Friday, November 25, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

“It’s yours, my love,” he whispered.  “All I possess belongs to you for as long as you’re with me.”

“Including you?”  Elaine reached back to caress his slightly raspy cheek.

“Especially me.”  

Ash’s hands moved up to caress her breasts.  Desire stabbed her body, and she arched against him.  His fingers circled her nipples, bringing them to sharp points.  He teased them through her shirt, and liquid warmth flowed between Elaine’s legs.  She wriggled back against him, feeling his erection hard against her buttocks.

Ash unbuttoned her shirt in front of the window.  She didn’t offer any resistance or complaint as he stripped her torso naked despite the exposure.  Maybe someone watched.  She hoped so.

He turned her so he could fill his mouth with the naked mounds.  Elaine’s head fell back and she moaned her pleasure to the dim recessed lights in the ceiling overhead.  His cool mouth felt so good, the powerful sucks drawing her deep into his maw.  She trembled as his tongue swirled over the sensitized flesh.

While he held her close, his hand slid up and over her buttocks to the button at the back of her skirt.  Ash loosened it with practiced ease, and slid the zipper down.  Her skirt dropped to her high-heeled feet, and he clutched her rear greedily.

His mouth froze on her breast, and he slowly disengaged from the reddened skin.  He stood to his full height and looked down on her with a frown.

“You’re wearing panties, Elaine.”

She dropped her eyes, fighting off the smile that wanted to stretch her lips.  The heat in her belly grew.  “Oops.  I must have forgotten.”

Ash’s hand moved to her breast and clutched hard.  She gasped at the pressure but made no move to pull away.  

“You disobeyed my one order?  I’ll have to punish you, you know.”

“Yes sir.”  The smile was getting harder to fend off.

Ash led her to a chair next to the window.  He guided her hands to hold one armrest.  “Bend over.  My bad girl is getting a spanking.  Legs apart.”

In the heels, her ass tilted high in the air.  Elaine’s breath came quickly as Ash tugged the offending panties down, exposing her buttocks.  She licked her lips.

Ash grinned as he looked over the pale orbs offered to him.  His talented beauty was wasting no time in embracing her new life.  Well, if she was ready to live her fantasies…

He cracked his palm on her ass.  She jerked in response, her breath catching.  Her hands clenched the chair arm.  A throaty moan hung in the air. 

Ash’s groin swelled.  He rained discipline on her vulnerable flesh, turning the sweet orbs pink, then red.  Elaine flinched with every stinging blow, making tiny sounds of pain as he spanked her hard and fast.  Her utter submission was sweet to him, and he rewarded it by being strong and unmerciful.  He spanked her until heat radiated from her lovely crimson ass.

As soon as he stopped punishing Elaine, Ash said, “Don’t move.  Stay right where you are.”

Her breath sobbed in and out, but she obeyed.  Ash rubbed his hand over her folds and groaned to find her soaked.  His little Elaine had enjoyed her chastisement all right.  He thought he might explode with need for her.

He released his throbbing length with shaking hands, maneuvering into position.  There was no ability left to him for tenderness.  He plunged deep into her warmth with no warning.

Elaine cried out at the sudden impaling.  Her sleeve clutched around him in shock, and he backed out only to make her take him hard and fast again.  She shuddered but surrendered to the punishment of his hard use.  For a wonder, she even thrust back to greet his powerful pumps into her core.  Her soft keen told him she was closing in on eruption.  He opened his being to accept her gift.

Her soft passage convulsed, and her scream rang in his ears.  And here it was, that sweet rush of warm life filling him, bringing forth his own pleasure in toe-curling spasms, wrenching ecstasy from his loins.  Ash battered against her, bringing her anew to be washed in fresh waves of her bright energy.  He soaked her in, pulling one last sweet convulsion from her body as the last pulse of seed left his body.

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