Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Cissy wondered if a trio like Clan Diltan ever cut loose and had real fun. It was hard to imagine Diltan or his bookish-looking Imdiko attending a lemanthev concert. Rolat probably would like that sort of thing. Or maybe his clanmates had drained all the hedonism out of the big burly beast.
                And why for heaven’s sake was she thinking about Clan Diltan so much?
                They were not on Cissy’s list of potential suitors, at least not that she’d seen. Then again, she hadn’t looked at her prospects in about the last month either. Had Clan Diltan joined the lottery since that time? If they’d been there before, Cissy knew for a fact they weren’t on the first screen that held her most compatible choices.
                What the hell, even her compatibility score was a joke. The lottery questionnaire had been an hours-long task, one Cissy hadn’t taken seriously for an instant. When Tasha discovered Cissy was posting sarcastic answers, she’d taken over her unrepentant twin’s profile. There was no telling what responsible Tasha had written about Cissy.
                No doubt Tasha would have done her best to represent Cissy in a positive light, one that would attract the best possible clan. Cissy told herself it was for the same reason that she was interested in Clan Diltan on Tasha’s behalf. Her twin deserved mates who were successful and could funnel some of their prestige and money into Tasha’s dreams for the future. Surely a councilman, judge, and head of an entire governmental department made that cut.

Tentatively scheduled for February release.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Needing caffeine to improve her mood, Cissy set about bouncing on Tasha’s bed. “Wakie, wakie!  Rise and shine, give the world your glow, you precious sunbeam!”
                “Bitch,” the mound under the covers muttered. It curled into a tight ball. 
                Cissy stopped bouncing. “I brought coffee.”
                Tasha sat up and reached her hand out with her eyes still closed. “Give me.”
                Cissy laughed and handed the goods over, careful to not slop hot java. Tasha woke in as good a mood as her sister did. And looks twice as bad, Cissy thought to herself, hoping it was true but suspecting otherwise. Tasha’s perfect coif from the night before was now a snarled bird’s nest, sticking up all over the place. Cissy put her hands to her own head to check and see how her mane had fared after the night.
                Nope. Her tangles felt as if they were much worse than Tasha’s. Cissy patted at the mess in a vain attempt to calm it before reaching for her cup of coffee.
                Tasha didn’t start drinking right away. As always, she inhaled the steam rising from her cup with pleasure before taking that first glorious sip. She grimaced happily and her eyes finally slitted open. “You may return in an hour, and only then if you bring more.”
                Cissy crossed her legs in a lotus position, getting comfortable on her sister’s bed. “Forget it.  I’m dying to hear about your date last night.”
                Tasha’s eyes  opened a little more, her interest piqued. “Why?  Was yours that boring?”
                Cissy waved a dismissive hand. “No, we had a good time.  Lemanthev concerts don’t allow for much conversation, though.  I can’t say I really got to know the clan I was with, but I do like the raw energy of that tribal-sounding stuff. I went more for the music than the company, in all honesty. So, that’s about it from me.  What about that Clan Diltan?  Were they as stuffy and boring as they looked?”
                Actually, none of the three men had looked stuffy to Cissy’s eyes, not even Diltan. Nor boring. In particular, the Nobek had caught Cissy’s attention. Rolat had been an amazing eyeful of rough and ready. Big, bold, and delicious, Cissy had entertained the fantasy of grabbing him by the wonderfully muscled arm and dragging him to her bed. So what if he wasn’t the gorgeous equal of his Dramok? Cissy found such men much more fascinating to look at than the conventionally handsome ones.
                Not that Diltan was conventionally handsome. He was gorgeous, damn the man. Someone needed to break his nose, just to steal some of that perfection away. Cissy thought that if he ever asked for volunteers, she’d be glad to offer her services.
                Even quiet Wal had not committed the sin of being one-dimensionally pleasing to the eye. He was quietly attractive, just nice enough to pass the gaze over. However, there had been the flash of a grin once, before the three men had seen Cissy in the pool – and then he’d been quite stunning, in an intelligent, sweetly nerdy way.
                As Cissy mused about her sister’s dates, Tasha said, “They were okay.  I don’t think we really connected, but they were nice enough.”
                Trying to sound unconcerned and believing she was pulling it off, Cissy asked, “Do you think you’ll see them again?”
                Tasha shrugged. She took a deep swallow of her coffee before answering. “I don’t know.  They aren’t bad, but ... I don’t know.  I might give it another shot.  They all have that rank and status these Kalquorians are so crazy to show off.”
                “That’s true.” A councilman, the director of the Empire’s prison system, and a judge. Rank out the wazoo, Cissy thought. If Tasha joined Clan Diltan, she’d never want for anything. If they could make her sister happy, Cissy would even try to be nice to the Dramok on holidays and special occasions.
                Thinking this, she told her twin, “You never know, Tash.  They might be your happily-ever-after.”

Tentatively scheduled for release in February.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Diltan poured them all another round of bohut, which he was glad Tasha liked to drink. He felt this initial appointment with Tasha was going well. The slight sense of boredom he felt he thought best to chalk up to the painful necessity of getting to know someone for the first time.
                She certainly had good breeding written all over her. Quiet and polite, she was as well-mannered as Diltan could hope for in a potential mate. Tasha was nothing like her too-bold sister, thank the ancestors.
                Once more Diltan was forced to wonder how two women, raised side by side since birth, could be so monumentally different. He also wondered how outrageously Cissy would have behaved had it been her they’d brought to the restaurant. What would she have replaced that scandalous little soaksuit with for a night out?
                Every time Diltan saw Cissy, she was wearing something utterly inappropriate. First had been the casual and mannish outfit she’d come to Kalquor in. Then all that flesh this evening!
                But he couldn’t think about that, not when remembering all that luscious flesh got him as hard as a hormonally-charged youngling. That Cissy had such an effect on him irritated Diltan to no end.
                So she’s wonderful to look at. What of it? Doesn’t that mean Tasha will be every bit as enticing when she isn’t covered so modestly?  This is the perfect one; the one who looks so classy in public and hopefully erotic in private.
                Yet no matter how hard he tried, Diltan simply couldn’t imagine Tasha naked. Every time he tried, he saw Cissy in that  soaksuit with that handprint on her smooth flank and ball-cutting smile on her face.
                Diltan was sure Tasha was witty and strong in her own right. She had to be ... surely all that liveliness Cissy exhibited had to be present in Tasha as well. Right?
                Yet his date didn’t strike him as particularly daring. There was more than just a hint of caution to Tasha, almost as if she’d erected some invisible barrier between herself and Diltan’s clan. She might have the same face as Cissy, but Diltan couldn’t visualize her with any of her sister’s exuberance or daring.
                Diltan mentally shook his head at himself. What did it matter if Tasha was so proper? That was what he wanted anyway. He did not want to clan an outrageous Matara who was going to balk him at every turn. Certainly he did not want a lifemate who threatened to rip his dicks off.

Tentatively scheduled for release in February.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Being in the company of this lovely was a chance that could not be allowed to pass them by. Yet Rolat’s thoughts kept roaming to the lookalike sister, the one who had actually threatened to turn the Nobek and his clanmates into women if they didn’t treat Tasha with respect. Remembering that almost made Rolat laugh out loud right there and then. He contained his amusement with great difficulty.
                If only Tasha would show more of that spirit instead of the quiet politeness she’d worn all evening! Rolat wanted to wonder if his dinner companion would be exciting in bed ... but instead, he wondered that about Cissy. By the ancestors, he could already imagine her naked after seeing her in that barely-there soaksuit. The fantasy of that body beneath his, perhaps struggling against him in an effort to be on top ... his mouth went dry and his cocks swelled. Rolat was quite sure Cissy might try to fight him for superior position. The thrill of gaining the surrender of such a woman was simply too enticing to dismiss easily. Pinning Cissy down, her bountiful breasts heaving with effort, her eyes wide as she realized she had no choice but to be dominated by him—
                Diltan’s none-too-gentle kick to his ankle beneath the table brought Rolat out of his fantasy. The Nobek was abruptly aware that his Dramok, Wal, and Tasha were all looking at him. Tasha’s smile was expectant, not that challenging smirk Cissy had worn. She must have asked him one of her many questions, he thought.
                Rolat cleared his throat, his face heating with embarrassment. “Please excuse me, Matara.  I’m afraid Wal bored me to the point that I tuned out.  I’ve heard all his stories, you see.”
                The Imdiko scowled at him. “That’s right, Rolat.  Show her what a jerk you are.”
                The Nobek gave Wal a slow wink to placate his sensitive clanmate. Wal snorted, but the crease between his brows eased, letting Rolat know the slight was forgiven.
                Rolat couldn’t resist teasing just a little. “If it makes you feel any better, you’re not half as boring as Diltan.”
                “Yes, I know.  No one is.” Wal’s smile was full of devilish delight as he joined in on the fun. The chance to dig at their Dramok was never one to be resisted by the Imdiko.

Tentatively scheduled for release February 2015

Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 2014 Update

Shalia’s Diary – This month we learn Betra’s naughty secret and the gals turn the tables and stalk the ghost. Exorcism, anyone?

Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave –The new edition is out, but I didn’t make a big deal out of announcing it because there were next to no changes outside of the cover art. Don’t buy it if you’ve already got it. All of the Clans of Kalquor books are now back in my sole possession. I now own all the rights. At this point, only one of the Netherworld books remains with the original publisher right now. Speaking of which...

Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9 – Brandilynn’s undercover operation with a sexy wolf shifter and biker gang didn’t need heavy revisions at all. There will be no big changes to the story when rights return to me at the beginning of February...except that I can finally get rid of that awful cover art. I look forward to Erin saving me on this one!

Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions – I am at the halfway point in the first draft. I’m writing like a fiend, but I will be taking time off for Christmas and New Year’s to celebrate with family. I still hope to have this book out by the end of February, but again – NO PROMISES. This story is huge, and it keeps throwing me curve balls. There is big trouble threatening the whole Empire while a certain bratty Earther locks horns (and other things) with a powerful clan.

I hope you all have an amazing and miraculous holiday season. Lots of love!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Imdiko Wal sat in the private booth, wearing a set smile that he couldn’t really feel. He wished it was only a dinner date. That he had to get through a theater show as well made the night seem to stretch endlessly before him.
                It made no sense for him to feel this way. Imdiko Vax’s restaurant was perfect, as always. The setting, a semi-private table before the flickering firepit, was pleasant. Romantic even, as it was meant to be. The strains of a violin wove a sweet spell in the air, and the young Earther male playing it coaxed melodies out of the alien instrument that made one think only good thoughts. The food was as delicious as ever. Wal had ordered his favorite dish: grilled chicken wrapped in ronka strips with a mozzarella-and-gusasp herbed sauce drizzled over it.
                The food and atmosphere were a delight. Matara Tasha was beautiful, intelligent, and pleasant, a perfectly lovely woman to talk to. Wal knew he should be in heaven right now. And yet...
                And yet it was Tasha’s twin sister Cissy who Wal’s mind kept returning to. The brash and sassy twin filled his mind, drawing him away from conversation again and again. That quick wit. Her cocky smile. The cutting sarcasm that let Wal know Cissy was a woman who would excite mind as well as body.
                By the ancestors, did she ever excite his body. Wal had a lively libido, but the effect just thinking about Cissy had on him was ridiculous. Every time he envisioned her in that daring soaksuit, her handprint emblazoned on her exposed rump, he got hard. Damn it, he was hard now. If it wasn’t for the tabletop hiding the erections that kept insisting on showing up, he’d be utterly humiliated several times over.

Tentative release in February 2015