Friday, October 7, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

              He swung Egilka around. Now Egilka’s back was to him, and the Imdiko faced the closed curtain that masked the door leading back to the market. Clajak continued to pull on Egilka’s primary cock, with his other hand gripping the back of the Imdiko’s neck. “Hands and knees, my sweet man,” Clajak growled. “You’ll get a little dirty, but sometimes fun happens that way. Get down there.”
              With one hand whipping up and down his cock, causing mindblowing friction, and the other shoving him down with unstoppable strength, Egilka sank to his knees. Clajak followed him down, his avid groin rubbing against Egilka’s ass.
              “That’s a good Imdiko,” Clajak praised. “All fours now. Lean forward and put that sweet ass in the air.”
              Egilka groaned with token resistance before doing as he was told. The gritty dirt beneath his palms was cool, at complete odds with the heat of his body. As soon as he took the position, Clajak’s hand left his neck.
              Egilka’s pants jerked down, baring his uplifted ass. He jerked as Below’s cooler air caressed his buttocks. Then Clajak’s hand enveloped his secondary cock, pistoning up and down in tandem with the hand on his larger member.
              The prince’s warm breath sent heat coursing from Egilka’s ear straight to his pricks. “I hope you’re still stretched from having my secondary in your ass last night. You get the bigger one this time, and yes, it will hurt. That’s the price you pay for topping me yesterday and then trying to walk out just now.”
              Egilka wanted to argue. He wanted to fight. He had every right to do the things Clajak wanted to punish him for. Yet those tight hands gripped him, driving sanity out of his skull with practiced ease as they pumped and pumped and pumped. Even the feeling of growing pressure against his anus as Clajak’s larger cock burrowed into him couldn’t stop the pure jolt of lust that made Egilka surrender.
              The Imdiko relaxed against the invader, his ass spreading to admit the slick length of delicious heat. Clajak speared him without mercy, burying himself in Egilka with a groan. Egilka’s breath left him in a rush as his body protested the searing intrusion. He writhed as Clajak held still, waiting for him to adjust.
              “Damn it,” Egilka moaned, slamming a fist against the dirt floor. A single tear escaped his eye and dripped off the end of his nose. “Fuck. Too fucking big.”
              “Easy,” Clajak said, his fists whipping up and down the Imdiko’s cocks. Pleasure mixed uneasily with the ache in Egilka’s ass. The throbbing of his stretched flesh transmitted to his dual sexes, adding to the excitement. A sliver of elation slid up the secondary cock, moving towards its larger twin.
              Feeling climax building already, Egilka’s hips moved of their own accord, making him shove into Clajak’s tight grip. The Dramok’s prick slid a little way out of him, easing some of the agony. It rubbed his hot spot deep inside too. Egilka sobbed as the molten line of eagerness inched further up his smaller cock. It felt as if it might explode.
              Egilka’s hips swung back, pulling him through Clajak’s fists. The prince’s cock rammed back inside, hurting and exciting all at once. Egilka bit his lips together against the shriek that rose in his throat. The pain of taking Clajak was exquisite.
              Egilka’s hips whipsawed back and forth, far from any conscious control. He could no longer tell if Clajak still masturbated him or if he did all the work, fucking the Dramok’s hands. He slammed himself on that big prick that threatened to split him in two even as it sent desire rocketing through his senses. The mixture of ecstasy and pain swirled through him, holding him hostage to brutal need.
              “That’s it,” Clajak said, his voice coming from a million miles away. “Oh yes, my Imdiko. Yes, sweet lover. Yes, yes.”
              The fiery stream of passion had made it to the base of Egilka’s secondary dick. It began to spill into his larger one, filling it with rapturous demand. The Imdiko’s groin felt heavy, as if molten steel pooled within him. Need for release grew with every second, with every pull of Clajak’s hands, with every thrust into his firm grasp. The prince’s thick cock abraded the knot of bliss deep within Egilka’s passage, sending electrical sparks to add to the growing mass of need in his gut.
              Violent shudders made Egilka’s body quake as pure pleasure shoved its way into his main cock. Eruption was imminent, building towards explosive release. His whole being centered on the coming detonation.
              Clajak pounded against him, grunting like an animal. The sound of his lover in the throes of lust brought Egilka closer still to orgasm.
              Taken. Fucked. Egilka’s brain swam to know himself to be so eagerly used.

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