Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

A pair of long black rods appeared on each tight nipple, trapping the sensitive flesh between their lengths. Elastic bands gave tension to their grip at each joined end. I had conjured them with the bands all the way at the ends for the lightest possible pressure.

Of course Dan wasn’t about to let them stay that way. His chocolate eyes darkening with intent, he shoved the vibrator deep into me. The toy vibrated hard against my G-spot, enthralling me despite knowing torment was on its way.

Dan reached for the Thai sticks. He leisurely rolled the bands towards the middle of the clamp holding my right nipple, watching my face all the while. The pressure went from firm to pain quickly. I cried out as heat seared my breast. My instinctive urge was to jerk away, to deny my master complete acquiescence. I fought to remain still as he tormented me, continuing to move the bands closer together. A familiar mantra filled my head: his to play with, his to play with, his to play with.
I maintained control until a greater pain hit, much what I’d imagine being stabbed by an ice pick to feel like. I screamed and twisted. Dan grunted and gave the bands one last little roll before moving to the other trapped nipple.

I couldn’t stop writhing at that point. Profound heat and throbbing doubled. My choked sounds of anguish rang in the cavernous reading room. Agony filled my senses, my world centering on it.

Yet a part of me reveled in surrendering all to the man I loved. I was aware of him standing over me, his dark eyes taking in my misery, his face filled with adoration as I submitted to him in everything. Between my cries I heard Dan sigh. He stroked his cock as he watched me struggle. A small part of me knew that for any distress I suffered, I would be given double the ecstasy.

But for the moment, it hurt like crazy. It hurt so much that I couldn’t think of things like losing Tristan, screwing Gerald in a moment of weakness, and being stuck in Patricia’s vampire body half the time – a body I still couldn’t fly after weeks of trying. Pain had its uses.

Little by little, my tortured nipples began to numb. At the same time, Dan slid the humming vibrator in and out of me again while one thumb drew slow circles around my clit. Pain and arousal each made a bid for my attention. At first the torment of my tits held sway, making the slow licks of pleasure almost nonexistent. Then came a gradual shifting as my delight in surrender and helplessness fed lust. Heady exaltation bloomed deep in my belly, warring more intently with the slow easing of suffering. Endorphins kicked in, draining distress and twisting what hurt remained into something incredible.

Every sensation heightened. I strained to get more contact with Dan and all he did to me. The vibrator slipped in and out, finding the best stuff to rub up against. My lover alternated his attentions between teasing strokes over my clit and brushing my nipples so that they burst into fresh flame. Ecstasy and hurt wound about each other, melding into one intense unnamable passion.

I had no choice but to lay there, suffering and enjoying as long as my master decreed.

Dan kept me like that for some time. He occasionally withdrew the vibrator from my grasping sex to rub it against my rioting clit. Then I really was in a hellish paradise with bliss so severe that it threatened to devolve into pain. I screamed again and again as Dan brought me to the brink of orgasm only to deny me every time. My body clamored for release, but it was not to be found.

Even when Dan’s clothes disappeared to reveal a rock hard chest, taut abdominal muscles, and muscular arms and thighs, I knew he wasn’t done with me. Not by a long shot. Big Boy Dan was just getting warmed up with his plaything.

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