Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 10: Alien Hostage

              It was the jungle, this uncivilized place where the wild ruled and rules fled before the wild. Her body acknowledged that with every wanton stroke of Scarred Savage’s fingers, with every bite from the leader’s teeth, with every breath-stealing kiss of the slight one’s mouth.
              The violating fingers slipped away. “Give yourself to us,” the leader demanded.
              Tasha had no choice. It went against everything she knew, but the scorching atmosphere of the jungle had infiltrated her, making her as sultry as its air. She capitulated to its reign.
              “I am yours.”
              They moved around her, re-settling as if finding assigned places. She was moved too, made to lay on her side. Scarred Savage slid behind her, his chest moving against her shoulder blades. Tasha felt the insistent prod of the larger of his two cocks between her buttocks. Her insides bubbled to know he would stake his claim to her there.
              The leader lay in front of her, pulling her fleshy thigh over his. His front cock rubbed against her pussy, seeking the warmth it demanded. It was as wet as her sex, the alien flesh exuding its own sensual lubricant in anticipation of entering her.
              The slightest one crouched overhead, his two cocks looming above her upturned face. The one in front was the larger of the two, shaded twice as dark as the rest of his skin. It too was slick in readiness to plunge into her mouth. A bead of pearly white perched at its tip. Tasha knew she would be made to swallow that drop of masculine pleasure; that drop and much, much more.
              Scarred Savage was the first to sheath himself within her. A sweet ache bloomed as the bullet-shaped flesh, tapered at the tip, grew in girth as he pushed within her ass. Knowing it was no use to protest ... indeed, having no wish to deny her brutal lover now that the jungle had made itself a part of her ... Tasha concentrated on accepting the thickening shaft impaling her. She was to be mated to these men in their way, the instinctual call to breed stronger than any rules society had ever made.
              Though the taking throbbed with dull hurt, Tasha felt an even stronger pleasure in the act. Once more, the thrill of being overruled by those who made no illusions as to their mastery over her won out.
              Tasha groaned as Scarred Savage’s groin met with her buttocks. He was fully imbedded within, his claim too deep to deny. He had taken her as any beast might, making her bestial in kind.
              The leader crowded closer, flattening her large breasts against the muscled planes of his chest. With a knowing smile, he took his primary cock in hand. He placed the tip at the entrance of her pussy. Without a pause, he drove into her, sheathing himself in one thrust.
              The air left Tasha’s lungs at the sudden claiming. She hadn’t expected it, and the strain made her moan. Yet the burst of pain was joined by an astounding fullness that turned her insides to molten lava. The double penetration pressed her interior hotspot. Her body flushed with violent heat. Her tormented groan turned into a shout of exaltation. She hovered at the point of climax, needing only a moment’s friction to send her over.
              The leader grinned, as if he knew how close she was. He began to draw out, his cock dragging slowly, deliciously over the igniting flesh.
              Orgasm burst over Tasha, flashing blinding light through her body. She quaked between the two men, trapped in a prison of rapturous ecstasy. She clawed the shoulders and back of the man before her, turning animal under his delightful torment.

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