Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

I made myself businesslike. “What do you want Tristan to know?”

“A number of shifters have gone missing in the last four months. Gone without a trace.”

“No sign of hide nor hair?” My quip fell flat judging from Levi’s grim expression. I sighed. “Levi, you of all people know how marginalized the weres are. You live it every day. All it takes is a scratch and some human gets Zoo Flu. Then they’re dead or furry. The majority of the time, they get ostracized. Since when is it anything new for shifters to drop out of society?”

He folded big, mouth-watering arms over his chest. “When they’re family people with steady jobs. I’m not talking about new shifters. I’m not telling you about the poor bastards who end up homeless and dumpster diving for their meals. Hell, two of my best instructors at the academy have vanished. Missing persons reports have been filed by wives and parents.”

Okay, this was serious. “How many shifters are we talking about?”

“Eight total, which I know doesn’t sound like many—” 

My mouth dropped open. “But in four months’ time, it is a lot. I see what you mean. Tristan won’t see you?” 

Tristan employed a ton of people, all paras. If shifters were going missing, he would know. He had to know.

Levi rubbed the back of his neck, his expression frustrated. “When I’ve tried to set up appointments with him, his aide reminds me that he’s the head of a vampire clutch, not the alpha of a pack. I remind her that since I’m the only werewolf around for miles, he couldn’t be alpha anyway. I finally showed up at the King George, hoping to catch our would-be member of the state legislature and force him to talk to me. He may not be a shifter, but he’s a para and he keeps up with everything in this town. Surely he’s noticed something by now.”

“If he has, I’m probably the last person he’d discuss it with.”

“I guess seeing his sister’s body roaming around with someone else in it is screwing with him, huh?”

A spark of anger came and went, leaving depression in its wake. “He tried. He really did, but he and Patricia were too close. He can’t even tolerate being in the same room with me these days.”

Once upon a time, Tristan and I had been in love. We’d been in an uncomfortable triangle, he, Dan, and me. I’d been ready to give up Dan for Tristan when I’d been pulled into this weird half-time life in Patricia Keith’s body.

No release date set.

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