Friday, December 30, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

Dan’s clothes vanished too. If his body was ‘stating his case’ he was making it with an exclamation mark. He pulled me into his very eager lap, and I slipped him inside with a happy sigh. It was like a homecoming.

“Ride me, cowgirl,” he growled before getting himself a mouthful of breast. I rose and fell over him, my insides clenching around the girth moving inside me. Have I mentioned how thick Dan is, how he fills me tight so that all the good parts get stimulated? Oh heavens to mergatroid, having that delicious cock in my pussy is so very, very fine.

I achieved and maintained a steady pace, stabbing myself with Dan’s stave over and over. I was wet and sloppy, making his passage easy, like a well-oiled machine with perfectly fitted parts and plenty of lubrication. While I moved up and down, he mauled my breasts, sucking and nipping, pinching, and slapping. He knew just how rough to be. The tiny darts of pain were enough to let me know he was in control, and I gasped to be his to do with as he pleased. It made my insides tumble as he displayed only a hint of his strength, of his power. 

“Who do you belong to, baby girl?” Dan gasped.

“You, Sir.”

His hands clamped down on my buttocks, moving me faster, his hips bucking upwards to shove deep inside. My lower parts seized with agonized delight, moving me towards the sweetest sensation of all. My head fell back and I unleashed a long groan.

“Feel good, baby?”

“Yes, Sir. Always, Sir.”

“You feel good to me too. I love you, Brandilynn.”

“I love you too, Sir,” I warbled at the ceiling as pleasure cascaded through my body.

Dan ceased moving. “Up, baby. Change of positions.”

Nothing feels emptier than an aroused pussy deprived of a nice cock. Fortunately, Dan was eager to get back inside me. Moments later found me bent over the arm of the couch. My face pressed against the cool leather seat, and Dan pushed his way into my sleeve once more.

His hands gripped my hips as he plunged in and out, pulling me onto him with force that made me gasp. Oh, I wasn’t going to last long, not with him thrusting so hard and fast. The friction felt hot against my G-spot, lighting me on fire from within until the heat licked all the way up to my hair. I shook all over like I was at the epicenter of an earthquake. My fingernails clawed smooth leather. My mouth hung wide open as if the pressure could escape through that route. 

“Please Sir, may I come?” I fairly shrieked. I knew whatever the answer, I would be doing so anyway.

“Come, baby, come right now!” Dan yelled, his rhythm going bad as climax roared down on him.

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