Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Salvation

Lindsey lay on the bed, her hands behind her knees, holding her legs up and open for Vax’s agonizing attentions. The Imdiko grinned to hear her whimpers as he teased her engorged labia with his fingers. She was so wet and tender, every brush making her tremble with need. He wished he had time to bury his swollen cocks in her warmth, but his clanmates would be returning soon to discuss strategy. He’d have to be content with a brief session of mastery over the lovely Earther.

He inserted a finger into her folds, enjoying the sight of his dark flesh disappearing into the rosy pinks of her sex. Lindsey groaned and arched at the penetration. Her clitoris jutted at him, begging to be kissed. In a few moments, the wicked little nub would get its wish. But for now, he concentrated on invading the sweet clutching warmth of the petite woman’s hearth.

In and out his finger slid, making Lindsey toss her head from side to side in rapture. She bit her lips in an effort to keep quiet as he’d commanded, but tiny cries escaped nonetheless. Vax ached to take her hard and fast, and he promised himself at the first opportunity he would. The little Earther was so giving when it came to lovemaking, so incredibly right for the alpha mentality of Kalquorian males. He wondered at the clan’s luck in finding her.

We have to clan her. Bacoj and Japohn must be thinking the same thing.

The bed linen beneath Lindsey’s flanks was dark with wetness. Her honey flowed, and Vax inhaled deeply of her luscious scent. He was painfully hard, tormenting himself every bit as much as his pretty Earther. He gave into a quick impulse and bent forward to lick her sweet cream from the crevice it seeped down. Her salty flavor filled his mouth, and he sighed in delight as she cried out.

Vax pulled his finger free, grimacing in frustration to have only one useful hand. He gave her lifted buttocks two hard slaps, one for each cheek. “Silence.” He glared.

Lindsey shuddered and bit her lips together again, her eyes wide as she looked down her body at him. Did she know how appealingly vulnerable she looked when she did that, he wondered? It brought all his instincts to nurture to the fore. And right now, the pretty Matara needed him to take care of her desire. It was a duty Vax enthusiastically embraced.

“I soon allow you pleasure. You enjoy quiet.”

“Yes, Imdiko.”

The thick walls of the sleeping room and closed door would mask most sounds made, but the space wasn’t soundproof. Vax knew how important it was for Lindsey to conceal her activities from her parents right now. He understood that Tara and Aaron might become very upset to hear their daughter screaming behind the locked door.

Vax readied to test her obedience. He licked his lips in anticipation.

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