Friday, November 27, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy and Price Change!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you are ready for a wondrous holiday season. As the shopping mania descends, I want my dear readers to not forget to treat themselves. You deserve it. The e-book version of Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy is now only 99 cents!

Escort Brandilynn Payson is shocked to discover she’s dead.  Even worse, she’s the latest victim of the Fulton Fall Ripper, a vampire serial killer.  Being deceased is no obstacle for fun however, and Brandilynn quickly proves she’s the life of the after-death party.  But her killer is still on her trail, and she learns there are worse things than death to worry about.

Mild BDSM, including anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, spankings, and multiple sexual partners (m/f/m).

Dan pressed me back on the sofa, and his gaze roamed my body. The stark desire on his face made me wet. The heat of that stare was almost as palpable as his hands on me. I could see him weighing his options and waited breathlessly to find out what he had in store for me.

“Hands over your head. Keep them there like they’re tied.”

I obeyed, thrilled when I felt the memory of a quickening pulse thrum through my body. Dan grasped my ankles, draping one leg over the low back of the couch and planting the other foot on the nearby table so that I spread wide open.

“You’re very wet, Brandilynn,” Dan murmured, his thumb tracing over my intimate folds. I hissed in reaction to his touch, my hips jerking. He grinned. “You’re also mine to do with as I please. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I whispered. I whimpered when his thumb ran up my slit again.

“Good girl.”

I warmed at his praise almost as much as I warmed at his touch. I would make him happy with me. I would do whatever it took to please him.

He wet his fingers in my pool, playing over the petals of my sex until his digits were slick with my juices. Then he rubbed the moisture on one brazen nipple. With a grin, Dan put his mouth to my honeyed peak and sucked hard, his tongue lapping harshly against my flesh.

I groaned as pleasure zapped from my breast to my clit in a lightning flash. Dan gripped my breast in one hard hand, squeezing just to the border of pain as he sucked at its tip. Despite the wave of heat suffusing my body, I shivered when his teeth scraped the reddening nipple.

Nipping to service me with darts of pain, then gently licking and kissing the hurt away, Dan had me tossing in a maelstrom of sensation. Pain and pleasure mixed until I got lost in the intensity of feeling, unable to separate the two. And he was just getting started.

Once he’d brought that breast to swollen tenderness in which even a slight whisper of breath made me writhe, Dan moved to the other. He slapped one side of the mound then the other, pinking my ivory flesh nicely. Then he sucked hard on it, drawing as much of it into his mouth as he could. I arched in helpless delight, feeling the joy of heat, wet, tongue, and teeth on my soft skin. 

He set my breast free in slow degrees. Dan’s teeth seized on the tight peak, and he whipped his tongue over the tip. When I writhed uncontrollably, he settled his weight over me, holding me still. I realized he was still dressed. Being naked and at his mercy while he remained clothed increased my sense of powerlessness. Oh, I was in so much trouble with this man.

He punished and rewarded my breast in turns until the peak was as rosy and swollen as its neighbor. Only then did Dan seem satisfied with his handiwork. He considered my breasts with the air of a man who had built a great deck on his house. He looked very pleased with himself.

“Nice, baby girl. Very, very nice.”

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

Gerald looked at me helplessly and I shrugged. I remembered now that the last time I saw Ashley, it had been three months ago. She’d been sitting in a park crying. Whatever had gone wrong then was apparently getting no better.

I called to her in the gentlest voice I could manage. “Mrs. Warner. Mrs. Warner? Ashley?”

My sister visibly fought for control. She pulled a tissue from her jeans pocket and dabbed at her eyes. She looked at me and reddened. “I am so sorry, Ms. Keith. Sir.”

Gerald smiled a little at the ‘sir’. “Just Gerald, ma’am.”

“What’s happened to get you so upset? What can I do to help?” I asked.

Ashley swallowed. “This past year has been awful. First my sister died. We’d been estranged. I can’t express the guilt I felt over that. And then – and then my husband contracted the Zoo Flu.”

My mouth dropped open. Ashley’s perfect parent-approved husband had been infected? Holy smokes.

I was in too much shock to react right away. It was Gerald who dropped to one knee next to my twin. “He survived?”

She nodded. “Ryan is a werebear now.”

Gerald patted her arm. “I’m very sorry. It’s a big blow when someone you love turns into one of us.”

Ashley’s head raised and her shoulders went back. In a firm tone she told us, “He’s alive, and that’s all that matters. I refused to divorce him, although everyone said I should. He’s a good man and a wonderful father.”

Whoa. The surprises just kept coming in faster and faster. I could well imagine my status-conscious parents being the ones to demand Ashley leave her husband. In fact, I could guarantee they had. And Miss Perfect and Obedient had refused them? Wow and wow again.

No release date set.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 3: Alien Conquest

Cassidy’s heart pounded.  From far away, she heard herself say, “I should be punished for my wicked thoughts.”

The Nobek’s gaze on her darkened, and his expression sharpened to that of a predator.  “‘Discipline, though sometimes harsh, keeps the conscience awake.’  I doubt that quote was meant for this particular situation.  Still, it fits for our purposes, doesn’t it my pet?”

The hungry violence in his eyes kept Cassidy from speaking, but she managed a slight nod.  Eager terror sent shockwaves of desire through her body as Lidon sat on the edge of the bed and grasped her tiny wrist in his huge hand.  “Come here and accept your punishment.”

She bowed her head, hardly believing she was doing this as she crawled to him.  She shivered as he stripped her of the underdress, leaving her naked.  The vulnerability excited her.

I should feel shame for wanting this.  I should, but I don’t.

Her newfound freedom to enjoy all the base urges she’d been denied made her dizzy.  She thought she might faint.

Lidon tugged Cassidy to lie across his thighs.  His erections poked her hip, letting her know his anticipation matched hers.  He caressed her buttocks, his hand warm on the soft, trembling mounds.

“Such a gift, my love,” he whispered, the other hand settling between her shoulders, pinning her down.  “You are more than I ever dared to hope for.  A true treasure which I will always cherish.”

His palm struck her rump with a meaty smack.  Cassidy jerked at the first strike, feeling the sting with acute sensitivity.  Then the blows came with clockwork precision, warming her quickly, and she gasped with mingled pain and arousal.  The heat of the spanking radiated throughout her nether regions, and she concentrated all her attention on the sweetness of the sensation.

Lidon’s thighs were slick beneath her as her juices flowed.  He was meticulous with the discipline.  He gave every inch of her bottom harsh attention, spreading the punishment evenly over her well-padded flesh.  His big hand bore down on her again and again, and she smiled through her tears to be so well chastised.

The burning of Cassidy’s flesh made her writhe.  Her hips jerked to meet his blows even as she wished the spanking to end so he might fill the aching emptiness of her womb.  She’d never known pain could spark such pleasure.

“Shall I stop?” Lidon asked, not pausing with the delicious torment.

He was giving Cassidy control to direct him.  He was hers to command, though she wasn’t inclined to rule him.  No, in sexual matters she preferred the clan’s domination.  Their confident strength had seduced her in the end along with her inability to deny their wants.  She wanted them to continue to be strong for her.  She had no desire to dictate to Lidon, no orders to issue.


“Do as you wish,” she sobbed, her backside roasting from his attentions.  “Take all you want, whatever you want.”

The spanking ended immediately.  “On the bed.  On all fours,” the Nobek demanded.  She clambered off his lap, eager to do all he would command.  “Ass towards me.”

Cassidy obeyed, her insides nearly melting to feel him behind her, probing her orifices with hard, eager flesh.  He slid inside her, the larger organ spearing her tighter passage.  Her groan of welcome mingled with his animal snarl.

Lidon took her hard and fast, his groin slapping against her sore backside.  Her heavy breasts swung like pendulums from the strength of his taking.  She panted, the orgasm coming at her at headlong speed.  The Nobek grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back.  He owned her.  He owned her because Cassidy said he could.  Belonging to Lidon made everything wondrous, even this violent taking.

The Nobek’s bestial grunts and growls filled the air as he thudded hard against her, all control thrown aside.  Whatever civilization Lidon had ever known was consumed by the purest of animal urges.  An ancient instinct took Cassidy over too, and she surrendered to the primal need of her mate without coherent thought.

Climax swallowed her with wide-open jaws.  She screamed as it ripped through her belly, and Lidon answered her with a roar.  His fist tightened painfully in her hair for an instant, and he slammed against her, his sexes battering rams in her quaking flesh.  Then the tension fled from his body.  The Nobek leaned over to cover her, his fingers trailing gently through her tresses, exposing her neck for light kisses.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

Gerald’s ears swiveled in that cat way. He moved away from my desk and looked out into the hallway. His ears perked with interest. I love watching him do that. 

His tone was careful. “I think you have a visitor. You might want to make yourself as presentable as possible, Patricia.”

Now my ears were perking. Two sets of footsteps in the hall, both making the telltale sounds of women’s heels. Giving Gerald a quizzical look, I put away my emptied bottle of BP. It clinked against two other bottles in the trash can that hid behind my desk. With Gerald’s warning use of my predecessor’s name, I made sure I was steady to keep glamour in place.

Wendy breezed in, her attitude all professional except for her slightly wider than usual eyes. She was followed in by another woman. “Um, Ms. Keith, this lady wishes to speak to you. I know she doesn’t have an appointment, but, well—” 

I knew my eyes were wide as well as I slowly rose to my feet. I clung to my glamour like a life preserver as I looked the visitor over. For a moment I came close to diving behind the desk. The first thing my stunned mind jabbered was, not like this, she can’t see me like this, not as a vampire.

Except for eyes of blue, the face looking back at me might have appeared in my mirror while I was alive. It was my twin sister Ashley. 

After a split second that felt like it lasted a lifetime, I remembered she’d never recognize me in a million years. I was in Patricia Keith’s body. As far as Ashley knew, I was eight months dead, long gone to wherever it was that most of the dearly departed end up. She had no idea I’d been earthbound as a ghost. She most certainly didn’t know that I occupied a vampire’s body.

No release date set.