Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

“You will take my cocks now,” the Imdiko told Cissy. “It’s time for tonight’s first fuck.”

She moaned, wordless with anticipation. She panted again as Wal positioned himself at her entrances.

“Nowhere to go,” Rolat reminded her. “No escape.”

Wal gave a quick, short thrust. The first couple of inches of his primary cock slid easily into Cissy’s pussy. Her ass took the first inch of his smaller prick a bit more grudgingly. A sudden, marvelous ache drove all the air from her lungs.

“That’s right,” the Imdiko said, going still once more. “I’m inside you, just a little bit. There is a lot more to go, little Earther. You will take every last inch of me.”

Cissy uttered a garbled cry. It was meant to be agreement, but words failed her yet again. The Kalquorians kept robbing her of the ability to speak.

Wal shoved again. As he went, his cocks widened, giving Cissy that wonderful girth she enjoyed so much. Her pussy gloried in the friction that found her interior sensitivity. Her ass complained against the invader.

Somehow, it was the throb in her rear that excited Cissy most. It brought home her lack of power against these men. It thrilled her beyond comprehension. 

Wal again stopped before she could experience real pain. A small part of her mind recognized that despite the forceful attitude, the Imdiko gave her body time to adjust to him. He was careful not to cause injury, though he easily could have done with her as he wished.

The realization gave Cissy permission to move even further into the intoxicating desire that enthralled her. She was helpless but safe. They could hurt her, but they wouldn’t.

Diltan enhanced the fantasy by bending to seize a breast in his mouth. He tugged at Cissy’s nipple with his teeth, delivering exquisite shards of pain without causing real harm.

With vision made hazy, Cissy gazed up a Rolat. The Nobek watched as Wal pressed hard into flesh both welcoming and reluctant. Rolat’s eyes were dark, the cat pupils spreading wide. His lips parted in a soundless snarl. Fangs peeked out. His erections jabbed Cissy’s hip. When Wal finished with her, when he’d sated his lust with her body, Rolat and Diltan would take their turns. They would have her, and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Cissy moaned as Wal thrust in ever deeper, making her yield to him. Discomfort was pleasure, and pleasure was ecstasy. Every nip from Diltan’s teeth, every push Wal made into her ass and pussy made her more pliant to the men.

She didn’t know how long the glorious torment lasted before Wal’s groin met hers, the Imdiko fully embedded within her. He paused. His hand trailed over the softness of her belly, caressing with gentle ownership. His fingertips sent heat deep into her gut. She moaned at how full he made her feel.

“Now I fuck you until I fill you with cum,” the Imdiko said.

That was all the warning Cissy got before Wal’s hips swung back, pulling him nearly free of her. The sweet chafe of his flesh dragging against her interior walls made her hair stand on end. She arched against Rolat’s thighs, orgasm already threatening.

The Imdiko shoved back in. Cissy legs kicked as violent pleasure crashed within. She howled as Wal took her hard and fast. It was her favorite way to get fucked; powerfully, with no quarter given.

The Kalquorian rode her rough, his body slapping against hers. Cissy’s head tossed back and forth, unable to deny the whirlwind of sensation galloping through her body. When she came, it was as if her body would turn itself inside out. Passion twisted her guts, wringing her out.

She heard a man’s throaty yell while she tossed in the maelstrom of climax. Something slammed deep within her core, sending daggers of mingled pain and pleasure throughout. Cissy screamed with renewed elation.

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