Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday – Portals to Risnar: Book 1

                Kren watched her face as she worked. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth, concentrating on the image she was creating. Her brow crinkled again, her face almost grim with purpose. She scowled at the way her drawing was turning out, waving her hand over it a couple of times to erase her first attempts.
                She was definitely intelligent, Kren decided. He wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover she was of the Spirit; sentient and animated by the Oversoul.
                Nex’s upset voice broke into his happy contemplation. “Oh no. Is that what I think it is?”
                Kren looked at the drawing Jeannie was putting the finishing touches on. It was still crude; the lines thick. Childish almost, especially if one compared it to Kren’s earlier sketch. She’d drawn a round-headed humanoid stick figure with wavy lines that Kren supposed represented Jeannie’s head full of hair. The eyes were tiny dots, the mouth a downturned curve that expressed sadness despite its unsophisticated rendering. It was on a horizontal plane, laying on a rectangle. Jeannie pointed to it and confirmed Kren’s supposition: “Jeannie.”
                Other figures stood vertical around the rectangle. They were equally as crude as the form in the rectangle, with bigger heads, big holes for eyes, and drawn shorter than the stick-Jeannie. Kren’s hearts sank as his fellow officers began to mutter to one another.
                The small-bodied, big-headed creatures were rudimentary with Jeannie’s unskilled drawing, but they were immediately identifiable just the same. Kren knew he looked at drones, creations of the Monsudans.
                It could only mean that Jeannie was also of Monsudan origin, a biological creation of their obscene labs. She would have to be killed.

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