Friday, December 14, 2012

First Five Friday – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer

Chapter 2

Piras’ hands were clenched in fists at his sides.  His voice was low with disbelieving fury as he growled, “Tell me this is a joke, you stupid Nobek.”

Lidon arched an eyebrow at him.  Then he deliberately turned his back on the Dramok as he pulled on an older formsuit he’d meant to throw out.  The stretchy fabric was torn and frayed in several places, having seen action in a huge bar brawl on Dantovon a few months back. 

One week away!


  1. I've never been as excited for an all male book as I am for this one!

  2. Can the release date be moved up. The world is supposed to be ending on the 21st, according to the Mayan calendar. I want to read this book before i die. Ha-ha :)))

    1. LOL. Well, I upload it to the sellers so that it goes up no later than the release date. The last couple have been up a couple days early, so if it happens again and you read fast, you'll thwart those Mayans!