved by the Kalquorians.

When a Kalquorian clan buys her contract, Dani attempts escape.  Crashing on a remote moon gets her puts her life in jeopardy, leaving her and the clan of Gelan, Wynhod, and Krijero fighting for survival in a hostile environment.  Worse still, they’re being hunted by a group of brutal Tragooms who are determined to capture Dani and subject her to a fate worse than mere slavery.

Rating:  Carnal.  Mild BDSM.  Forced seduction.  Multiple sexual partners.

Click here to buy. 


“None of us wants to see you hurt in any way.  You’re funny, smart, and very pretty.”  The Imdiko’s voice took on a hesitant quality, as if he thought she might laugh at his compliments.
That defensive tone touched her.  Dani reached up to stroke his face.  She lightly rubbed her thumbs over his eyebrows and ran caressing fingertips over his nose, cheekbones and stubbled chin.  Last she traced his lips, feeling the warmth of his shaky breath on her hands.  He held absolutely still for her investigation, and she felt how hard his heart drummed.  His cocks had come to hard life inside his pants, pressing against the barrier.  Yet the man who had spoken with such quiet confidence only moments before suddenly projected an aura of vulnerability.
I wonder who hurt him?
She didn’t want Krijero to act like this.  She wanted him self-assured and strong.  Did the man not realize how handsome he was, how mouthwatering desirable?  Jeez, and she thought she had body issues.
Well, she knew a thing or two about making men, even the ones she found unattractive, feel wanted.  At least with Krijero she wouldn’t have to pretend he got her hot.  Despite her fatigue, hunger, and growing headache, mashing herself up against the chiseled body of the alien got her juices flowing, literally.
As tall as she was, Dani’s lips only reached to Krijero’s rough chin when she stood on her toes.  She nibbled the scruffy flesh as her arms circled his neck.  “You don’t have to be nice to me.  You can just take what you want.  I belong to you.”
He sounded strained.  “Yes, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable to me that way.  Do you like anything about me, Dani?”
She heard it again, that poignant wistfulness in his voice that seemed to ask, am I good enough?   She couldn’t understand it, not having seen Gelan and Wynhod’s devotion to their clanmate.
But it was there, and she knew the kind of pain that made that sound.  Putting every ounce of conviction in her voice she could muster, Dani stated, “You’re handsome, Krijero.  Your body is gorgeous, and I love how it feels when you’re inside me.  Honest to God, Earther men have nothing on you.”
He grew harder but didn’t speak.  Maybe he needed more than just affirmation of physical attractiveness?  Dani searched for the right words to shore up his seemingly shaky self esteem.  “Our differences aside, you don’t seem like a bad person.  I had fun when you and the others took me out for dinner.  And—”
She stopped, afraid to say anymore.  Who was she kidding?  He was a Kalquorian, and the brute couldn’t possibly think like she did.  If she didn’t watch herself, she’d get punished again.
His voice, soft and wondering, drifted on the night air.  “What?  I won’t get mad.”
Dani swallowed.  The note of hope his voice held needed addressing.  With a deep breath, she forced the words out.  “There’s something sad about you.  Like you’re afraid of being too vulnerable.  Maybe someone hurt you who you trusted?”
A long silence reigned, long enough for Dani to think she’d better get ready to defend herself.  But instead of angry blows, Krijero managed a shaky laugh. 
 “See?” he said.  “You’re not stupid at all.  You like that I’ve been hurt?”
She shook her head, relief making her almost dizzy.  “Knowing you’re capable of that sorrow appeals to me, not the fact you actually feel it.  Will you tell me about it?”
Another long silence ensued.  At last Krijero sighed.  “Maybe one day if we form a bond of trust.  It won’t happen overnight.”
It probably won’t ever happen, she thought.  All she said was, “That’s fair.  I don’t trust you either.”
He chuckled ruefully and hugged her tight to his body.  Knowing Krijero had experienced the same kind of pain she’d known made Dani want to be close to him despite her reservations.  But she wasn’t about to bare her soul either.  Her pain was her own, and she wouldn’t put it on display for a Kalquorian.
Still, his body called to her in a way different from his hurt, and she decided a romp would be nice.  “If you want me, I won’t fight,” she told him.
His crotch stiffened harder against her belly.  “I do want you” he said, his voice deepening to a growl.  “But do you want me?”
Dani didn’t want to admit her attraction out loud, not when they’d bought her like a loaf of bread at the grocery store.  So instead she moved sinuously against the big alien, nibbling at his chin once more.  “What do you think?” she said in her breathiest voice.
His mouth tilted down to possess hers, his kiss deep yet somehow cautious.  Dani responded to the tentative invasion with ardor she didn’t have to fake.  Krijero really was delicious, and her body liked his quite well.
The Kalquorian drew back from their kiss and pushed her back just far enough to allow him to strip his boots and formsuit off.  The darkness of his form crouched down to the ground, and his fingers tugged at hers.  “Come down here with me.”
Dani went willingly, her urges in no way reluctant to serve the alien.  She found he kneeled on the springy ground, and he arranged her so that she straddled his muscular thighs, sandwiching his cocks between their bellies.  She squirmed eagerly against the hot, hard lengths.
“I’m so glad your libido wasn’t stunted by the repressive government that ruled you,” Krijero whispered.
“I bet you are,” she smarted off.
He chuckled at her sally and engulfed her in one of those stomach-warming kisses again.  Dani ran her hands all over him, delighting in the lithe, well-defined physique while sucking on his rough textured tongue.  She rubbed against his cocks, making him groan.
Krijero let her explore his smooth body for a few blissful minutes, his breathing growing louder and faster as she moved against him.  Dani felt compelled to memorize him with tongue, hands, her entire body.  The Imdiko’s thighs became wet with her juices as she slid over them.

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Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 23

Krijero twisted onto his back in time to hold off the blade flashing down at him.   His blaster went flying through the air, and the Tragoom landed on his stomach, trying to stab the Kalquorian.  Krijero was holding him off barely, his fangs extended in a fierce grimace of effort. 

Waiting sucks...but Alien Slave is now missing from the Coming Soon page.  It should be up for sale soon!  I will post as soon as I find out it's available.

First Four Friday - Alien Salvation (Clans of Kalquor 4)

Chapter 10

    Searing pain.  All over.
    Lindsey had never known she could hurt so much.  Every muscle in her body clamored in anguish. 

Available from New Concepts Publishing, Amazon for Kindle, and Barnes & Noble for Nook

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 22

    They made no attempt to sneak up on the enemy.  The Kalquorians traveled at breakneck speed, crashing through underbrush as fast as possible towards the sounds of pitched battle.
    Wynhod’s fangs had fully descended, and his hands were full of blasters.  His being screamed for blood, oceans of hot, spurting blood.  The killing frenzy was upon him.

Releasing today!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 21

Lips skinned back from her teeth in an unknowing snarl, Dani balled herself into a crouch and fired at the other Tragooms, who shrieked as they dove for cover.  After a space of five seconds, they recovered their senses enough to fire back, and she was forced to hug the ground, using the now headless Tragoom as a shield.  The air shuddered, and the blasts deafened her.  Her arms howled agony at the kick of the blaster that she continued to fire.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 20

     Even as hard as Dani's legs pumped, the trees crawled past with nightmarish slowness.  She might as well have crawled for all the progress she seemed to make.  Her feet were blocks of concrete, her legs as sludgy as the muck that dragged at her.  The air she hauled into her burning lungs wasn’t nearly enough, a mere drop of oxygen when she needed barrels to fuel her flight.
   Snarls and grunts chased after her, growing louder as her pursuers gained on her.  Their footsteps quaked the ground beneath her.  The snap of branches, the explosions of trunks broken as they chased her down filled her ears and fed her terror.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 19

     Gelan pushed the carcass off his clanmate and stood over Krijero, ready to fight on.  But the Tragooms had all suddenly disappeared, save the one Wynhod was happily beheading.    Seven corpses lay around their little group. 
     The attacking force had seemed huge, numbering at least two dozen.  Where had they gone?
     Krijero shoved him aside as he sat up.  Gelan joined Wynhod in scanning the trees surrounding them, sure another offensive was going to be launched at any moment.  But Krijero’s horrified cry stole his attention.
     Gelan’s blood ran cold at as the Imdiko screamed, “Where’s Dani?”

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 18

     “Everyone thinks Imdikos are so easygoing, especially with sex.  We can be just as demanding as any Dramok or Nobek though,” he told her, his weight pinning her down.  She sobbed as his thumb flicked her clit and lightning flashed through her belly.  “Would you me to show you?”
     His dark eyes and the firelight flickering over his face made Krijero look very dangerous suddenly.  Dani’s heart pounded at his intense expression.  She nodded.
     Yes, she wanted to see the more ruthless side of Krijero.  Absolutely.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 17

     “Protect Dani!” Gelan told Krijero.  It was the last thing he said before the Tragooms hove into view and all hell broke loose.
     Looking like bastard children of a pig and rhinoceros, four Tragooms fired percussion blasters in a tremendous volley, the shwack-shwack boom of their attack shaking the very air.  Wynhod and Gelan shot back as Krijero turned and fell on Dani, knocking her to the ground.  At first she cried out in horror, thinking he’d been hit, but as his body wrapped around hers, shielding her from the blasts, she realized he was protecting her. 

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 16

     A snarl erupted from the entrance of the cave.  Wynhod whipped around, a shorter knife from his belt at the ready.  With one voice, he and the other two men roared back.
     Something furred bounded into the firelight.  Dani had a moment to register that Gelan and Krijero were still naked, that Wynhod sped to their sides in a blurred rush, that the massive animal, as tall on its six legs as the men were on two, had a mouthful of dagger fangs.  The next instant it sprang at Krijero, claws that looked a mile long reaching for the still crouched Imdiko.

Releasing in two days!

WIP Wednesday - Alien Interludes: The Sentence

Were any of you curious as to what would happen to General Patrick Hamilton of Alien Conquest?  After all, he was the one person who could have stopped Armageddon, but he chose not to.  I thought it rather obvious he would have to face some sort of Judgment Day of his own, and he will.  Cassidy and her clan discuss what justice he might face:

    “What’s the likelihood of each of the three options?” she asked.
    “I think life imprisonment is out of the question,” Lidon answered.  “No matter where he’s incarcerated, General Hamilton will be killed by another inmate or a guard.  Given the number of assassination attempts already made, it’s only a matter of time.”
    Tranis agreed.  “He’s the most hated man around.  Some would like to feed him to the Tragooms.”
    “So execution or mind wipe.  Though if they erase his memories, there will still be those bent on killing him,” Cassidy guessed.
    “Well if it comes to a mind wipe, his features will be altered and he’ll be given a new name and background to keep him hidden.”  Degorsk snorted.  “The idea is that he can be a productive member of society with his past destroyed.”
    “Isn’t he kind of old to start his life over?” Cassidy asked.  “I mean, he’s healthy as a horse, but he’d be looking at retirement on Earth.” 
    “He’ll be eligible for the benefits accorded other senior Earthers.  If they go the mind wipe route, Hamilton will probably be placed on one of the colonies once he’s deemed ready.”
    “I doubt that will be his fate,” Tranis opined.  He rubbed Cassidy’s back and smiled at her with such love her pulse stuttered.  She suddenly wanted to skip lunch and go straight back to their guest quarters.
    “Don’t be so sure.  Kivokan is planning to push for the general to be remanded to his care.  He’s testifying in hopes of the mind wipe.”
    “As in Dramok Kivokan?  Isn’t he one of your bosses?”  Cassidy frowned.
    “The Galactic Council will not give Hamilton to Kalquor if he’s not to be executed,” Lidon snorted. 
    “They might if he can prove his case.  And trust me, Kivokan is very persuasive.”  Degorsk frowned.
    “Okay, back up and tell me this scenario from start to finish.”  Cassidy had a very bad feeling about the situation.
    Degorsk took a deep breath to compose his thoughts.  “Okay, you know about the psychiatric team on Kalquor dedicated to treating traumatized Earther Mataras.”
    “The same group you now intern for.  Dr. Govi heads that group.”  Cassidy liked Imdiko Govi, who had taken a special interest in her own emotional upheavals following her joining Tranis’ clan.  He had also become Degorsk’s sponsor when he’d decided to switch from being a military doctor to pursue psychology. 
     “Dramok Kivokan is second in charge of the team.  He’s a respected doctor himself, but he tends more towards administration and researching new treatment options.”
    “You’ve mentioned him in passing a few times, but I haven’t heard a lot about him.”
    Degorsk grimaced, a strange expression on his normally happy face.  “I’m not too fond of his practices, to be honest.  He gets results, but I can’t say I agree with all his methods.”
    Lidon raised an eyebrow.  “Given your opinion of mind wiping, I’m not surprised.”
    “He started that?” Cassidy asked.
    “No, but he – perfected it for use on Earthers.” 
    The way Degorsk spat out the word ‘perfected’ told Cassidy her clanmate was very much against it.  The information that someone had worked on the particulars to make mind wipes useful against her kind turned her cold.
    “Why would a psychiatrist want to be able to remove Earther memories?” she asked.
    Her three mates exchanged long looks with each other.  Degorsk blew out a mighty breath.  “Because so many Mataras were emotionally damaged by how they were treated on Earth.”
    Cassidy fought rising anger.  My clan would never allow that to happen to me, she thought, and there was little doubt of that in her mind.  Still, with what she had suffered at the hands of her own grandfather she might have been at risk without their protection.
    “I was damaged.  I suppose I still I am,” she said.  “Would he have wanted to mind wipe me?”
    Growls erupted from her clanmates.  “No one is touching you,” Tranis snarled.
    “But if you hadn’t clanned me?”
    “Govi’s in charge,” Degorsk said.  “He wouldn’t have allowed it.”
    “Has he allowed others to undergo the procedure?”
    “Only two.  Their circumstances were extreme.”
    “In what way?”
    “Both had been molested and raped repeatedly as children.  Their abusers were caught in these acts, and the girls were sentenced to life imprisonment under Earth’s morality laws.  Their youth was taken into account so they weren’t mutilated or placed in the work camps, where they would have died in a matter of months.”
    “By the ancestors,” Lidon swore.  “Innocent children being punished because of the actions of others!”
    Degorsk nodded.  “They continued to suffer terribly in detention.  They were seen as ‘ruined’ because of the rapes.  Once incarcerated, their guards apparently continued the abuse.”
    Cassidy blinked back tears.  She couldn’t imagine the horror those two girls, and who knew how many others, had suffered.  “So they were a real mess, I suppose?”
    Her Imdiko sighed.  “They’d never known any joy in living.  These young women grew to adulthood in a kind of hell I don’t even want to contemplate.  They’d both made multiple suicide attempts, and neither had anything close to sanity left to them.  So Govi allowed Kivokan to erase their entire identities, taking away all the memories of their pasts.”
    Cassidy swallowed.  “I guess in those cases, it was for the best,” she said. 
    “I suppose.”
    “You don’t sound terribly certain,” Tranis prodded gently. 
    “They’re certainly happy now,” Degorsk said slowly.  “Well adjusted with their new identities.  No sign of trauma whatsoever, and one has joined a clan.  She’s due to have her first child in the second quarter.  But when they first came out of the procedure, they were so … blank.  Soulless.”
    Cassidy felt him shudder next to her.  “And that’s what will happen to the general if Kivokan gets his way.”
    Degorsk nodded.  Tranis and Lidon looked as grim as he did.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 15

    “Nobek—” Gelan started, only to be cut off by his clanmate’s snarl.
    “Mine,” Wynhod said in a thick voice.
    “Ours,” the Dramok firmly reproved him.  “Give her over.”
    Wynhod showed Gelan his fangs.  The clan leader simply stared at him, his expression unmoving.  Dani stared at the two men, frightened they might fight.  How could she and Krijero hope to keep Wynhod from tearing Gelan apart?

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 14

    When she found light again, it was on the outdoor stage of Dantovon’s central market square.  Heat beat down on her, making it hard to breathe.  Dani stood naked, the eyes of hundreds of people on her, aliens of all civilizations.   They waited breathlessly for her to be punished, their avid gazes eager to witness her humiliation.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 13

     The room was a nightmare of overbearing good cheer.  Sunshine yellow walls competed with the meadow green bedspread, curtains, and carpet.  Sky blue painted furniture scattered the room:  bed, nightstand, and armoire.  It was a room that looked like the innocence of Little House on the Prairie had exploded all over it.
     And seated in the midst of all this happy crappy was Dani’s mother, perched like an exotic bird on the edge of the bed in a fuchsia robe.  She was a scream of vibrancy in pastel hell.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 12

    His biggest concern was that he couldn’t help what mattered most of all:  Dani’s health.  She faded in and out of consciousness now, whimpering from time to time as Krijero carried her in Gelan’s wake.  She continued to puke up the water they gave her.  There was a sweetish-sick odor coming off her in waves.  Her too-pale face scared the Dramok the most, and from his clanmate’s expression Krijero was frightened too.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 11

Apparently Kalquorian hearing was much better than hers, because Krijero suddenly stiffened.  His nostrils flared, and his pupils widened until only the barest sliver of blue-purple irises remained.  He bared his teeth, fangs descended in a feral display as he put himself between Dani and the woods in front of them.  The Earther’s heart galloped like a runaway horse as Krijero pulled a long, gleaming knife out of his boot.  She tensed to run from whatever danger was poised to burst from the trees.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 10

The Nobek took off, running fast but silently through the trees, avoiding the deep pools of water where possible.  He covered a lot of ground quickly.  He paused here and there to listen and sniff the air.  The sweetish-rancid stench grew until it filled his senses, sparking an instinctive rage that his training kept in check.  Few things incited real bloodlust, the blinding urge to kill without remorse.  This was one of those things however, and Wynhod’s fangs unhinged.  He kept his senses nonetheless, the need to protect his clan and Dani leashing the primal beast inside him.

Coming Friday!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 9

     Wynhod nodded.  He picked up Dani, cradling her in his arms like a baby.  She sighed, snuggled her face into his chest, and immediately went to sleep.  Feeling her warm, sweet body cuddled up to him shook something inside.  It was his turn to gulp.
     Gelan snorted un-amused laughter.  “We’re in trouble, aren’t we?” he asked in their language.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 8

     In the brief seconds she’d stood still, she’d sunk nearly to her knees in the black
sludge.  When Dani tried to yank her leg up and forward, she could only raise it an inch.  She tried the other one.  Same result.
     Dani grabbed one leg with both hands, trying to pull herself free.  The ground retained its hold on her, pulling her even deeper.  She was in up over her knees now, and she panicked, struggling mightily to get out of the swallowing muck.  Despite her frantic efforts, she continued to sink even faster.  Within seconds, she was buried to the waist.
     Terror overcame her and Dani screamed.  “Help!  Help me!”

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 7

    Multiple alarms went off at once, shocking Dani into wakefulness.  The ship shook all over like a frenzied horse trying to buck off a rider.  Reggie sprang back to his seat.  All his pounding on the wildly blinking console couldn’t shut the claxons off this time.  As dispassionate as a weatherman commenting on the possibility of rain during the weekend, the Isetacian muttered, “Aug, aug, no good.”

Six Sentence Sunday - Alien Salvation (Clans of Kalquor 4)

     With a sudden blurring motion, Japohn raced away from the group, his passage silent.  An instant later, Bacoj followed, his light footfalls barely discernable.
      Lindsey exchanged nervous stares with her parents as Vax left the deer carcass to silence the perimeter sensors.  Armed with terrifying weaponry, inhumanly fast and silent, the Kalquorians were a frightening surprise this morning. 
     And it’s turning me on.  Holy Hannah, I’ve got issues, Lindsey thought, clenching her thighs together in an effort to slow the juices seeping from her mound. 

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 6

   Reggie pulled her towards a small, dimly lit hangar.  “Here ship.  We go soon after load.”
   Dani stared at the small, battered hulk he led her to.  Maybe once it had been a nice ship … or part of two or three nice ships.  Badly fit together, looking as if someone had simply dropped a ton of spare parts on the ground, it resembled something a very clumsy and untalented Tragoom might have put together.  Her heart sank.
   I’m supposed to ride in this?

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 5

    Krijero stared down at her, all traces of his sweet disposition gone.  He looked every bit as dangerous as Wynhod.  The cat pupils of his eyes had widened until the irises had all but disappeared in the blackness.  His lips pulled back slightly, revealing his sharp fangs.  The intensity of his gaze was that of an apex predator eyeing its next meal.
    Terror and a swirl of unexpected craving mixed down low in Dani’s guts.  She forgot to breathe.
    One side of Krijero’s mouth lifted in a feral grin.  “Now that’s the look of a scared but excited little girl.  I like it.”  His voice was a growl.  “You will take what I offer, at the pace I dictate.  You are mine to play with, not the other way around.  Is that clear?”
    Dani’s mouth formed the words, “Yes, Imdiko Krijero,” but under that black stare she had no voice.  She trembled before him, helpless on her knees with her hands bound behind her back, her head caught in the clasp of his firm grip.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 4

The Dramok slid his hand around Dani’s throat, letting her feel his authoritative grip on the slender column.  Her mouth went slack, her face softened.  Was it fear or desire that greeted his control?  Gelan leaned close to whisper in her ear.  “You are mine.  This body is mine.  I will do with it as I please, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

She moaned gently, as lovely a sigh as a man could hope for.  “Yes, Dramok Gelan.”  No tremor marred the words, and he felt her pulse leap in her throat.  Despite the coolness of the room, she had a light sheen of perspiration.

Definitely desire.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 3

Krijero made a face.  “We aren’t into delivering that kind of punishment anyway.  What intimate activities do you enjoy most?”

Dani shrugged.  “It doesn’t matter.  You’re paying for this.”

Wynhod skewered her with a look that made her want to run screaming from the room.  He went from sexy to scary in half a second.  “We prefer our partners have as good a time as we do.  Answer his question.”

A sensation of being very small and helpless came over her.  The Nobek terrified her.  Something about him told Dani he brooked no nonsense.  But to tell them what she wanted?  The stuff that got her all squirmy inside?  Her face heated with embarrassment.  No way she could do that.  They’d think she was a complete freak.

“We’re waiting, Danielle.”  Wynhod stressed her name, his cold eyes telling her he wouldn’t tolerate even the defiance of silence.

Countdown to Alien Slave, Quote 2

    Another man stepped in front of her, moving in a blur to grab hold of her flailing legs.  He held her calves easily against one side of his body, rendering her helpless.  “We have paid for your time, Earther.”  His rolling bass of voice thrummed through her body.   He’d not ordered her to do anything, but the command in his tone stilled her struggles.
     Terror made her own voice high and screamy.  “Not you.  Not Kalquorians.  It’s in my contract!”

Releasing February 17

Countdown to Alien Slave - Quote 1

One week to go!  So here we go with the countdown:

Dani sighed and made her mind contemplate things other than the contract that she’d signed impetuously, desperate to get off Earth.  At the time, it had seemed a good idea.  Guaranteed meals, safe shelter, and escape from being captured by the Kalquorian race that had destroyed her home world were a fair trade for sex, which she’d always been ambivalent about.  Besides, Dani on Dantovon had a cute ring to it.  How could it not be fated?

First Four Friday - Unholy Union

Chapter 12

    Elaine’s final duty at her job at the North Country Gazette was submitting to an interview with her replacement.  It felt strange to see Harris sitting behind what, until about lunchtime, had been her desk.

    “So what’s next for Elaine Curtis?” Harris asked.  He’d been goofing with her the entire interview, using a pencil as a microphone and asking his questions like a breathless fan. 

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

The second of the Netherworld series is now under contract!

As you will remember, Dan was only starting to explore the world of BDSM in Netherworld:  Drop Dead Sexy.  He's still learning, but this big, sexy ghost is picking up on how to be a masterful Dom fast:

    I materialized in a sea of black-and-chrome, surrounded by motorcycles parked in front of the Beasts club.  The scent of exhaust mixed uneasily with the rotting vegetation aroma of the nearby marsh and the rotten-egg funk of Fulton Falls’ pulp mill.  The thick bass heartbeat of heavy metal music, punctuated by yells and laughter, issued from the building.  A couple of security lights and the orange-yellow gleam of the streetlight behind me clearly showed the white designs painted over the black background of the painted windows.  On the left one was the head of a snarling tusked feral hog.  No Halloween mask ever looked more ferocious.  The right window’s design was a hand giving the old single-finger salute.  Charming, especially when you considered the building sat right off Blount Highway, where heavy traffic ensured plenty of small children would be driven by.  The continuous wash of passing headlights proved my point.

    It sure looked like a good place for poltergeist play, the kind of mischievous spirit activity that might include lobbing rocks through the glass.  Maybe if it happened often enough, these fools would cease and desist in painting such rude pictures.

    Then again, they might sic their witch on me.  Not a pleasant idea.

    A rough voice, grumbly and warm, spoke up behind me.  “You’re a bit overdressed for this party, baby girl.”

I turned, only now realizing I still wore my sweet confection of an early 1900’s dress.  As Dan slid into view, I got all warm and tingly.  My second boyfriend was as handsome as Tristan, though they looked nothing alike.  For those of you old enough to remember the Marlboro Man cigarette ads, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the rugged deliciousness that is Dan Saling.

Unruly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a strong jaw, and face weathered to robust perfection made me feel all gooey inside.  Despite looking fit as a fiddle, Dan had died young in his late thirties of a heart attack.  He looks good.  He feels even better.  And he puts up with a lot of doo-doo from me.

I grinned, thrilled to see him.  His assignment spying on the Beasts had kept us apart for days at a time, probably no accident since Tristan wants me all to himself.  Then again, when Dan gets the chance, he keeps me from Tristan too.  It might have been fun being fought over by two hunkalicious men had I not loved them both so much and hated to see them hurt.  But I have issues with being tied to just one man.  Boy, do I have issues.

“You don’t like my dress?”  I pretended to pout.

“I love it.  It’s just a bit much to hang out with this bunch.”

“Well, let me tone it down then.”  With a thought, the dress and boots disappeared, leaving me in my birthday suit. 

Behind the concealment of his khaki trousers, I saw Dan salute me in a much better fashion than the painted hand on the building behind me.  “Oh baby, you just found yourself a whole heapa trouble.”

His clothes disappeared too, and he marched right up to me, his divine divining rod leading the way.  Dan yanked me close for a bone-melting kiss, rough with furious passion.  I was swept up in the almost animal savagery he displayed as he plundered my mouth with a ruthlessness that made my knees buckle.

Dan broke the kiss, and without so much as a how-do-you-do, seized my upper arm and whirled me around.  Then his hand was on the back of my neck, bending me over a black leather motorcycle seat.  A flood of oil, gasoline and leather scents washed over me. 

Dan’s feet nudged mine apart, opening me up.  I gasped as he shoved two thick-knuckled fingers in my pussy, thanking my stars that I’d gotten wet the instant I’d laid eyes on him.  My big man was eager and demanding, and it made me eager too.  I moaned as his fingers dove in and out of me.  Ladies, start your engines.  He had my motor revving in an instant.

I responded to his uncompromising dominance.  I’m submissive when it comes to sex, gladly handing over the reins to Tristan and Dan when hanky-panky gets going.  Tristan’s an old pro at being a Master, but Dan’s polite upbringing left him not exploring his take-charge tendencies until he met me.  He’s still a little too careful for my tastes sometimes.

This was not one of those times.