Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Of them all, Rolat seemed the most comfortable. “Tell me you’re not staying in this evening?  The weather is perfect for a beach stroll and dinner outdoors. That’s what we planned for tonight.” He looked over Tasha’s outfit again, as if trying to hint at her to change. She only smiled in return.
                “Scintillating,” Cissy said, though a beach stroll actually did sound pretty nice. “I’m hitting the lemanthev concert at one of the clubs tonight.  It should be fun.”
                She watched for Diltan’s reaction most of all and wasn’t surprised to see a pained look cross his features. His tone matched his expression. “Those lemanthev concerts can get a bit out of control, given the number of younglings that attend.  Young Kalquorian men do not always handle their urges with great maturity.”
                Cissy hated the paternal tone, though there had been a couple of altercations between the dates she’d gone to concerts with and other attendees. Lemanthev tended to wind the young men up, and they had a tendency to want to show off to the few Earther girls in the crowd.
                Still, who did this clown think he was telling her what she should do? Cissy planted her hands on her hips and looked Diltan in the eye. “They can’t handle themselves, huh? Then I guess I’ll have to handle their urges for them.”
                Rolat made a sound that had a suspicious resemblance to a snicker. Wal ducked his head, but not before Cissy saw the smile taking over his face. Tasha rolled her eyes while Diltan glared.
                Cissy switched to her Big Fake Smile that she used when her patience had run out. “Don’t worry, Father.  I’ll be okay.”
                On that note, Tasha began flapping her hands towards the door. “Shall we go?  See you later, Cissy.”
                She fairly shoved the men out ahead of her. They seemed strangely reluctant to go, but Tasha managed the job. She pulled a face at Cissy just before the door shut behind her and her dates.
                Cissy shook her head. Well, what had she expected from Diltan? That he might suddenly find his inner cool? Just once she’d like him to look at her with something besides aversion.

Tentatively scheduled for March release.

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