Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday – Portals to Risnar: Book 1

                Jeannie Gardner blinked at her brightly-lit surroundings as enveloping warmth thawed the cold that had begun to penetrate deep into her flesh.
                There were more of the striped animal-men like the pair that had taken her prisoner inside the domed building that made her think of a telescope observatory. Except the dome overhead was made of curved triangles of clear glass that showed the large blue planet that hung in the heavens.
                Podium-like structures made of the same metallic material of the dome’s shell circled the center of the room. Along the curved walls were screens that displayed strange symbols – possibly an alien language, she reasoned; along with one that showed an overhead shot of what was obviously a landscape. There were also screens that were blank.
                After three weeks outside of the alien laboratories – to the best of her calculations, it had been three weeks now – she’d grown used to that bizarre sky with its blue planet that watched over her trials and travels. But the building she was in and the manimals that occupied it ... those were different. Scary. Fascinating. Their rumbling but sibilant speech sounded bizarre but it was not unpleasant.
                Particularly the one that held her close to his body that had started out as hard as steel and now felt every bit as pliant as her flesh. He smelled like the outdoors, a nice, woodsy scent. He looked down on her now, his pupils as shiny as brand-new nickels with eight-pointed starburst pupils. His pointed ears moved, perking towards her as if he waited for her to tell him something particularly clever.
                If not for those weird eyes and ears and the gold, brown, and white-striped skin, his face would be utterly human. He looked like one of those cosplayers that went to comic book conventions, a kind of tiger-zebra-superhero perhaps. Certainly his physique ran in the hyper-masculine superhero direction.
                Holy smokes, he was naked too. Naked with no genitalia. Jeannie was relieved she wasn’t in danger of being ravished by Super Alien Dude and his friend, but a small part of her mind thought it a shame that such a stunning specimen had no equipment.

Release date not set.


  1. No GENITALIA!! Tracy, what is that devious mind up to? I love it! You are such an inspiration! Can't wait for this series!

    1. LOL. The Risnarish have many, many surprises. :D