Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

Ospar used his fingers to spread her as far open as he could.  Ancestors, she was soaking wet from need.  His cock throbbed insistently, wanting entrance into her warmth.  Instead, he slid the slim stretcher rod inside.

Iris groaned in reaction.  Her sex clenched at the device, no wider than two of Ospar’s fingers.  He moved it in and out, slowly fucking her with it.  He slid his tongue over her clit.  She went rigid all over, her breath coming in sobbing gasps.  

The Dramok continued the erotic assault, listening to Iris’ strengthening cries, gauging carefully when she might be closing in on release.  When he thought climax was  imminent, he sat up, slipping the stretcher from her pussy.

Iris wailed from the denial, but she did not speak.  Her eyes did all that for her, staring at Ospar, imploring him to finish the deed.

Instead, he pressed the tip of the stretcher to her anus.  Well coated with her juices, it entered her with ease.  Ospar pushed it all the way in to its base, where a rubber tube ran from the stretcher to a pump bulb.  He squeezed the bulb several times, inflating the stretcher until Iris’ face tightened in a slight wince.

The Dramok left it for the moment, returning to the delectable pussy open for his use.  He entered it with two fingers, pumping Iris’ inner softness good and hard, watching as she began that eager climb towards ecstasy once again.  His thumb occasionally rubbed her engorged clit.  She was starting to reward his efforts with little screams.  There were sobs as well, as if she knew he would not allow her to come once more.  She was right.  As soon as her sex began the telltale squeezes that betrayed her body’s readiness, Ospar withdrew his fingers.

He pumped more air into the stretcher, spreading her rear entry.  He was glad to see how close her body was to being ready for him, because he would soon spill whether he was inside her or not.  His trousers were painfully tight.

Iris’ hitching sobs slowed, indicating to the Dramok she was ready for one more round.  Just a little more torment, if she could behave herself.

His fingers slipped inside her quivering pussy, and Ospar looked her in the eye, pretending he didn’t feel as desperate as she looked.  “You do not come without my permission, my Matara.  Do you understand?”

Iris wailed in aroused misery.  Tears slid from the corners of her eyes.  Yet she somehow managed to answer, “Yes, my Dramok.”

Ospar didn’t know if she could hold back or not.  He didn’t know if he could either, but they were all about to find out.  He leaned over and seized her clit in his mouth.

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