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Releasing in Two Days - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crave - Chapter Five, Scene Two


Releasing May 31. Pre-order now: Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, print

Sletran's his hero...but Conyod also recognizes him as a man

 * * * * 

Conyod knew little of the intricacies of fighting on the battlefield. He couldn’t have said he cared the least bit about the subject. However, Sletran was glowing after his successful day, and Conyod was happy for him. Though he couldn’t easily follow the description of the tactics his companion used to defeat the other squads he’d been set against, it was clear Sletran had exceeded expectations during the surprise war games. Being personally lauded by his superiors after having conquered key positions and defeating the most opponents was obviously a big deal. Conyod ate his order of broiled rizpah, drank his kloq, and listened carefully to every wonderful, if sometimes incomprehensible, word Sletran uttered.

As he did so, Conyod became aware of a new facet of his concept of Sletran: he was beginning to see the Nobek as a flesh-and-blood man. An actual person rather than the idealized idol he’d been for so many years.

He still regarded Sletran as his personal hero. He’d turned Conyod’s life around at a sensitive time, when hope had been its lowest. But now the Imdiko was finally learning the true person Sletran was.

Bringing the Nobek down to earth did nothing to detract from his appeal. Conyod found this relatable, real Sletran far more alluring than the untouchable icon he’d rendered him in his ridiculous fantasies. What had been childish devotion and perhaps obsession was transformed into a truer feeling. Teen Conyod had dreamed of following Sletran like a sycophant, endlessly offering adoration. Mature Conyod wondered if he and Sletran could have enough in common to walk into the future side by side as peers, friends, and lovers.

When Sletran reached across the small table and stroked fingertips on Conyod’s hand…such a small but profound gesture…the younger man thought his heart might burst. Compulsive craving for a symbol was transforming to love for the genuine article.

“Hey, I’ve been talking nonstop about myself,” Sletran suddenly said. “What’s going on in Conyod Land? I’ve been meaning to ask how your parents are.”

* * * *

He needed a hero and found two. Can love rescue him again?

Nobek Sletran never took Imdiko Conyod’s infatuation seriously when he rescued him years before. When Conyod shows up in his life again as a strong and successful man instead of a traumatized victim, Sletran has to reconsider the one he once rejected and now can’t imagine life without.

Conyod has never given up on the man he considers his hero. Sletran is all he’s ever wanted for a clanmate, and he’s determined to win him at last. But the past refuses to be laid to rest. When Conyod convinces Sletran to see him for who he’s become, will who he was resurface and destroy the love they’re building?

Sletran’s commanding officer Dramok Erybet is instantly fascinated by Conyod when the soldier brings his love on base for a visit. However, Sletran isn’t the Nobek Erybet feels is right for him. When he rejects the Nobek, he risks losing Conyod too.

Against the backdrop of heartbreaking childhood tragedy, a ghost who haunts Conyod and his grief-stricken family, and military brass determined to oust Erybet from the rank he’s worked so hard to reach, three men must come to terms with who they are. When tragedy strikes, the nightmares of the past must be faced and buried once and for all. Conyod, Sletran, and Erybet must dare everything to find redemption and hold on to each other.

Releasing May 31.  Pre-order now: Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, print


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