Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

Using his greater weight and strength, Clajak pressed hard against Egilka, knocking the Imdiko over so that he sprawled flat against the padded floor. In an instant Clajak was on top of him, flinging the rug open and running his hands all over Egilka’s body. It took the Dramok no time to discover Egilka was hard.
                “Got you,” Clajak sneered, his hand rubbing the thickening bulge of Egilka’s crotch. The Imdiko cried out, arching and shoving his groin into the prince’s grip. A wash of lust took every thought of resisting away.
                Clajak rubbed the straining lengths fighting to get free of Egilka’s trousers. Egilka moaned, his hips rising and falling in tandem with the Dramok’s rhythmic massage. He grabbed onto the broad shoulders of the man who made him crazy in more ways than he could count.
                Clajak smiled down at him, too stunning to be denied, even if his hand hadn’t been driving Egilka into a frenzy. “So sweet, lovely Imdiko. Yes, you are sweet. And so very happy to have me touching you. That’s better. Much better.”
                Egilka knew he was lost. Clajak had him by the dicks, and not just in a literal fashion. No matter how much danger the man had put him in, how much more Clajak might continue to find, Egilka belonged to him. It was a realization that brought equal parts happiness and terror.
                The only thing the Imdiko could come up with to say about the matter was, “Asshole.”
                Clajak’s grin was as bright as if Egilka had proclaimed everlasting love. “Is that your offer? Because I’ll be happy to take it.”
                He squeezed Egilka’s cocks. The pressure was sheer heaven, and Egilka’s will crumbled to dust.
                He groaned, “You crazy, irresponsible, irredeemable jerk. Won’t someone save me from you?”
                Clajak laughed. “Come on, Egilka. Just say to hell with it and let me fuck you.”
                He gave another squeeze. Egilka felt molten pleasure surge and gave himself over. “Fine. To hell with it, you gorgeous shit.  Fuck me.”

Releasing November 2015

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