Wednesday, June 9, 2021

WIP Wednesday - First Mataras: Iliana - Halfway There


(Inspirations for the characters, clockwise from upper left: Imdiko Selbi, Iliana Rossi, Nobek Cosdas, Dramok Hanvel)

I am happy to report I'm about halfway through the first draft of First Mataras: Iliana. Writing is going well. 

This story has developed in an interesting way. The romance is a slow this halfway point, Iliana and Clan Hanvel are just now starting to get...ahem...familiar with each other. Initially, they weren't clicking (and they didn't want to click, thanks very much), then they made a deal to appear as if Iliana was dating the guys, actual attraction kicked in, and now the sparks are starting to fly. I write a lot of love-at-first-sight...but this ain't it. No fear on the heat scale though; having held off so long, these four are making up for lost time. It's turned into a scorching five-alarm fire. The old saying is true; good things come to those who wait. 😉

A second difference that isn't typical for a Kalquor universe book: there's no impending danger threatening anyone. This is strictly a story of romance against all odds.

I'm well within schedule of having this done by late fall. I'll give you all another update when I have news to share. Take care!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Reviews are In, and Gabriel is a Hit

Many thanks to everyone who purchased Clan Companions: Gabriel. And tons more gratitude to those who've reviewed it! Here's what readers are saying:

"The Companion series is so full of love and hope. The Earther men fear every moment of their lives that their homosexuality will be discovered; then a loving mate or clan finds them to fill their lives with safety, security and happiness. The sex is ultra hot and will get your engine going, and the characters are all unique and separate entities with understandable thoughts and feelings."


"This series never disappoints, love how the interactions of the clans unfold and how they pull in their mate, another good one."

 Ready to see what everyone's talking about? Get your copy at Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and in print.

Monday, May 17, 2021

What’s Coming Up Next


 Thank you all for the wonderful response to Clan Companions: Gabriel. It hit bestseller in three Amazon categories and was listed as a top 5 Featured and Trending pick from Smashwords. I am forever grateful for your support. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you can get it at Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and in print.

What’s next? First Mataras: Iliana will feature Gabriel’s little sister. It turns out Iliana has a secret, which even her doting brother is unaware of. Her reluctance to join a clan despite the Kalquorian Empire’s insistence comes from a terrible loss in her past, a loss that leaves no room in her heart for any men.

When she finds a clan as determined to refuse a female lifemate who isn’t their first choice—a woman out of their reach—the solution seems obvious: a clanship that satisfies government and families, a clanship that requires no love, no commitment, and no responsibilities to each other. But when passion wakes for the reluctant foursome, they have a choice to make: loyalty to the past or the chance for love they can keep.

I hope to have Iliana to you towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Gabriel. Much love to you all.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Few Notes on Clan Companions: Gabriel


Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and in print.

Hi all! I hope you’ve enjoyed the new book, which released on Friday. I thought I’d share a few interesting notes about Gabriel, now that you’ve hopefully had a chance to read it.

Gabriel is the 38th book in the Kalquor universe. Wow. That’s probably as shocking to me as it is to you. When I started with Alien Embrace in 2010, I had no idea I’d write a second Kalquorian book, much less 38. But here we are 11 years later, and I’m grateful to all of you who’ve shared in this journey.

With Gabriel joining Joseph as part of the Clan Companions, there are now six Kalquor series: the other five are the original Clans of Kalquor, Clan Beginnings, Shalia’s Diary, First Mataras, and Clans of Europa.

Gabriel Rossi was originally mentioned as part of a support group in Clan Companions: Joseph. The story he shared with the group about love at first sight, thanks to a flirtatiously winking Nobek, was what excited me to work on his story next, rather than Aaron (the guy we see much more of working the coffee shop in Joseph) or the young traumatized guard from Alien Caged, Ensign Larsen. Both will eventually get their stories, but Gabriel jumped to the front of the line. Some characters simply refuse to wait.

Gabriel also features the title character’s sister Iliana, who will be our heroine for the third First Mataras book, which I’m developing now. Wanting to write her story was another reason Gabriel dashed to the front of the line for Clan Companions, as it made sense to write the siblings’ books back-to-back. Hopefully, Iliana will be out late this year.

Yes, we will see Gabriel and Clan Baknu again in First Mataras: Iliana, providing support and advice as she somewhat unwillingly looks for love. No doubt Takat will still be eating everything in sight…a characteristic inspired by my teenage son. With that in mind, please buy my books. My grocery bill is terrifying. 

Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and in print.

After fleeing Earth’s Mercy Colony six years before, Gabriel Rossi and his sister Iliana have carved out a decent life on a remote Adraf space station. Each avoids contact with other humans as much as possible. Gabriel’s life is adequate, but he yearns to be free to love as he was born to.

Clan Baknu has been tasked with convincing Iliana to return to Kalquor with them to join a clan. But when Baknu, Takat, and Kisk meet her stunning older brother, they’re eager to claim an Earther companion of their own.

Though Gabriel falls for the three men on sight, his priority is Iliana, who’s less than enthralled about joining a Kalquorian clan. Worse still, a sadistic slave trader is determined to claim Gabriel for purposes too terrible to imagine.

Clan Baknu pulls out all the stops to convince the Rossis that they can find love and happiness among the Kalquorians. They dare death to keep Gabriel out of the grasp of a murderous crime lord, who won’t stop until the Earther is his. Yet their greatest challenge is showing Gabriel dreams can come true…if he’ll accept their love.

Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and in print.