Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Michaela (M/I/M/M)

He took his pricks in hand, positioning the tapered tips against Michaela’s open pussy and ass. She ground her teeth hard against the bit in her mouth as she felt the thicker stave slip into her pussy. A moment later, the lower cock forged into her rear entrance. 

Raxstad stopped rubbing her belly. He opened the crotch of his shorts and took his cocks out. His other hand tangled in Michaela’s hair, grasping a handful to hold her head pinned to the table.

“Open your eyes,” he said. “Open them and watch. You’re going to see everything we do to you. Look or I’ll punish you again.”

Michaela whimpered, but she opened her eyes. The way Raxstad held her down, she had no choice but to watch the vid overhead. She concentrated on looking at the men.

“Good girl.” Raxstad stroked his primary cock, masturbating himself over her breasts. He grunted low in his throat.

Govi continued to play with her tits with one hand, but he also released himself. He pleasured his larger cock as Raxstad did, but moved to the head of the table as he did so. The tip of his dick aimed towards Michaela’s mouth. He alternated between watching her face and what his clanmates did. Michaela could hear his gasping breath.

Korkla reached his end, his cocks embedded deep within her sex and ass. Michaela moaned at the fullness. The back cock rubbed against something electric deep inside her tighter channel. The front cock also had found the place at the front of her womanly sheath, the part that felt like molten lava when rubbed. She groaned and strained against those sensations and the sweet stroking of the cock pump. Her prick spat pre-cum.

“That’s right,” Korkla muttered. “Our pretty little girl-boy loves to be fucked. She likes it when we spray our cum all over her amazing body. Don’t you, Michaela? Don’t you love it?”

He ground against her, his groin moving in circles against her. The nubs of his cockring abraded her soft flesh delightfully, sharpening the ravening need that suffused her belly. With her teeth clenched around the bit, Michaela issued a thin, high-pitched scream.

“I think she wants more,” Raxstad said between grunts. “Fuck her, my Dramok. Fuck her while she watches.”

“Do you see it yet, my Matara?” Govi asked as he pulled hard on himself, his cock only a couple of inches away from her face. “Do you see how beautiful you are? Do you see why we want you so much?”

No, she didn’t see it. Michaela simply couldn’t understand why her misshapen form aroused them so greatly. But the men were beautiful to look upon, and seeing Korkla thrusting in and out of her ass and pussy was delicious. Michaela wanted to watch when Raxstad and Govi came too, when their juices spurted on her breasts and face. She needed them to come for her. She concentrated on seeing just the men and the part of her the Dramok fucked.

Korkla’s strokes were long and deep, hitting something deep inside Michaela that resounded like a bell. When his groin met hers, the nubby cockring rubbed her clit and all about her pussy and anus.
Her scrotum had drawn up tight, and a great weight had announced itself at the base of her cock. It roiled there, rising from a simmer, readying to erupt. There was still pain from long-denied orgasm, but knowing she would climax soon helped soothe the discomfort. Knowing they would all climax made the hurt enjoyable.

Korkla’s head fell back and he moaned at the image floating over their heads. “Ring on,” he said and ground in tight against Michaela again.

A profound shuddering overtook Michaela where the cockring touched her. Powerful vibrations quaked all over her ass, sex, and clit. Orgasm moved swiftly, thundering through her like an earthquake.

Michaela screamed around the bit gag as blistering heat shoved from her balls into her prick. It drove a fiery trail up through straining flesh, spewing up and out beyond the pumping sleeve that held her flesh. The knot at the base of her cock released in shuddering bursts, relieving the tension at long last.
Meanwhile, her pussy flexed hard. The pleasure of her masculine flesh transmitted to the feminine. It joined in with the hard pressure moving against the hotspot in her sheath, the jarring excitement of Korkla’s cock tip colliding with her cervix, and the wicked thrills running from the vibrating ring to her clit. She was moments from coming.

Raxstad’s head fell back and he yelled. His primary cock shot cum all over Michaela’s breasts. As if he had started a chain reaction, Korkla’s cries joined in, his cocks jerking hard inside her. Then Govi went off, spraying Michaela’s face with his juices as he gasped and watched her widen her mouth to catch the spicy-sweet-salty offering.

That did it. Michaela’s womanhood spasmed like a fist around the cock thrusting deep, and shattering pleasure at last billowed forth. Her shrieks continued, moving from the bright, fiery excitement of male orgasm to the deeper, headier female pleasure. With both happening at the same time, she was able to appreciate the differences: one relieved while the other fulfilled. For a moment, Michaela actually appreciated being able to experience the glory of being both male and female.

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