Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt

             Kila stopped stock still to see Hope, not working on a computer, but standing in the middle of what was apparently her sleeping room. She was naked.
              Taken by surprise, the phased Nobek spent a long moment looking at the young woman. Her neck was long and slender, her shoulders curved splendidly like cups that would fit his palms. Her breasts were small like the rest of her, the tips brown and perfectly round. The thought they would fit even better in his hands than her shoulders brought a surge of heat to his groin. His fingers twitched as he imagined stroking the triangle of glossy black curls demurely hiding her most intimate treasure.
              Somehow, her legs gave him the most pause. Perhaps she was built slight enough that in clothes, she resembled a boy…but out of the brown uniform pants, her legs were shaped better than any woman’s he’d ever seen. Smooth, slender, with lithe curved muscles…the image of those incredible legs wrapped around his ass as he plunged deep into her warmth made his knees weaken for an instant. A wallop of real passion filled his cocks, making him hard.
              It was the sudden, blatant arousal that made Kila realize what he was doing: ogling a woman without her knowledge or permission. Some men might have been all right with that, but Kila was not. In his mind, it was an unforgiveable violation.
              He turned his back, furious with himself. “Apologies, Matara,” he muttered. It didn’t matter she had no idea he was there. She was owed his regrets.
              What his conscience called regret was not shared by his body or mind. He cursed his lack of control as his imagination kept bringing him the clandestine view he’d had. Over and over, his rebellious brain retraced Hope’s compact but fascinating figure.
              Ancestors help him against such a woman as Hope Nath. It wasn’t enough that she was brave and intelligent, which would be enough to attract him in any case. She was damned alluring as well. If he ever met her face to face again, he feared he’d be far more flirtatious than Piras had dared.

Releasing Summer 2017

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