The Clans

Kalquorian clans are made up of three men – the Dramok (leader), the Nobek (protector), and the Imdiko (caregiver).  Kalquorian females, or Mataras, are rare following a virus that decimated the gender.  (Please refer to the Kalquorian Empire page for an in-depth discussion on the breeds and the virus).  For this reason, the men are now clanning Earther females, who are compatible for breeding purposes.

Here are the clans that appear in the Clans of Kalquor and related series:

Clan Rajhir

Dramok Rajhir

Rajhir is distantly related to the Imperial Family and is a member of the Royal Council, which advises the Imperial Clan.  He is fiercely loyal to Kalquor, making its welfare his highest priority after his clan.  Intelligent and dedicated, he can also be somewhat unbending in his views.

Nobek Breft

Breft is the youngest member of this clan.  He joined with Rajhir and clanmate Flencik barely out of training camp, making for a tumultuous beginning from a passionate, hot-tempered Nobek.  With the other two’s careful and patient guidance, Breft has become an asset to his work as a member of Kalquor’s Global Security force.

Imdiko Flencik

At over seven feet tall, Flencik is a formidable looking man, though his gentle Imdiko nature is at odds with his appearance.  (Please note that the Kalquorian definition of ‘gentle’ is greatly different from the Earth ideal.)  Always concerned over the well-being of others, Flencik will put himself in danger in order to help.  As Kalquor’s leading doctor and surgeon, he very seldom is in perilous situations, a blessing considering he has no fighting experience whatsoever.

Matara Amelia
Amelia Ryan is a talented artist from Earth.  Her first meeting with Rajhir’s clan took place before Kalquorians were aware Earther females could bear their children.  Scarred emotionally by past rapes and a fanatical government that punished women for sexual misconduct, Amelia fought her initial attraction to the three men.

Members of Rajhir’s clan appear in Alien Embrace, Alien Rule, Alien Interludes, Alien Redemption Clan, Honor, and Empire, Michaela and Alien Indiscretions.

Clan Clajak

Dramok Clajak

Clajak is the hot-tempered yet charming Dramok Emperor of Kalquor.  He is directly descended from the prior Imperial Clan.  As Crown Prince, Clajak was known for being an irresponsible playboy.  Now fully embracing his role as Kalquor’s leader, he takes personal interest in everything to do with the Empire, sometimes stepping on others' toes in his insistence of being a hands-on ruler.

Nobek Bevau
Bevau is the Nobek Emperor and Imperial Commander of Kalquor’s military.  He is also a very rare Kalquorian in that though he is classified as a Nobek, he is actually half-Imdiko.  Because of this, he initially refused to join Clajak’s clan, believing his mixed breed status would harm the Imperial rulership.  This has not been the case.  Bevau’s ability to first negotiate, leaving fighting as a last resort, has done much to keep the Empire from embarking on ill-advised battles.

Imdiko Egilka
Egilka is the Imdiko Emperor and a genetic research scientist.  For an Imdiko he is somewhat aloof, only allowing those closest to him to see the warmer side of his personality.  He is known to adhere to duty with absolute dedication.  The one exception to this was when he refused to go along with the arranged clanning of a Kalquorian female named Narpok, insisting on having Earther Jessica McInness as the clan Matara instead.

Matara Jessica
Empress Jessica is the first Earther ruler of Kalquor.  As hot-tempered as Clajak and sometimes impulsive, Jessica enjoys arguing with the Royal Council whenever possible.  She loves a good fight.  She is also extremely compassionate and giving, volunteering her expertise as a nurse to help women suffering from trauma.  

Members of Clajak’s clan appear in Alien Rule, Alien Salvation, Alien Interludes, Alien Redemption, Clan, Honor, and Empire, Michaela, Alien Indiscretions and Alien Hostage.

Clan Korkla

Dramok Korkla

Korkla is Emperor Clajak’s personal assistant.  He is as easygoing as his boss is temperamental.  He rarely loses his temper, but when he does his clan knows to back off.

Nobek Raxstad

A Global Security officer, Raxstad is dedicated to seeing justice is done.  He takes his responsibilities very seriously, whether they be professional or to his clan.  His Matara nicknamed him ‘Gorilla’ because of his size.

Imdiko Govi

Head of the capital city hospital’s psychiatric care for traumatized Mataras, Govi works hard to help those in emotional distress, particularly Earther females.  

Matara Michaela

An intersex, Michaela battles issues with being ‘less than a woman’.  Being intersexual would have gotten her killed on Earth, had she been discovered.  She delights in being spoiled by her doting clan, finding reassurance that they don’t think she is a freak.

Members of Korkla’s clan appear in Alien Rule, Alien Interludes, Alien Redemption Clan, Honor, and Empire, Michaela, Alien Indiscretions and Alien Hostage.

Clan Tranis

Dramok Tranis

Tranis is an ambitious Dramok who has risen in the ranks of Kalquor’s space fleet.  He was the youngest captain and now admiral in their history.  Raised with the help of five older Nobek brothers, he was instrumental in many battles against the hated Tragoom race and during the war with Earth.

Nobek Lidon

Lidon is a devout follower of the Kalquorian Book of Life, a collection of philosophical ruminations.  This is not surprising considering his Imdiko father, who helped him pull through a major injury, is a priest.  Lidon does not let a badly scarred and nearly crippled leg slow him down in his work in space and on the ground.

Imdiko Degorsk

Practical joker Degorsk, a talented physician, is the perfect foil for his more serious clanmates.  His offbeat sense of humor is not always appreciated, but his clanmates understand and respect him.

Matara Cassidy

Captured by Tranis’ clan on a convent colony, Cassidy Hamilton has struggled with the differences in her beliefs and theirs.  Being assured of their adoration has healed many past traumas and hurts, and despite continuing issues, she loves her three men.

Members of Tranis’ clan appear in Alien Conquest, Alien InterludesAlien Redemption, To Clan and Conquer, Sister Katherine, Alien Hostage, Clan and Command, and Alien Revolt.

Clan Bacoj

Dramok Bacoj

Bacoj is a young man whose first love is engineering.  Drafted as a pilot into the Earth-Kalquorian war and the resulting rescue mission after Earth was rendered uninhabitable, he had to leave his pursuits behind, except for pet projects during his down time.  His Dramok father died when Bacoj was still young, and he has struggled to follow his instincts to lead.

Nobek Japohn

Japohn is the eldest member of this clan and a former bountyhunter.  His strong personality has often put him at odds with Bacoj.  A very big man with a very bad temper, Japohn is nevertheless loyal to a fault.  

Imdiko Vax

Vax is soft-spoken and usually easy to get along with.  However this talented chef does not budge when he disagrees with his clanmates, something they have learned the hard way.

Matara Lindsey

The elder sister of Empress Jessica, Lindsey McInness is a strong-willed woman who will fight for what she wants.  Her unpopular decision of clanning with the low-ranking Bacoj has caused no end of trouble, but she refuses to leave the men she loves.

Members of Bacoj’s clan appear in Alien Salvation, Alien Interludes, Alien Redemption and Alien Indiscretions.

Clan Gelan

Dramok Gelan

Gelan is the Kalquorian version of a police officer, specifically a negotiator.  A noted tracker and fierce hunter have left his clanmates convinced he is actually a mis-classified Nobek with strong Dramok characteristics.  They keep this notion to themselves, however, since Gelan being re-classified would end their clan.

Nobek Wynhod

Wynhod is also a police officer, a sniper.  His aggressive temperament is almost identical to Gelan’s.  They think alike much of the time.  An avid mountain climber, Wynhod nonetheless enjoys a good bloodthirsty hunt with Gelan.

Imdiko Krijero and Matara Dani

Krijero is a criminal psychologist.  Physically clumsy and socially awkward, he has issues with his sense of worth, especially since the first Dramok he was to clan with clanned another Imdiko without warning.  It took Gelan and Wynhod three years to convince him to be their Imdiko.

Danielle Watson was the spoiled rich daughter of a crooked politician and mentally ill socialite.  Rash and impulsive, she left Earth on a whim and ended up working in a Dantovonian brothel.  Her clan has nicknamed her ‘little fighter’ for her ability to survive the trouble she gets herself into.

Members of Gelan’s clan appear in Alien Slave, Alien Interludes, and Clan Beginnings:  Clan and Conviction.

Clan Erybet

Dramok Erybet

Erybet is a company commander of Kalquor’s ground forces.  Dramoks rarely succeed in the combat arm of the military, which is almost exclusively the domain of Nobeks.  However, Erybet is respected by his soldiers and superiors alike, having proven his strength and fighting ability.

Nobek Sletran

Sletran is a group commander of Kalquor’s ground forces, serving directly under his Dramok Erybet.  Sletran is devoted to protecting those who he feels are weaker than himself.  When not on duty, he prefers to spend his time volunteering to help victims of disasters or violence.  Shortly after returning home from the war, he hacked off all his hair in a fit of self-mutilation.

Imdiko Conyod and Matara Rachel

Conyod is a psychologist specializing in the treatment of traumatized women from Earth who now reside on Kalquor.  He also breeds champion kestarsh, a six-legged animal similar to Earth’s horses.

Rachel Hicks was a revolutionary on Earth who was caught, imprisoned, and tortured before Armageddon.  Rescued by the Kalquorians, she now resides on their home world where she is recovering from her ordeal.

Members of Erybet’s clan appear in Alien Interludes, Alien Redemption, Michaela, and Alien Indiscretions.

Clan Ospar

Dramok Ospar 

Ospar is  the Kalquorian governor of the Earther colony of Haven, which is located within the Empire.  He can be a bit overbearing, but his heart is in the right place.  He has to do a balancing act that entails keeping the Earthers safe as they get their feet under them, without stepping on any toes.  As you might imagine, things rarely run smoothly on the colony where the Earthers appreciate Kalquorian aid but want to do things their way and on their own.

Nobek Jol

Nobek Jol is head of Haven security and Ospar’s main bodyguard.  He does step on toes, especially when a child and his mother’s welfare are involved.  He might be a bit overprotective, but he’s a Nobek.  What did you expect?  Generous to a fault, Jol is a man dedicated to keeping the people under his watch safe. 

Imdiko Rivek

Imdiko Rivek is a temple priest, devoted to the principles of the Book of Life.  Clearheaded and kindhearted, he sees adversity as an invitation to better himself.  Challenges are to be met head-on rather than avoided, and every situation is present to teach the worthy something new.  Rivek is also a badass martial arts expert.  Yep, an Imdiko that will hand you your butt if you force him to.  

Matara Iris and Son Thomas

Iris Jenson has endured hardships in many forms:  she is the single parent of an amazing but challenged special-needs child.  She has endured abuse at the hands of her husband who was presumably killed in Armageddon.  She copes with threats from the newly formed group, the E.I.K. (Earthers for Independence from Kalquor).  Iris barely scrapes together a living for herself and her son on Haven Colony.  Yet she lives with quiet dignity, asking for nothing and giving everything she has to make a decent home for her child.

Thomas Jenson is six-years old and autistic.  Hyper-sensitive to his environment, his frequent outbursts and impulsive behavior make him difficult for many to understand.   Yet those who see past the surface behavior find an incredibly intelligent, creative child with unlimited potential and an endless ability to love.

Members of Clan Ospar appear in Alien Refuge,  Clan, Honor, and Empire, and Alien Indiscretions.

Clan Simdow

 Dramok Simdow

Simdow’s mother died giving birth to him, something his Nobek father never forgave him for.  Nothing Simdow has ever done has healed that rift between them, though he has tried.  

Simdow has always pushed himself hard to succeed.  He took a position as first officer on a spyship, commanded by Captain Tranis.  As an officer for the youngest captain in Fleet history, Simdow looks up to Tranis, wanting the same success he has enjoyed.

Nobek Miv

Miv has been a junior-class champion hand-to-hand combatant in a sport similar to our boxing or UFC.  He had visions of turning pro and was touted as a future champion of the Empire.

Miv is also the older brother to another Nobek and a Matara.  His sister was assaulted by a man known to be a violent predator on other worlds.  Miv caught up to the assailant before the police did and beat the other man to death.  The court was lenient with Miv since assault on a Matara is an unforgiveable act on Kalquor.  He was sentenced to only four years in prison, plus military service.  Miv went into the Fleet after he was released from incarceration to finish out his sentence.  In his off time, he trains in the hopes of resuming his dream of being a professional fighting champion.  

Imdiko Vadef

Vadef’s immune system was badly compromised from the moment he was born, sending him in and out of medical facilities for most of his childhood.  In his seventeenth year, a new treatment re-built Vadef’s immune system, allowing him to finally have a normal life.  Eager to travel and see all the things he’d only read about, he joined the Kalquorian fleet when he came of age, where he met clanmates Simdow and Miv.

Matara Katherine

Though a nun from the fanatical regime of future Earth, Katherine is not one to believe in a vengeful God.  Her faith is based on a God who loves his creations, and everything in the universe is the creation of the Almighty. When the Kalquorians initially started luring and abducting Earther women to Kalquor, Katherine approached her superiors with the idea of meeting with Kalquor and teaching them about God.  The result was that her request was seen as a result of possibly questionable morals.  She was exiled to the remote convent on Europa.

Members of Clan Simdow appear in Alien Conquest and Sister Katherine.

  Clan Zemos

Dramok Zemos

Captain of a Kalquorian destroyer, this leader with strong warrior tendencies is principled and unwavering in his commitment to keep the Empire safe.  He sees his duty to protect Kalquor as a natural outgrowth of ensuring the safety of his clan.

Nobek Oret

Like many Nobeks, this cunning head of on-ship security serves his Dramok, shipmates, and empire with unwavering loyalty.  He’s much more at ease putting his life on the line in a blaster fight than with sharing deep feelings for others.

Imdiko Miragin

Known as The Voice of Kalquor, Miragin’s writings impart a social conscience that inform, challenge, and uplift his fellow Kalquorians.  A civilian unable to accompany his clanmates on their patrols, he travels extensively to see them during shore leaves.

Matara Elisa

On board an Earther battlecruiser when the war with Kalquor ended, Elisa found herself unable to escape when the ship continued to fight its lost cause.  The attack on Zemos’ destroyer and his clan’s capture led to her meeting and falling in love with the clan.

Members of Clan Zemos appear in Alien Caged.

Clan Diltan

Dramok Diltan

Diltan grew up in privileged circumstances, which has never sat well with him. With a drive to prove himself, Diltan’s ambitions have sometimes compromised his ethics. As a Royal Councilman, he works to do what is best for Kalquor as well as enhance his image.

Nobek Rolat

Kalquor’s Head of Prisons and Work Camps, Rolat is in charge of all the Empire’s penal institutions. Off the clock, he has a relaxed personality who nevertheless maintains a close eye on his clanmates. Keeping them safe from their worst enemies ... themselves ... is as much a full-time job as running his department.

Imdiko Wal

Few Imdikos have become judges due to their need to take care of others rather than punish them. Wal is not only a judge, but also sits on the highest panel on Kalquor. Hearing cases against the most important people in his society and deciding their fates play havoc on this gentle, quiet man.

Matara Cissy

An opinionated spitfire, Cissy Salter is cousin to the Empress of Kalquor. Short on manners but long on loyalty and love for family -- especially for twin Tasha -- Cissy gives her honest, no-holds-barred take on the situations she faces.

Members of Clan Diltan appear in Alien Interludes, AlienIndiscretions, and Alien Hostage.

Clan Falinset

 Dramok Falinset

Pictured here in a rare moment of ease, Falinset is tormented by the knowledge of his parents' misdeeds. The son of a traitor, he only wishes to keep his clanmates safe from the trouble that will come should their families' illegal activities become known. His sense of honor is finally brought forward when love pushes him to fight for his honor.

Nobek Wekniz

A firefighter on the moon of Lobam, Wekniz is scarred from his brave actions in the line of duty. Seeing himself more as a protector than warrior earns Wekniz the scorn of other Nobeks. It is nothing compared to the shame of having parents sell government secrets to a traitors. Despite all this, Wekniz clings to his honor and fights to do what is right.

Imdiko Nur
As a men's grooming technician, Nur is devoted to making others look good. Yet his background is a sad one; his fathers are the victims of blackmail due to the illegal activities they did to save his mother's sanity. Caught between the plight of his parents and the good of his clan, Nur struggles to find a path that will save them all.

Matara Tasha

Tasha is known as the 'good girl' of her family. Always kind, she shows few the dark, angry woman beneath the well-behaved veneer. When those she loves are threatened, the real Tasha comes out, ready to do battle even if it means her life.

Members of Clan Falinset appear in Alien Indiscretions and Alien Hostage.

Clan Piras

Dramok Piras

Admiral Piras leads a group of spies against the revolt's leader Dramok Maf and Earth's former Holy Leader Browning Copeland. A brilliant tactician and code breaker, Piras also possesses a fiery temper. He suffers no fools, but holds himself to the same exacting standards as his subordinates. He breaks the Dramok mold by being submissive in intimate situations, a matter that cost him the first Nobek he loved, Lidon.

Nobek Kila

Captain of a destroyer, Kila is also a spy of the highest caliber. Determined to stop the Basma, he will stop at nothing to save the Empire from the civil war tearing it apart. A speed junkie, he's got a bad habit of altering his vessel's engines, much to his chief engineer's irritation.

Imdiko Lokmi and Matara Hope

Lokmi is half-Imdiko and half-Dramok. He likes control and has trouble with authority the chief engineer on board Nobek Kila's destroyer, that tends to put him at odds with his engine-tinkering captain and temperamental admiral. As much as he cares about Piras and Kila, he struggles to overcome the fears that keep him from accepting their offer to clan.

Code-breaker and mechanical whiz Hope Nath seeks to undermine the Holy Leader, who has evil intentions towards her family. Will her efforts to stop Browning Copeland hinder or help the Kalquorian spies attempting to stop the Kalquorian war that threatens both species?

Members of Clan Piras appear in Alien Conquest, To Clan and Conquer, Clan and Command, and Alien Revolt.


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    1. I might consider a contest or drawing, though I usually don't get a big response to those...most of my readers buy the books before I can give them away! Seems some people are in a hurry, lol. I'll let you know as it gets closer to the book's release.

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    1. Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire is the next book in line (Clan Rajhir's story). The plan is to have it out in March.

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    1. Thanks! Due to Clan Ospar's immense popularity, I have indeed decided to give them their book next year. :D

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