Friday, September 2, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Ravenous Virtue

Vendeen’s mocking half-grin was back.  “Just when I’m ready to give up on you, you have a moment of civilization that gives me new hope.”

Mikroe scowled at him.  “Fuck you.”

Vendeen chuckled.  “All right, servant.  Up on the bed like a good girl; hands and knees, ass in the air.”

With one last baleful glare at Mikroe, Raven stalked over to the bed.  She climbed up and assumed the position.

Vendeen also got on the bed and knelt before her.  His cock was only semi-erect.  He stroked her hair back from her face.  His face showed little emotion, but his voice was warm.  “Ignore him, pet.  Focus your attention on me and Daagiis.  We are all that matter.”

Raven nodded, absurdly grateful for his kindness.  He did care.  She was sure of it.  It was in the way he gazed down at her, his black eyes soft.

“Kiss his cock.  Lick it.  Get him good and hard.”

Mikroe’s hateful voice made her tense anew, but she continued to look up at Vendeen.  His fingers combed through her curls, the touch gentle.  He gifted her with a tiny smile.

Raven’s heart warmed.  To hell with Mikroe and his voyeurism.  Vendeen was right; only he and Daagiis mattered.  She would give herself to them for their pleasure and relegate Mikroe to background noise.

She leaned forward, inhaling Vendeen’s masculine scent.  Her eyes still rolled back to watch his face, she slowly licked the length of his cock, running her tongue over the silky smoothness from head to base.  His eyes slid halfway closed and he groaned.  His prick swelled, growing bigger and firmer.  The veins stood out as they filled with blood.

Raven slid wet kisses up and down the length.  His small sounds of pleasure warmed her.  Pleasing him gave her a sense of rightness.  Moreover, it made her excited to know she would make him come for her.  Wetness seeped from her pussy, slowly sliding down to slicken her inner thighs.

Fingers touched her there, and her breath caught.  She’d almost forgotten that Daagiis was behind her, getting ready to shove two cocks in her body.  The idea made her anxious, which somehow only fed the growing arousal she felt.

He’ll take care of me.  I’ll be all right with him.

Long fingers slid around in the honey she made, spreading it all over her pussy.  A slight tug on her clit made her gush all the more.  Daagiis used her juices to lubricate her ass as well.  Raven’s hips rose of their own accord, inviting more of his attentions.  As scared as she was about the upcoming double penetration, his touch made her body sing.  When two fingers probed her ass, she pushed against them, opening to the invasion.

“Fuck her mouth, Vendeen.  Nice and slow.”

Raven paid no attention to the unimportant voice, but when Vendeen said, “Open for me,” she immediately obeyed.

Vendeen’s cock and Daagiis’ fingers filled her at once.  Raven moaned a welcome.

The thick, heavy prick moved deep, sliding all the way back.  Raven relaxed her throat, swallowing as Vendeen entered.  His pulse throbbed fast and hard against her tongue.  He drew back out until only the broad head remained between her lips.  She flattened her tongue against it, swirling all over the velvety heat of him.  He rewarded her with the salty goodness of pre-cum.

Meanwhile, Daagiis twisted his fingers around, stretching her ass muscles as he thrust in and out.  The pressure back there was delightful despite knowing what he prepared her for.  Her stomach was filling with heat, sending sparkles of pleasure all through her groin.  She even moved back to take Daagiis’ fingers deeper.

Soft, moist sounds filled the room as the men sheathed cock and fingers inside her over and over.  In contrast to his slow, careful movements, Vendeen’s breath was coming faster and louder.  Raven moaned her enjoyment.

Despite the disgusting presence of Mikroe, the encounter excited her.  The musky scent of Vendeen was right there, his body moving against her face so she couldn’t smell anything but masculine lust.  The feel of his fingers twining in her hair, of his grip clutching her head, of his hot, throbbing cock moving in and out of her mouth were carnal heaven.  Added to that was the steady pulse of Daagiis readying her for the fearful fucking she would soon receive; the terrible anticipation only adding to Raven’s excitement now.

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