Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 2015 Update

Mmm-kay. I kind of fell off with doing monthly updates for a bit. A LOT has been going on at Casa St. John personally and professionally, so hopefully you’ll forgive me. Some challenging things, some great things ... but all of it means I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath!

I’m looking forward to 2016. Exciting things are afoot, my friends. I signed with an agent who knows Kalquor top to bottom and loves our alien guys as much as we do. She has some thrilling ideas about where the Kalquorian universe could go next. More clans in more places? Keep your fingers crossed!
Because of this new development, the release of Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction is being delayed while everyone gets up to speed. I will update its status as soon as I can. NIV:AA is in final edits now, so once we figure out what we want to do with this series, the newest installment will be ready to go. By the way, Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy is still 99 cents as an e-book. You’ll want to scoop it up while it lasts. It’s available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

I will start outlining Clans of Kalquor 10 at the start of the new year. It’s time for Tasha’s story! I am excited. I’ve been given a few peeks into what lies ahead, but there are so many different directions it can go. As usual, my characters are teasing me – but they don’t usually start playing with my head this early on! Tasha and others are definitely up to no good.

Let’s talk Shalia’s Diary for a bit now. The seventh storyline wraps up Monday. As I warned you at the outset of this current story, this was more of a set-up of future stories than an individual tale. Because of that, I don’t want to release it as a separate book ... it doesn’t hold up as one in my opinion.

What was originally considered the next tale (eighth storyline) in Shalia’s saga cranks up January 4. It is a story like those appearing in Books 1 – 6. What I’ve decided to do is post it on the blog as usual. When it is done with its run, I will combine it with the ‘set-up’ storyline that you’re currently reading in a single book. So Storylines 7 and 8 will become Book 7.

Got it? Good.

I want to wish all my readers the most beautiful of holidays. Whatever joyous occasion you celebrate, I wish you happiness, health, and a fantastic new year. Thank you all for a wonderful 2015! You are the best.

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  1. What happened to Brianna’s Clan? Is that book still happening?

    1. I had to put it on the back burner for now. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to it at some point.

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  2. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for the update, I was wondering when we were going to hear from you.I'm happy things are going well for you, and congratulations on your new agent, it's great to know she's a Kalquorian fan and is as excited as we are about future stories and possibilities. I'm really looking forward to Tasha' s story and am glad it's up next! I'm especially looking forward to hearing more about the uprisings and how Clans Rajhir and Ospar are doing since their banishment from political life. Take care Tracy and I hope you and your family have wonderful holidays and a happy New Years!!

  3. I second Suzanne's wish to see what's going to happen next in the Kalquor saga. Of course, I always enjoy meeting a new clan and seeing how they get together. But, honestly, the ongoing story of the Earth/Kalquor war and aftermath has become so much more than the sum of its parts that it’s more compelling than, I think, any individual character ever could be. It's awful having to wait, literally, years to find out what new horrific turn the E/K ongoing arc is going to take. When will the Basma is be caught--and by whom--and will it happen (I hope!) before he can wreak too much more damage? I dread finding out what role Bi'is is going to play; are we going to see a clan or part thereof get caught by them? Are we going to find out that, in fact, Bi’is is responsible for all of Kalquor’s matara woes (I’ve wondered that for a long time, now)? I also dread who else might end up dead—I sincerely hope it won't be any of our main characters (bad enough to lose fathers and mothers)!

    It isn’t that I don’t care about Tasha or that I’m not interested in her story. It’s that I barely know Tasha, have only seen her in one book, without even having her point of view; and I have no clue what clan she’ll find to join, so I have no real attachment to her or the anonymous “them” yet. OTOH, I’ve been following the Earth/Kalquor conflict for TWELVE BOOKS, now—not even including Shalia’s Diary—and am **very** attached to the outcome. So, yeah, I’m PANTING to get back to **that** story most of all. And if Tasha’s book is going to get us back to where we left off in INDESCRETIONS, then bring it on! Yeah for Tasha!

    Thanks, Tracy, for all your hard work. I do hope you find that having an agent makes your life easier and your work more rewarding.

  4. While I'm really excited about Tasha's story (she definitely has some secrets that need found out), I was looking forward to Brianna's Clan. Will having that one delayed also further postpone other new stories set in the Kalquorian universe, such as the First Mataras, Nuns of Europa, or Clan Companions series?

    I realized I didn't really elaborate much on that question above in my original comment. While I know some of these series are a ways off still, I was more wondering what we were going to see in the immediate future? Tasha's story is of course the continuation of the main Basma storyline and I'm thrilled to see the continuing developments in that area so my question as to the other series is more a matter of will we see other spin-offs more later after this particular storyline in the main Clans of Kalquor series comes closer to its end, rather than seeing them published in between as has happened in the past?

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks so much for all your hard work in creating these stories! I've enjoyed every one of them so much and am looking forward to what comes next! Hope your holidays are great and congratulations on your new agent!

  5. A few things have happened to put those spin-off series on the back burner. First of all, readers are clamoring more for the main series and Clan Beginnings than anything else. Particularly, I really feel like I need to resolve the whole Basma issue first and foremost. That's going to take a few books yet.

    Second, Brianna's Clan is not coming along as well as I want it to. It's a good story, but it doesn't want to be written for some reason. So that has contributed to me stepping away from it for a little while until it decides what exactly it wants to be. I never force my stories, because it comes out in the writing. Brianna will be better for the wait.

    Third, I have a ton of personal issues facing me, which will cut into writing time. So for now I am directing my energy into Clans of Kalquor, Clan Beginnings, wrapping up Netherworld in the next two-three books, and finishing off the To Protect and Service trilogy.

    Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but real life has made its odious presence known. Brianna and the rest will happen, but not in the near future. Thanks for understanding.

    1. Of course. I'm not disappointed at all, to be honest. As I said, I'm looking forward to all of it, especially the resolution of the Basma storyline and Clan Beginnings are always wonderful, as well as your other series. And I look forward to these other books, such as Brianna, when they finally decide they want to be written among any other issues that might be preventing them for the now.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  6. I hope you and your family have a very happy and safe holiday season. Enjoy