Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

In the second book of this series, a growing rift between Brandilynn, Tristan, and Dan has a certain vampire ready to make a big sacrifice:

He rubbed his forehead, looking really tired.  Ghosts don’t get tired, at least not physically.  Tristan rarely let people see him as anything but cool and unflappable.  “That really cut what you said about I didn’t have any reason to be upset because I have sex with other women.  You have a point though.”
I regretted my choice of words.  I knelt at his feet, wanting to touch him but not having the guts to do so.  “Forget I said anything, okay?  You’re a vampire.  Blood and sex go together.  I know that.”
His dark eyes searched my face.  He shook his head almost violently.  “It doesn’t have to.  Plenty of my kind get along on the bottled and pouched stuff.  I could too.”
Then joy of joys, he reached for me.  His hands closed over my upper arms and he pulled me into his lap.  I fought the urge to cry again as I snuggled against him. 
I had to make this right, somehow.  I had to keep Tristan.  “The bottled stuff isn’t as good.  No vampire who can get it fresh from a donor drinks from a bottle.”
I wouldn’t do Tristan as a vampire if I could.  It is just too freaky even for me.  But I’ll be honest.  It did hurt to know my sweetie had intimacies with other women, even though as one of the fanged, he’s a very different man from his ghostly aspect.  Still, I’d put up with it.  I love him that much.
I was totally shocked when Tristan said, “If the vampire loves someone enough, he will find a way to stay monogamous with her.”
I pulled back to look him in the face.  “What are you saying?”
“If I gave up the blood groupies for you, would you give up Dan for me?”
I stared at him, my mouth hanging open.  Emotions swirled within me:  terror, delight, love, and dread. 
Tristan chuckled.  “My little commitment-phobe.”  He turned serious again.  “No need to answer right now, Brandilynn.  But once the blood supplies are safe again, I’m willing to take that step.  It’s time to choose one man.  Neither of us is going to share you much longer.”

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