Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

He kissed his way up from her breasts.  Rachel’s chin lifted, unconsciously offering her vulnerable throat to him.  She didn’t realize how submissive the gesture was until the Nobek’s mouth closed over the slender column and his fangs sunk in for a third time.  She cried out and once more tried to rub her crotch against his, desperate for more pleasure to go with the heady delights of erotic pain.  His weight held her still, making her lay still as he pumped more intoxicant into her system.

Euphoria made her limbs lax.  Her legs tumbled from his hips to lay wide open on either side of his thighs.  She couldn’t summon the strength to struggle against him.  He was making her helpless not just physically, but mentally as well.

Sletran released the bite.  “Now you will refuse me nothing.  You are mine, little Ray-Ray, in every possible way.”

I already was, you dominating thug.  But I’m not complaining.  Not one damned bit.

He let her wrists go.  “Keep your hands there.  You will obey.”


Her acquiescence brought a growl trickling from his lips.  “Stay right here.  Do not move a muscle.”

His weight suddenly disappeared.  Rachel blinked to see him rummaging through the drawer that held the vibrator and dildo Erybet had tormented her with the day before.  She trembled at the memory.

What Sletran brought out was a flat black double strap, shaped in an ‘x’.  The middle of the fabric piece was thickly padded.  The four ends were looped, like cuffs.

The Nobek returned to her.  He slipped the padded part behind her neck, leaving two straps on either side of her.  He worked quickly, securing loops just above her knees and around her ankles.

When he was done, Rachel’s legs were wide open, her knees and feet held up in the air by the tension of the short straps.  She was splayed, the weight of her legs held by the strap behind her neck.

“Gorgeous,” Sletran breathed.  His half-lidded eyes were dark as he looked down on her, his breath heaving his sculpted chest.  His thumbs hooked the waistband of his shorts, and he dragged the fabric down.  His primary cock sprang loose, so hard it nearly slapped his lower belly as it escaped its confines.  The second cock appeared next.  Both glistened wetly with the cinnamon-scented lubrication he secreted.  The dark skin of him was almost purple, and veins stood out on each appendage.  Rachel’s pussy flexed, aching to be filled with him.

“Krewet,” she moaned.  Her voice had a desperate edge to it.

Sletran stared at her mound.  His fingers stroked through the tight, soft curls there.  “I think I would like to see this entirely bare,” he whispered.  He was gone in a blur of motion once more.  Rachel heard him rummaging in the facility, and she warbled a plea in that direction.

The Nobek was between her legs a moment later, a thick towel and slim instrument in his hands.  He slid the towel beneath her buttocks and switched the instrument on.  A low hum muttered through the air and Rachel tensed.  Another vibrating toy?

Sletran touched it to the upper edge of her pubic triangle and stroked down.  Rachel gasped to see the black swirls of hair fall away, revealing the dark chocolate skin beneath.  He was shaving her.

Flesh not bare for years was made smooth.  Rachel jerked to feel the slightest breeze against her most secret parts.  Sletran worked with efficiency, wielding the shaver with gentle strokes until the last soft sprig had been eliminated.  Then he folded the towel up and dropped it to the floor next to the sleeping mat.

She felt very, very naked without her nether curls.  Every current of air felt blatant against her flesh, as if the very atmosphere was determined to have its way with her.  She writhed, unable to stop herself.

Sletran grinned.  “Such a beautiful pussy.  I have wanted to see it this way from the beginning.”

His hand slid against her slit, nestling in to rub the soft petals.  Meanwhile, his thumb drew tight circles around her clit.  Rachel jerked against his touch, groaning with need.  The thick, calloused fingers massaged up and down, spreading her juices all the way down to her anus.

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