Friday, August 11, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Will there be stories about the hybrid children becoming adults and how they change the society?

A: It's a possibility. However, since those would be much different stories from the current series, I would probably make it an entirely different Kalquor-related series. 'Children of Kalquor' or something to that effect. With my current writing schedule, it wouldn't happen for at least a couple of years.

Thanks for the question!

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  1. I fantasize about that all the time and create my own fanfare stories! lol! My favorite is a young woman who is half human and half Kalquorian but looks human. She is at the womens center but she has three brothers who look like Kalquorians who keep an eye on her. She is feisty and fights with them all the time - even wrestling with them on the grounds sometimes. A friend of her father - whom her father had promised her to - comes from a very remote part of Kalquor where they are more primitive (he wears animal furs and goes around bare chested except for his weapons harness)sees her and falls for her even before he knows who her father is but believes she is taken not knowing the three young men she is always with are her brothers. The rest of his clan have stayed at their remote fortress. . . . . and so on and so on! This world is great to fantasize about! lol!I can't wait for any stories you come up with - I know they will be fantastic.

    1. Awesome that you're coming up with your own ideas. That one sounds like fun. I look forward to eventually following the children of Earth and Kalquor.

  2. In the Shalia Diary's verse, will there be stories of how Clan Seot came to be? Also the youtube videos explaining how to pronounce the character names, would you be willing to consider making more of those? I know some of the names may be fairly easy to figure out but some seem a little more open to interpretation. Have you been making a conscious effort to create simpler names so your readers understand them easier?

    Thank you so much for writing these amazing stories and for answering fan questions ^_^