Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday – Portals to Risnar: Book 1

                Kren and Arga drew up short, close enough to reach out and touch. However, they made no move to make contact. Instead Kren trained a light beam at it, bringing bright illumination to spotlight the thing they’d caught. They stared at something they’d never seen before.
                It had a humanoid appearance, similar to themselves. The being’s one-colored peach skin was apparently soft as it was covered in scratches. Kren supposed the small injuries had come about from the strange animal’s flight through the dense woods. Had it no armor? Except for the triangle of pelt over its genital area and the mid-back length of its hair, it showed no signs of protective covering at all.
                His gaze kept going to that fuzzy vee between her thighs when it wasn’t arrested by her rounded breasts with the fascinating pink points. He’d never seen the creature’s like, but the signs declared she wasn’t the only one.
                Arga voiced the same thoughts. “It is ready to nurse. Where is its offspring?”
                Risnarish women only displayed breasts when they were in the nursing stage of motherhood. This female was similar enough to Kren’s people that he had to assume she had given birth fairly recently. The full breasts, a newborn’s font of nutrition, had no other reason to be present.
                He muttered, “Good question. It looks like it’s in season as well.”
                Kren swallowed hard. Through the kinky curls of the Tysu’s light-colored pelt, he could plainly see the cleft of a female sex. It was just like that of the women he had bred with. Did this thing have a mate nearby along with a baby?
                So many questions for this strange, cringing being. A sense of pity washed over him for the obvious fear in her strange blue eyes ... eyes with round pupils. How was it possible that something obviously not Risnarish could possess so many similarities to his species?
                Underlying Kren’s confusion was the idea that the funny-looking female was pretty in a dainty, exotic fashion. Fine-boned, too delicate, too defenseless when compared to the hardy creatures of his planet ... but compelling with her heart-shaped face, wide sky-blue eyes, and blatantly female exhibition.
                Kren didn’t like that he found her interesting beyond curiosity’s natural call. He didn’t like that he felt compelled to touch her unstriped skin or that full flowing mane that looked soft as the linens covering his bed at home. By the Universal Soul, what was wrong with him?

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