Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

I heard something crackle in the brush a few yards away. It sounded big and it was moving in our direction. It was only at that moment that I noted all bird cries in the area had gone quiet. Lana and Taylor exchanged a look.

Lana said, “Maybe a wild pig? Should we call out in case it’s a hunter?”

Taylor peered in the direction “It shouldn’t be since this is county land. Better safe than sorry. Hello!”

The noises ceased. The woods went completely silent with unnatural stillness. Lana and Taylor looked at each other again with real alarm in their eyes. A feral pig or one of the rare bears in the area were not things to mess with.

I said, “Hold on and I’ll check it out.”

Lana whispered my message to Taylor as I rushed towards where I’d heard the noise. I didn’t bother skirting the dense foliage, letting bushes and underbrush pass through my insubstantial body.

I hadn’t gone far when I trotted right through a human. I gasped as I found Cliff Tattingail behind a tree with several palmettos springing up around it. He was perfectly hidden so Taylor and Lana couldn’t see him from their position.

He was also watching them through the scope of the shotgun pointed in their direction.

No release date set.

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