Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 2016 Update

Shalia’s Diary – During the merry month of March, Shalia continues to deal with her least favorite trainer Resan as matters on the transport go from bad to worse.

In other Shalia news, I am considering putting the next storyline (which would be Book 8) in book form and selling it BEFORE posting it on the blog. However, it will be more expensive than usual for me to do it this way. To get Book 8 in advance of the blog, the ebook will cost $2.99 U.S. It will be posted in serial form as usual on the blog for free. Once all entries for that storyline are up, the ebook will be reduced to the usual 99 cents. This is my potential response to all of you who have told me you’d gladly pay for the entire storyline up front rather than wait. Let me know in the comments how you feel about this option, as I have not made a final decision yet.  

Clans of Kalquor 10: Alien Hostage – I have been working diligently on the next CoK book. I am three-quarters finished with the first draft of Alien Hostage, due out mid to late April for North American ebook readers. In this one, Tasha Salter (Cissy’s twin from Alien Indiscretions) is kidnapped by the Basma’s henchmen. Tasha learns the Basma is set to begin his attack on those loyal to the Empire. Her only hope for rescue in time to warn Kalquor lies with the most unlikely of allies: the Basma’s own son Falinset and his clanmates Nur and Wekniz. 

Portals to Risnar – As many of you know from the excerpts posted on WIP Wednesdays, I have begun work on the first book of a new sci-fi series. Portals to Risnar is shaping up to be more romance than erotica. There will be a hot and heavy scene or two, but not on the level of Clans of Kalquor or my other works.

The overall premise of PtR is that victims of alien abduction in our present day world are being taken to a planet called Risnar by a race called the Monsuda. Abductees are subjected to experimentation and then sent back to Earth until recalled for more experiments. In the first book (still untitled), a young woman named Jeannie escapes the Monsudans. She is discovered by other beings on the planet, a couple of hunky Risnarish men. One of the men in particular, Kren Zvanhahz Bolep, is attracted to the exotic Earthling. Unfortunately, the language barrier keeps them from communicating properly. All Kren knows for sure is that Jeannie emerged from a Monsudan hive laboratory – and if she’s judged to be the creation of his people’s greatest enemy, she will have to be destroyed.

Here for your amusement is Jeannie’s first impressions of her new Risnarish friends from the unedited WIP:

              Particularly the one that held her close to his body that had started out as hard as steel and now felt every bit as pliant as her flesh. He smelled like the outdoors, a nice, woodsy scent. He looked down on her now, his pupils as shiny as brand-new nickels with eight-pointed starburst pupils. His pointed ears moved, perking towards her as if he waited for her to tell him something particularly clever.
              If not for those weird eyes and ears and the gold, brown, and white-striped skin, his face would be utterly human. He looked like one of those cosplayers that went to comic book conventions, a kind of tiger-zebra-superhero perhaps. Certainly his physique ran in the hyper-masculine superhero direction.
              Holy smokes, he was naked too. Naked with no genitalia. Jeannie was relieved she wasn’t in danger of being ravished by Super Alien Dude and his friend, but a small part of her mind thought it a shame that such a stunning specimen had no equipment.
              The half dozen other manimals – she kept thinking of them as that with the stripes they wore – converged on the one holding her. Their nickel eyes were wide as they jabbered excitedly. They were various hues of browns, golds, whites, blacks, and even greens. All striped. All with ears that sat on either side of their heads but higher than where a human’s ears protruded from the skull. The ears were mostly pointed, reminding Jeannie of foxes, but they changed shape slightly too, sometimes scooping like cups, as if to catch every sound coming from whatever direction they pointed.
              And they were naked. Though they looked masculine, not a one of them possessed even the most vestigial hint of a sex.

Don’t worry about the lack of genitalia, my friends. Risnarish men have all their important parts, along with a few other surprises.

There is no release date for the first book yet. My agent wants to shop it around to various publishers when it’s finished, which will probably be in the summer.

Speaking of publishers, I am delighted to announce I have signed a contract with Totally Bound Publishing. I look forward to working with this wonderful bunch of people. Totally Bound has one of the best reputations in the erotic/romance publishing industry, and I’m in amazing company with superb authors. More details will come as news develops.

It’s my son’s birthday weekend. He’s discovered monster trucks, so I am off to ear-splitting, mud-splattering, big-wheeled fun today. Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. You too have a wonderful weekend, and a very happy birthday to your son, hope he has a wonderful one

  2. I would gladly buy Shalias diary early! Your stories are Awesome!

  3. Yup! Sign me up for advanced purchase

  4. Yup! Sign me up for advanced purchase

  5. Have a wonderful birthday weekend and have fun at the monsters truck show don't forget to buy the ear muffs for noise reduction!!

  6. Yup sign me up for advanced purchase, would it be out in UK at same time and America? any chance of pre-order for next kalquor book? Hope you have a good weekend track:-)

    1. Hey Cindy. There will be a delay in the UK release of the book. I'll have more info on the next update.

  7. Tracy I would buy your books early for 2.99 and then still read the blog so I could comment. I love your stories. I have followed Shalia from the beginning. I've dreamt of her "adventures" back on earth taking care of her mom and the guys leaving her food.
    Shalia is like....real.
    She could be any of us, she could be all of us, if the world as we know it, goes to hell in a hand basket.
    Tracy, you write I'll read. I haven't found a story yet that I haven't enjoyed, laughed out loud in a quiet room, cried my heart out, worried about or been so angry at, that aren't real.

  8. I would so like to buy both your books coming out, an I'm willing to pay what ever you think is a fair price, your books are worth it , they make me happy to be reading, thank you Tracy !

  9. I could really use some smaller posters of your books, I say smaller then normal large posters so I can save space to hang many of them .

  10. I would still wait to read it on your blog. I like the suspense of waiting for the next segment.

  11. I would still wait to read it on your blog. I like the suspense of waiting for the next segment.

  12. I'm torn, I would gladly pay $2.99 for Shalia' s story but I know I would read it in two days! Reading her story on Monday and Thursday scratches that Kalquorian itch while I wait for the next full book to come out.

    Happy Birthday to your son! I hope he has a wonderful Birthday and you have a great weekend!

  13. Since I feel Shalia is wrapping up her clan I would gladly pay for her clan book. The blog posting is fun but I enjoy your books tremendously. Tracy you deserve a good paycheck from us an worth the price.

  14. Tracy, I would pay more for Shalia gladly and still read the blog! You deserve it! Have a nice weekend

  15. I'd pay the price for the book with a smile on my face but I'm addicted to your books. Hopen you had a wonderful weekend

  16. Add me to the advance purchase list, Please

  17. book now please!! I'd be happy to pay

  18. I would definitely buy the book!