Thursday, September 29, 2011

Create a Kalquorian For Upcoming Book

These next few weeks, I'll be posting polls that will allow you to have a say in a future Clans of Kalquor book, tentatively titled Alien Redemption.  I'm giving you a vote when it comes to creating a Kalquorian. 
You'll have a chance to offer your opinions on how he looks, the personality traits, and what events shaped this character's life.

The first poll starts October 1st, at which time you'll vote on whether to build a Dramok (clan leader), Imdiko (clan nurturer), or Nobek (clan protector).  Majority vote is what I'll be going with, so get ready to cast your ballot.  Hopefully, we'll all have fun working together on this, and if it goes well, I'll have you help me create the entire clan. 

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