Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012 Update

All the latest and greatest:

Clans of Kalquor Book 6:  Alien Redemption:  The reader reviews have been phenomenal, and the book is sitting in the erotica bestseller lists.  Thank you to everyone who was so kind to take the time and leave their comments or a ‘like’ on the various sites.  After sweating over this one for so long, I am utterly thrilled you enjoyed it.  

Clan Beginnings:  To Clan and Conquer:  We are about three weeks away from the release of the first of this new series.  I am finally done formatting and am now gearing up all the promoting and marketing to give you a Clan Tranis Christmas.

Clans of Kalquor Book 7:  Alien Refuge:  I am a third of the way through the first draft and it’s looking like another long book at 55,000 words so far.  It will take some doing, but I’m trying really hard to get this one out by the spring.

Clan Beginnings:  Clan and Conviction:  I am deep in outlining Clan Gelan’s start.  The hardest thing to write will be when Krijero discovers Pertak left him for another Imdiko.  Ouch.  I am not looking forward to suffering with him on that.  Late spring/early summer release, maybe.

(Working title) Sister Kathryn’s Story:  Remember all those nuns and aspirants who were captured by Tranis’ crew in Alien Conquest?  Did you ever wonder what happened to them?  One reader did, and her interest sparked yet another Kalquor series.  I have just begun outlining the first of those stories in which we go back to the events of the Europan convent’s capture.  To refresh your memories, Sister Kathryn was the gentle nun Cassidy looked up to.  She was mentioned a couple of times in Alien Conquest, and now she’s getting a book of her own.

To Protect and Service:  Ravenous Virtue:  I am now into the first draft of this one with Park Service ranger Raven Virtue trying to figure out the enigma that is the exotic Douglas Bringer.  She’s in for a surprise, not the least of which is discovering Douglas isn’t even human...

Shalia’s Diary:  Mom disappears and Shalia finally is forced to face Dramok Dusa and a bunch of other Kalquorians.  A little side note here:  several of you assumed that Dusa and the other two Kalquorians Shalia saw on the street were clanned to each other.  They were not.  This was a search-and-rescue party headed up by Dusa, not including any clanmates.  SPECIAL NOTE:  The next two entries are very short, so I will post the first one Monday, as usual, and the second one on Thursday. 

And there you have it!  On a side note, I have not heard from my co-author for The Phucket List in some time.  I have to assume this project is dead in the water, which is a shame.  This was going to be a very good story and I’m sad it looks like it will not happen.


  1. Sounds really great can't wait till they all come out

  2. looking forward to all of them. sorry to read about the phucket list, the info earlier in the year made it sound appealing.

    1. I was really excited about that one. I think I'm probably going to be a bit shy about co-writing with anyone after this.

  3. So excited for all the kalquor books coming out this year!!! Also glad to know we'll get to see what happened to all the nuns! Can't wait for Clan Tranis and lovin' Shalia's Diary!!! Keep it coming and I'll keep readin'!!!