Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Before the invitation for a few rounds of bohut could leave the Nobek’s mouth, the thudding of uncertain footsteps came from the corridor around the corner. Someone was approaching and judging from the lightness of the steps, it was a female. To Rolat’s sensitive hearing, that someone walked as if she’d had a few drinks herself.
                His chest squeezed tight when Cissy stomped into view. She caught sight of the men immediately and stopped in the middle of the hall.
                Mother of All, was the most rational thing that Rolat’s mind spit out. He was vaguely aware that his clanmates were staring as open-mouthed as he.
                Cissy was a vision in black leather. Her halter top covered everything salacious and yet still managed to tease what with the exposed midriff and shoulders. Her skin was turning a deep gold from the sunbathing she was apparently continuing to indulge in, and a few freckles had appeared on her shoulders. Rolat had the insane urge to lick those freckles.
                Her skirt wasn’t too tight and it wasn’t too short, brushing just above her knees. And yet its cut helped accentuate the wondrous curves of her delectable body. She looked soft enough to wallow on all night. Rolat’s cocks jerked at the idea.
                The silver stiletto heels of her ankle boots had to have been at least four inches high. Rolat had the searing image of her wearing nothing but those boots ... with her feet up in the air. His cocks jerked again, with stronger demand.
                The one bit of color she wore was the polish on her fingernails. The bright red tip of her index finger tapped the huge bottle of bohut she held in her hand. Rolat’s brow rose to see an Earther with such a potent drink. Between the high heels and alcohol, it was no wonder her walking sounded a little off-balance.
                Then she smiled that cocky amazing smile that made Rolat want to put her naughty ass in the air for a sound spanking. His cocks were doing a little more than jerking now; they were filling with warmth. Damn, damn, double damn. When Cissy began to swagger towards them, it was all he could do to not hurry over to meet her.
                She purred throatily. “Well, well.  Clan Diltan is back from romancing my sister.  May I assume you got her home safe and sound?”
                Diltan bowed stiffly, though Rolat could see the heat in the Dramok’s eyes. “Of course, Matara Cecilia.  Tasha’s well-being is of the highest priority.”
                Rolat noted that as it always seemed to happen when Cissy was around, Wal looked stunned. He had the appearance that someone had hit him over the head with something particularly hard and heavy. Tasha never made his Imdiko look like that.
                Cissy drew to within a couple of feet of them and paused. She stared at Diltan with an expression that was a mix of several emotions: irritation, bemusement, and ... desire?
                Rolat’s eyes narrowed. Diltan had a nearly identical look on his face. The pair rubbed each other wrong every time they met. It would be humorous indeed if there was attraction mixed in with their otherwise combative acquaintanceship.

Tentatively scheduled for March release.


  1. I also can Not wait to read this one but I love the teasing ;0)