Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace

A sting on Amelia’s inner thigh woke her from heavy sleep. She whimpered, but was too lethargic to open her eyes. The pain ended almost as soon as it began. Warmth flowed throughout her body from that spot on her leg. After a few moments of languorous curiosity, she figured out a Kalquorian was biting her there with his fangs.

After half a minute or so, the fangs retracted. The mouth on her kissed and licked its way up her thigh. Amelia kept her eyes closed, all her concentration centered on the hot wet path climbing closer and closer to her female center.

The mouth reached the crease where her leg joined to her vulva and licked her there before pausing. She heard a deep intake of breath as the man crouched between her legs inhaled her scent. Fingers parted her sex, and she imagined what he saw: soft folds of flesh in varying shades of pink, glistening with wetness. The man exhaled with a low, drawn out growl, and Amelia felt her lower regions tighten with desire.

The fingers spread the lips of her sex wider, and she felt the warmth of his breath as he contemplated the view. Amelia lay quiet and open beneath his gaze, her body warming with anticipation of what he might do to her next.

Another deep inhale, another growl. She remained still, euphoria coursing through her body as the intoxicant did its work.

“Are you awake, little one?” Rajhir breathed. His deep voice sounded tentative, as if afraid speech would break the spell he held on her. 

Amelia didn’t answer. What would he do to her if he thought her still asleep, completely pliant to his wishes? Would he continue his seemingly clandestine exploration? Or would he withdraw in disappointment from her, disinterested in her unresponsiveness? 

I’d better say something, she thought. Leaden though her limbs felt, she was eager for pleasuring.
You’re supposed to be resisting him, you whore. Remember what his race has done!

Amelia frowned inwardly at the shrill memory of her mother’s voice. What was she warning Amelia about? She tried to get her sluggish mind to work, to remember exactly what had happened to her.

Before her thoughts could clear, the tip of Rajhir’s tongue touched her sex, gently tracing the outlines of her secret folds. The melting warmth travelling through her belly quieted all concerns.

His fingers kept her open for his tasting, allowing him access deep inside her. The teasing, barely-there touch became a gentle lapping as he consumed the wetness flowing from her body. Amelia’s breathing deepened with pleasure as his tongue laved her over and over.

A chuckle sounded from overhead. “She’s unconscious, but she’s still feeling it,” Breft said.

“And liking it very much.” Flencik’s voice came from her right.

Knowing the other two watched Rajhir pleasure her seemingly helpless body made Amelia’s sex spasm. A tiny whimper escaped her parted lips. Very male laughter answered the sound.

Rajhir’s mouth closed over Amelia’s sex. He fed on her quivering flesh, his growls vibrating the sensitive part of her until her back arched in response. She managed to pry her heavy eyelids open long enough to see Breft naked and leaning over her against the back of the lounger. Flencik, also naked, knelt on the other side. Both watched her face with avid eyes as Rajhir continued to devour her from below.

Amelia’s eyes slid shut again. Waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Her world centered on Rajhir’s mouth on her, on his tongue probing her entrance, on his lips closing over her clitoris to gently suck on the bud. Warm swirls in her belly tightened, coiling to make her whimper.

“You are awake now, aren’t you?” Flencik’s fingers stroked her hair.

Amelia emitted a wordless singsong, unsure if she was trying to answer his question or simply vocalizing her pleasure. Another burst of masculine laughter rang out.

“Awake, but senseless with lovemaking. You’re a master, my Dramok,” Breft chuckled.

Rajhir growled his own wordless response and returned to feasting on Amelia’s sex. He licked and sucked and mouthed her as if starving. Her moans were almost constant now as her own hunger mounted in searing need; one groan bled into the next until she was nearly humming. She lay still beneath him except for a minute tremble, unable to discern if she was weak from desire or his earlier bite. Either way, her limbs were leaden, unable to do more than twitch. She was totally at his mercy.

Rajhir coaxed her to orgasm with his mouth alone. The waves of pleasure built higher and higher until bright, sweet sensation rolled gently through her belly. The tightness in her guts unfurled, streaming warmth into every cell of her being. The climax melted her insides and washed them outward like a river overflowing its banks. She cried her pleasure with breathless “oh’s”, sounding like a delighted child on Christmas morning.

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