Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday – The Font

This novella is done for the most part with one more draft run and proofing still to come.  I’m thinking it will be out in July or August.

Ah, the power of a vampire to seduce the most unwilling victim.  Just one little slip, and he has you...

He turned to her and suddenly she was caught up in his eyes again.  Naya cursed herself in her head.  How was it that she kept falling into the trap of his gaze?  Even Heriolf was unable to do this to her.
Meanwhile, she was drowning in those soft brown orbs, the color of rich earth from which verdant growth sprang to carpet the world in green life.  She could almost smell the forest and meadow, feel the breeze in her hair.  Here was safety and freedom and joy, of bright days in the sunshine and joyous nights under the moon.
The deep voice that spoke was as soothing as a fall walk in the woods.  “You will lie with me, Naya.  There is no reason to fear.”
The words seemed to brand on her mind, sapping all will from her.  She tried to pull away from their influence, but his speech was sticky, sappy, clinging to her brain.
“Surrender.  You feel only peace.  Warmth.  Contentment.”
Her mind swam in the current of his command.  Floated in it, like a cool stream wandering the woods in the summer.  She wanted to flow with it, ride along.  She couldn’t.  She was in danger.  “Please,” she managed to whisper. 
“You don’t want to fight.  You are safe.”  His words were a balm, taking away the last mote of fear.  She gave herself to the gentle insistence of them, knowing they were true.  She had nothing to fear.  “Safe,” she said, convinced of the fact. 
“Very good.”  His approval made her soul sing.  She wanted nothing more than to please him.
Naya felt him lift her in his arms, and she felt protected by his strength.  She sank down to the ground with him … no, not the ground.  A soft, silken bed.  He laid down in it, covering himself with her slight body.  His scent, like that of dry autumn leaves, was pleasant.  She sighed to feel him beneath her, his body firm where she was soft.  They fit together nicely, she thought.

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