Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld I: Drop Dead Sexy

Then his mouth fell on me, his tongue darting deep within. Feeling that velvety appendage working in and out of my core brought the ticklish burning even higher. Dan withdrew his tongue to lap all over my quivering pussy, like a cat enjoying cream. He continued to avoid my straining clit, drawing tight circles all around it with his tongue. I jerked helplessly, trying to get direct contact. The pleasure was torture, and I thought I might go insane with need if I didn’t come.

Dan straightened, his grin pure deviltry when his gaze met mine. He pressed a palm down on my mound again, this time avoiding the clit. Holding me down like that, his thumb took up where his tongue had left off; tracing slow, agonizing circles around and around that needy cluster of nerves. His other hand went between my legs, wetting his fingers in the thick honey that seeped from my font.

He thrust two fingers in me with a sudden strength that would have made me arch into the air had he not been holding me down. “Ah!” I yelled in shocked pleasure at the abrupt penetration.

Dan’s fingers beat in and out of me at a furious pace, and I twisted on the sofa. The pressure on my mound, his thumb swirling so close to my clit, the hard, fast way his fingers pounded my sex … he took me to the edge of orgasm. There I hovered in elated misery, unable to back away and unable to come. Worse still, he found the spot on the front wall of my sheath where the deepest, most heady pleasure was to be gained. Dan curled his fingertips every few strokes to tease my body until it clenched down, ready to release apocalyptic orgasm. Then he eased down to deny me over and over.

“Please.” My voice was strangled by the torment he gave.

“You’re getting nice and swollen, baby girl.” His eyes had gone very dark now, staring at my pussy, at how he tortured it.

“Please, Sir.” Tears rolled from the corners of my eyes.

“Your clit is all the way out of its hood.” A third finger joined the other two. The air filled with moist sounds.

“Please.” I was stuck on that one word. My universe had narrowed to my lower body and the desperate need that pulsed there.

“So red and wet, Brandilynn.”

“May I come, Sir?” I sobbed unashamedly.

“Did you know you’re shaking all over?” His thumb, so close. His fingers found the sensitive area inside once more.

I screamed. “Please Sir!”

“Come, Brandilynn.”

His thumb and finger slid over my clit, and he pinched it hard. The world disappeared in a white-hot flash, my body going nuclear in a rush of burning sensation that sizzled right to the ends of every strand of hair on my head. The next climax detonated just as devastatingly, flinging me far and wide before dissolving every molecule into the blinding void.

Time and space ceased existence. Only rolling pulses of delicious sensation poured through the cosmos, saturating the space where my body had once existed.

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