Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule

The easing of tension allowed the scent of the flowers to work even greater upon her sensitized libido.  Being fucked by three men at once was everything her body craved.  The possession was just as exciting as the heated sensation growing low in her twisting, knotting gut.  Jessica dove into the voluptuous rapture of being helpless while the princes enjoyed all they could claim from her.  She couldn’t fight them, and being utterly vulnerable to their demands was delicious in its freedom.  There was nothing to do but accept their desires, and she thrilled to let them have her.

Her sex pulsed as she gave herself over to the Kalquorians, the reverberations traveling up her body.  She moaned against Clajak’s driving flesh as pleasure moved from her womb, up her belly to her chest where Egilka drove against her, to her throat.  They groaned in response, feeling her soften to their desires.

They became more demanding in return, thrusting more urgently into her.  Jessica fell farther into quiescence, her only need to give them all they required of her.  Heat built within, a ticklish sweetness that crested, carrying her away.  Her pussy clenched and released, clenched and released, an easy flow of gentle orgasms, rolling through her in continuous waves.  

The more accepting she was, the harder the men worked her body, and the more compliant she became.  Bevau pounded into her, his growl growing in volume as he neared his inevitable end.  Clajak and Egilka gasped and grunted in the effort to not lose control.  When Bevau climaxed with an animal roar, the other two went still.  Their trembling bodies told Jessica they too were very close, and she made herself stay motionless despite the pleasure sweeping through her body.

Once Bevau finished pumping his seed into her, Egilka took his place.  The Imdiko entered her with the sigh of a man who’d made it home after a long journey.  Clajak extricated himself from Jessica’s mouth.  Egilka pulled her so that her head rested on the stone altar.  Behind him, Jessica saw Govi’s hips rising and falling over Michaela’s.  Her friend moaned with pleasure.  Overhead, the gruesome stone god leered its approval of the Earthers’ sacrifice against the backdrop of star-dusted sky.   Tethered lighting gloves dug deep shadows into the fearsome visage, giving Jessica the fear-tinged thrill that fed her lust so well.

Clajak swept aside the flowers surrounding Jessica’s head, and he stretched next to her.  His hands played over her breasts, and she closed her eyes to the delightful sensations he and Egilka gave her.  She felt Bevau lie on the other side.

“Are you getting tired, my sweet?” Clajak rumbled in her ear.  His fingers made slow circles around one nipple.

“I will give you each a turn,” she said submissively.  “However you desire me.”

“What if we want you more than once?  What if we want to fuck you many times in front of the Plasians?  What if we want to do more than fuck you?”

Jessica felt a twinge of fear at the calculated tone and opened her eyes.  All three men, even Egilka who drove in and out of her body with enthusiasm, looked down at her with devious smiles.  She pulled at the shackles, unable to keep herself from testing them under those stares.  “What do you mean?”

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