Monday, September 14, 2015

Countdown to Clan and Crown: Caught With Their Pants Down

                “All right, Kalquorians, wake up and get on your feet.”
                Clajak blinked awake at the rough buzz of a heavy voice. He looked up at the creature above him. An Adraf stood there, looking down on him and Egilka, its black and white furred head weaving slightly from side to side at the end of its long, graceful neck. Arms and three-fingered hands so small they seemed almost vestigial held long shock wands pointed right at Clajak’s chest. At full power, a two-second burst from a wand could stop a Kalquorian’s heart.
                Egilka gasped as he woke, sitting straight up. He froze to see a shock wand swing in his direction. The rug covering them slithered down, revealing the Imdiko’s nudity. Egilka jerked the rug back up and stared at the four Adrafs surrounding them.
                Clajak stretched lazily, yawned, and smiled at their captors. Besides the one who had spoken, there was a dappled gray Adraf, one that was a rich chestnut color, and one of such dazzling white she nearly blinded the eye. The Dramok looked her over with appreciation, imagining her soft fur lining a winter coat. He’d have to ask if she’d shave her yard-long neck for just that purpose.
                He returned his attention to the Adraf who’d spoken, the one apparently in charge of this group. “Hello. I guess we’re caught.”
                The black-and-white’s long muzzle wrinkled back over its square teeth in an approximation of a smile – or a sneer. It gave Egilka a nudge with one of its three stumpy, cloven hooves. “Get your clothes on and let’s go. The captain wants to see you right now.”
                Looking terrified as he clutched the rug with a white-knuckled grip, Egilka whimpered, “Fuck. I knew this was a bad idea. Fuck!”
                Clajak sighed and stood up. He was still clad in his formsuit, though the crotch seam was wide open. He picked Egilka’s clothes up off the floor and handed them over. Then he adjusted himself, putting his own garb to rights. His nudity didn’t bother him. It wasn’t the first time he’d been caught with his cocks hanging out.
                Egilka dressed slowly, his hands shaking, his expression a rictus of fear. The Adrafs averted their eyes. Furred sentients often found the bare skin of those who did not have pelts disconcerting. The Kalquorians looked somehow raw to them.
                Clajak gently prodded Egilka, noting how their captors were shifting from foot to foot to foot. “Hurry up, Imdiko. We don’t want to keep the captain waiting. Adrafs hate dawdling.”
                Black-and-White glanced at Clajak. “That hair – you’re not the Crown Prince, are you?”
                Egilka shot to his feet, his shirt and pants on but hanging open. He shouted, “Yes, he is Crown Prince Clajak! We may be stowaways, but the Empire will take it very badly if he is harmed in any fashion.”
                Black-and-White gave Clajak a careful look. “Are you prone to hurting yourself?”
                Clajak smiled reassuringly. “No. Forgive my companion’s hysterics. He doesn’t get off Kalquor much.” He whispered loudly, in mock confidentiality, “He’s a research scientist. Horribly responsible. That makes them twitchy, you know.”
                He followed that up with a significant look. The Adraf looked confused. His head dipped down, the equivalent of a shrug, before checking to see that Egilka had gotten his clothes sorted out. Seeing that the Imdiko was dressed, albeit mussed, Black-and-White jerked his head towards the door. “Sure. Let’s go.”

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