Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Cissy was glad she wasn’t the only one feeling a bit off-balance.  She whispered, “Who would have ever guessed we’d end up related to royalty?  I am so underdressed for this.”
                Tasha emitted a nervous giggle as her long-lashed hazel eyes took in Cissy’s denim trousers, black tee-shirt, and the turquoise unbuttoned button-down blouse over it.  “For you, that’s high fashion you’ve got going on.  Jessica knows you hate dressing up.  No sense pretending to be someone you’re not, Cis.”
                Cissy eyed her twin.  Tasha liked pretty clothes, so she looked perfectly presentable in her wraparound dress of purple.  She’d put her dark brown waves into a tidy bun, except for the few tendrils that had artfully escaped from it.
                Except for their clothing, the pair were damned near impossible to tell apart.  They’d even gained the same amount of weight during their nine-month trip from Earth to Kalquor.  Nearly starved to death before finally admitting there was no choice but to turn themselves in to their former enemies, the pair’s petite frames had made them seem more like children at first glance.  Indeed, the rescue party of Kalquorians they’d given themselves up to had taken some convincing when it came to believing the twins were actually in their early thirties.
                Discovering that Cissy and Tasha were also first cousins to the Earther Empress of Kalquor had caused quite the sensation amongst the aliens.  Though supplies in those last days of evacuating the dying Earth had dwindled, the Kalquorians had made sure the women had everything they could give them.  That included copious amounts of delicious food, which the sisters had availed themselves of without restrictions.
                Cissy had laughingly referred to Tasha and herself as Chub One and Chub Two for the last couple of months.  Tasha hated hearing that and constantly insisted she was going to eat less and take up an exercise regimen.  Yet the men on the transport that had brought them from Earth to Kalquor had discovered how much the pair loved chocolate ... and pizza ... and pie ... and many, many other things.  Edible gifts from those wishing to enjoy the twins’ favors had abounded. 
                “Stop fretting,” Cissy told her twin as they walked the corridors of the huge Kalquorian ship that had taken nine months to get them to their destination.  “So we’re curvy gals now.  None of the Kalquorians are complaining.  In fact, I keep hearing how deliciously soft I am.”
                “These men do seem to appreciate the extra cushion,” Tasha agreed.  “But I’m logging another mile before I take it easy this evening.  Those fried mozzarella balls Dramok Niot brought me this afternoon are not adding another inch to my ass!”
                “Didn’t he already help you work them off?” Cissy teased.
                “A lady doesn’t discuss such things.”
                “A lady also doesn’t yell ‘Harder you beast’ at the top of her lungs for all the Matara section of the ship to hear.”

Tentative release set for September 2014


  1. Oooooo yay can't wait, when is this one out? Really love your books

  2. I CAN NOT wait to read this one, but I always can't wait and always preorder so I can read anything new you put out, oh and I have read the whole series at least 3 times. Keep them coming I love your books.

  3. I hope it is released early! The dialog is great.