Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 3: Alien Conquest

“Matara,” Degorsk groaned, his voice lost in wonder. His hands tangled in her hair, raising the tresses to his face and inhaling. She rewarded his worship by licking a stiff nipple, to which he arched and groaned again. Cassidy licked and nibbled her way up to his lips. Capturing his face between her hands, she plunged her tongue deep into his mouth, taking the orifice as demandingly as he had taken her sex so many times. He submitted, letting her have all she wished.

“Mine,” she declared.

“Yours,” he hoarsely agreed. His lips parted in acquiescence when she demanded another taste.

Degorsk obeyed her silent command when she pushed against his chest, allowing her to roll him onto his back. She crawled over the magnificent behemoth, her body charting the muscled terrain as she committed every swell and dip to memory. No part of the stunning physique went unremarked: his thighs, the double row of muscles of his abdomen, and the width of his chest were catalogued.

“Mine,” Cassidy whispered. She lowered herself over him, filling her sex with her prize. Degorsk’s neck corded with tension as she slowly took him over, his fists gripping the bedding. 

When she’d enveloped all of his offering, Cassidy sat still for a moment, relishing the possession. Her fingertips traced the contours of his torso as she soaked in the sensation of absorbing the double thicknesses of the Kalquorian male. Seated deep inside, Degorsk awaited her command, to be relieved of his need or denied. 

She leaned forward to capture his mouth with hers, slowly releasing his shafts from their sweet imprisonment. Just as they came close to freedom, she ensnared them once more, trapping them in tight cages of clutching flesh. 

Cassidy propped herself over Degorsk, her hands splayed on either side of his head. She closed her eyes to feel him better as she slipped back and forth over him. She took him slowly at first, the better to feel every fraction of his lengths as they dove deep into her core.

His hands covered her breasts, and she moaned to feel the heat of his touch. Her nether regions clenched, and he groaned in answer. Still, he dared not move except to knead her soft mounds with trembling hands. He was hers to do with as she wished, yoked to her desire. His own wants were subservient to hers, and he would demand nothing.

Cassidy, however, was free to exact any pleasure she wanted from her devoted servant. As the slow friction built a mountain of need, she drove faster against Degorsk. She rammed him deep inside. She insisted he relieve the ravenous hunger that could only be sated for a short time before rising to be fed again. She panted through parted lips, the exertion and growing exaltation quickening her breath and heartbeat to match the pounding rhythm of her hips.

“Oh,” Cassidy gasped as the orgasm sent its first flickering warmth through her. “Oh. Oh, oh, oooooh…”

Degorsk arched beneath her, his hips rising to press him even deeper inside. She felt his larger organ flex hard, and his groans joined hers.

She fell to lie on against his chest, riding the swells of his gasps as the spasms slowly left her. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips before pulling free of him. “Mine,” she whispered one last time.

Degorsk’s smile made her pulse quicken again. “Always.”

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