Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday - The Font

I have finished the second draft of this novella.  This one is rather different from my usual fare.  No menage.  The least amount of bondage and Dom/sub-type play I've ever written.  It's more of 'romantica' than you're used to seeing from me.  Dubious consent is given a passing glance, as you'll see from the excerpt below.  It's the way the story felt like being written, so that's how I wrote it.

     Elisha was aroused beyond conscience as he fed on the delicious woman beneath him.  Seeing her nude, lissome body on full display had been like a thunderbolt to his senses.  Now the scent of her female musk added to the richness of the blood he pulled into his hungry mouth made him crazed with lust.  His hand went to Naya’s sex, and he groaned and growled all at once to find her wet.  Despite the hold he had on her mind, she parted her legs, inviting further exploration.
     He had no intention of warming his fingers inside her.  Instead, he yanked mercilessly at the closure of his jeans, freeing himself.  With a desperation he hadn’t felt in decades, Elisha sank into her with a moan.
     Warmth surrounded him, making his balls ache agreeably.  He dove deeper still, wanting to enclose himself in that sweetness, that tight yet yielding sheath, immersing himself in the goodness that was woman.  Even the thick honey of her blood paled in comparison to this all-consuming bliss.
     Elisha felt the momentary resistance an instant before he broke through.  His civilized mind returned in a rush.  Gasping, he relinquished his hold on Naya’s throat to rear up and stare at her.  Her expression was mostly euphoric from his glamour, but he saw the tension between her eyebrows.
     She was a virgin.  Or had been, until Elisha’s desire had taken her purity away.  Heriolf had not claimed her, as everyone was sure he had.
     Guilt cooled Elisha’s ardor somewhat, though his penis still throbbed with want.  He’d never taken a woman sexually without her express consent before.  But she had invited him in, hadn’t she?  He’d not commanded her to open her legs to him, and his control over her mind should have left her frozen, moving only at his dictates.  Somehow she had kept some semblance of personal power and had made her wants known.
     Still, Elisha felt shame.  He had only ever used his power to take blood.  Conscience was like a sledgehammer.  How had this happened?  Was her blood that potent that it removed decency along with the hunger?
     “I’m sorry.  I didn’t know,” he whispered to her. 
     She didn’t answer, only looked at him.  Her tight sleeve flexed around him, driving him to want to take her more than ever. 
     Elisha remembered he had placed her under a compulsion of silence.  She couldn’t curse him or tell him to halt.  Mortified by his body’s continued urgings to declare satisfaction with the helpless girl, he began to withdraw.  “I will stop.  I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
     He was stunned to see her shake her head.  Shocked even more to feel her hips move, reclaiming his manhood with her slippery tightness, driving him into her once again.
     “Are you sure?” he gasped, reason sliding away as she imprisoned him fully.  Her head jerked in a quick nod, and Elisha was lost.


  1. DAAAAAAMN! I don't even like vampires but this sounds AWESOME!

    1. Thanks! Maybe I can 'turn' you where the fanged are concerned, lol.