Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

I was trying to learn to fly, not because I want to be more like other vampires, but because it’s a darned useful skill. It had been left to the poor werepanther to coach me. He was not a good substitute because ... hello! He’s landlocked. However, none of the local vampire clutch wanted anything to do with me. Especially their leader, Tristan Keith.

I shied away from thinking about Tristan. Pain too easily turned to depression which shifted too easily to anger. Anger leads to bloodlust. I was determined to get through one night without jumping Gerald ... because taking blood from another person wasn’t the worst thing that happened when I lost control and fed.

Needing to distract myself from bad thoughts, I focused on what needed to be done. I threw back my shoulders and lifted my chin. Steeled my spine. Gathered my courage. Pretended things would work out some sweet day.


I called to Gerald, “Okay. I’m going to try this again.”

He stopped his stalking to grace me with a smile, flashing white teeth and impressive fangs. Unlike me, Gerald can’t glamour his appearance. “Good. Now stop trying to power your way through this. The others told me they just think about it and it happens. They don’t force it, sort of like how you walk from place to place without really trying. Get it?”

It was good advice. Too bad it never seemed to work. I twitched a wry smile. “Our first steps took effort too, Gerald. We just don’t remember that. All right. Here I go.”

I closed my eyes. I tried to think about leaving the ground calmly. Serenely floating. Every vampire – that is, every vampire body – could do it. Patricia did it as easily as the rest when the body that now cloaked me was hers. I had all of Patricia’s other abilities: glamour, healing, quickness, amazing strength. I had this ability too. There was no reason I couldn’t.

I felt the pressure of the ground fade from beneath my feet. This was good. Simple levitation was easy. I had this. No problem.

I opened my eyes to discover I’d gone a few feet up. I was out of Gerald’s reach even if he’d stretched that big body up to grab me. Yep, no stress, no mess. Now it was time to move.

“Just a little,” I coaxed the temperamental powers that I wanted to wield. I began to coast forward, slowly at first. I willed myself to ignore the pull of gravity that made my movements  jerky. 

“Float, float, float,” I chanted. I was so busy trying to stay aloft, watching the ground below me, that I didn’t notice I was trucking right for the magnolia at the edge of the field until Gerald’s shout warned me.

My slow pace had quickened too. The tree loomed a few feet away and was coming at me in a rush. I yelled and panicked, jerking to one side and gaining speed as I did so.

I tried to slow as the tree spun from my view, but I was still turning. All was confusion in an instant. The earth and sky traded places several times as I cartwheeled through the air, a squalling, out-of-control Brandilynn.

I went down hard, but because I was already rolling, much of the impact was lessened. I didn’t even break anything. It didn’t matter. I’d fallen once again, doing barely better than the first time I’d tried to fly. When my body finally stopped spinning like a tumbleweed, I yelled and pounded the hard earth with my fists. 

Red hazed my vision. Fury dripped acid in my brain, melting any sanity that lived there. Hatred seemed to explode from my non-beating heart until every fiber of my body quaked with it. I tore clods of soil from the ground, wanting to claw the world apart.

I saw movement at the corner of my eye. I sensed warmth, smelled life. Without thought, I launched myself at it, mouth gaping wide open.

Shifters are fast. Vampires are faster.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

For an instant, it was like heaven. I soared like an eagle through the moonlit night, the world silvery beneath me. Like the dreams I’d had when I lived, it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I was light as a feather, leaving earthbound cares far below, the freest I’d ever felt.

But only for an instant. When the first moment of elation passed, I felt the tug of gravity. I fought it, and it got worse. And then the ground was rushing at me; hard, furrowed dirt littered with the broken remains of cornstalks and husks. At least this time I remembered to keep my mouth shut as I dove with bone-breaking force into the long-plowed field. Nothing says defeat like the grit of dirt between your teeth for hours on end.

Had I still been among the living, the painful snaps of facial and my left collarbone giving way would have stolen my breath. All it did was make me mad, however. No sooner had the body I inhabited slammed to the ground when I jumped up with a scream. My howl of frustration, streaming between broken teeth and sounding comically nasal – well, comical to anyone but me – startled the few birds who chose to call on this cold February night. No doubt it curled the hair of anyone who chanced to hear it echoing over the wide, fallow fields that served as my practice area.

Like magic, a huge brown hand, liberally sprinkled with black hair, appeared by my face. It held a gracefully shaped black bottle. The gold trimmed label on it was emblazoned with the burgundy letters proclaiming it to be Blood Potion No. 9. Had I been in the mood to continue reading, the fancy calligraphy would assure me that it was the finest, purest elixir next to the stuff one could drink straight from a vein.

My name is Brandilynn Payson. I was murdered less than a year ago, left to wander as a ghost. I am not a vampire. I just had the really bad fortune to get sucked into the body of one when its owner’s soul was eaten by a creature known as the lamia. But that’s another story.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown (M/M/M)- Now On Sale

                Clajak shivered in anticipation as he felt Bevau move behind and over him. Usually he had to warm up to being topped. This time he was desperate for it.
                Watching Bevau tantalize Egilka had made him crazy for both men. Seeing his Imdiko tremble under the commander’s power and hearing him beg for release had been a powerful aphrodisiac to Clajak. He’d fought Egilka’s venom with all his ability, desperate to kiss and touch the men in turn as one tormented and the other suffered. Failure to override the intoxicant had come close to making the Dramok weep. To be so close to nirvana and not able to realize it...
                Knowing he was about to have them both at once was almost enough to make Clajak come then and there. He was unable to breathe as Bevau moved into position to take him.
                As the moment drew out, Clajak looked down at Egilka. How lovely his Imdiko was, staring up at him with all the want in the universe. The stark edges of his jaw and cheekbones had softened as desire rode Egilka, making him as compelling as Bevau. Clajak could feel their hearts beating in time, almost as if they shared the same space in his chest. His clanmate’s warmth was a match to Clajak’s. Egilka’s trapped cocks pulsed with primal yearning. His channel clutched the Dramok’s cock, tensing sometimes as if to draw him deeper.
                Then the second solid body’s weight was on him, sandwiching Clajak between the two men he craved above all others. He shivered as Bevau kissed the nape of his neck. “Open to me, my handsome prince,” the Nobek whispered in his ear.
                Clajak relaxed against the questing touch he felt center on his entrance. The tip of the Nobek’s cock burrowed in, spreading him a little at a time, accustoming him to its widening girth. Still stretched from indulging Egilka that morning, Clajak found it easy to accept the intruder.
                “You are ready for me,” Bevau breathed. “Then I will have you with all the passion filling me.”
                He drove in, sheathing the rest of himself with one tremendous thrust. When his groin met with Clajak’s ass cheeks, the Nobek kept pushing, shoving Clajak deep into Egilka. The Imdiko’s eyes went wide and he screamed, “Yes!”
                Bevau pulled back and heaved forward again. The Nobek’s powerful momentum drove Clajak, plunging him in and pulling him almost all the way out of his clanmate. Bevau’s grunts and Egilka’s yells filled his ears.
                Clajak was gripped in a maelstrom of sensation, more intense than the storm that had driven them into the shelter. Bevau pounded into him, rutting like an animal. His length dragged hard against the Dramok’s cumspot, roiling his insides. The fervor of lust filled Clajak’s cocks. The secondary shaft rubbed between Egilka’s clenching buttocks.
                The primary cock pistoned in and out of his Imdiko’s tight, clutching sheath. Seething heat burned a trail through Clajak’s loins, filling the smaller cock to bursting before overflowing into the larger. He was coming.
                Something kicked deep inside his gut. At the same time Egilka wailed. Wetness streamed against Clajak’s belly, and he felt Egilka’s cocks jerk hard between them. His clanmate’s climax made the Imdiko writhe and buck, freeing him from the venom of Bevau’s bite.
                Passion streaked through Clajak’s primary cock. It shot out of him, emptying into Egilka’s sweet grip in raw bursts. He too was released from intoxicant’s hold. He screamed with each mind blasting jolt that tore from his loins.

As Crown Prince of the Kalquorian Empire, Dramok Clajak seems to have everything he could possibly want. He lives a life of carefree adventure, with scores of lovers to indulge himself with. Yet he still wishes for what he can’t have: the two men he loves above all others.

Imdiko Egilka has been promised as Clajak’s clanmate for 17 years. The prince is a duty to the elder Egilka, a boy he helped shepherd through his formative years. Yet the boy has become a man, one whose passion and penchant for trouble jolts the Imdiko from his quiet, studious life. Love becomes a possibility ... if Egilka can survive Clajak’s adventures.

Nobek Bevau is not the typical Kalquorian warrior. As a rare dual-breed, he knows Kalquor will never accept him as its eventual monarch. His only choice is to walk away from Clajak and Egilka, the two men who own his fierce but loving heart.

Life and love are a struggle, but real tragedy awaits the three men and the Kalquorian Empire. Unthinkable catastrophe will drive Clajak, Egilka, and Bevau together, forging an unbreakable bond ... or it will tear them apart and destroy the Empire’s leadership.