Saturday, March 3, 2012

Create a Couple of Kalquorians – The Look

It’s time to put faces on Dramok Erybet and Nobek Sletran.   First select your favorite look for each, then choose facial hair, if you’d like any.  Just to remind you, Imdiko Conyod has a rugged face, something along the lines of Hugh Jackman.  Are you going for rugged again, or will our other two clanmates sport a different look?

Results from last week’s poll:  we’ve got hot bods!  Two tall men, over 6'7".  Thank you.  I love 'em tall.  For Erybet, you chose a body that is long with lean musculature, and his best features are his shoulders and arms.  And Sletran’s looking plenty tasty too with a well-proportioned chiseled frame that isn't too bulky with his best features being his chest and abs.  Yum, yum, gimme some!

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