Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

He’d stopped playing with her clit, his hand cupping her pussy as she recovered.  Now his fingers probed at her sex’s opening.  The index finger slid inside, entering easily with the slickness of her juices.  Elisa gasped as fresh arousal flared.

Zemos chuckled.  “I told you that you had much lost time to make up for.  You may hold onto me this time, and I want you to keep your eyes on my face.  Look at me, little one, and don’t look away.”

It was a good thing he’d invited her to cling to him, because his finger was moving in and out fast.  He rubbed that good inner spot too, and Elisa moaned as she felt a melting within, as if her insides had become bubbling lava trying to pour out.  Her hands found the bulk of Zemos’ shoulders and her fingers dug in as he worked her already spasming sleeve.

“That’s it, that’s my good girl.  Look me in the eyes, Elisa.  I want to see everything you feel.”

Obeying Zemos on that count was much harder.  It was as if the Dramok’s gaze bore into her skull, so intense were his purple eyes with their kitty-cat pupils.  Elisa’s gaze kept skittering away, now looking at the tip of his nose, now at his brows, now at the indentation of his upper lip.

Each time she quailed before the intensity of his stare, he gently rebuked her.  “No, sweetling.  Look at me.  Stop hiding.  No secrets between us.”

Adding to the tension was Zemos’ delicious assault on her sex.  He pressed a second finger into her, adding to the pressure against the hotspot within her pussy.  Elisa thought she must be drawing blood as she gripped his shoulders with desperation, but she couldn’t relax her hold ... not when her deepest recesses were drawing in tight once more, preparing to detonate.

She’d closed her eyes again, and Zemos brought her back to her senses with a sharp tone.  “You are not looking at me, precious girl.  I think I will have to keep reminding you since you will not behave.”

With that, his fingers pounded into her, harder than before.  The palm of his hand landed against her clit with a loud report.  Pain flared; the engorged nub had emerged from its hood and was defenseless against the slap.

Elisa whooped in a large intake of breath as superheated sensation billowed through her pussy.  The sharp splinter of agony swirled in tight with the roiling arousal already there.  They joined and became one profound feeling that brought every cell of her being to exquisite life.  She cried out, her channel flexing hard around Zemos’ fingers.

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped with surprise.  Then a hint of a smile curled one side of his lips up.  “Oh, it’s like that, is it?” he said, his tone filling with delight.  “Well then, let’s have more, shall we?  Remember, if you need to stop, the word is sholt.  And keep your eyes on mine.”

With that last bit of instruction, Zemos finger fucked Elisa with brutal excellence.  His fingers inside her kept the amazing friction that felt so good at a continuous burn.  With every thrust into her core, his palm clapped hard against her aroused clit, treating it to pain that on its own would have been torment.  Coupled with the bliss building hard and fast within her, however, it transmuted into an ecstasy that could barely be borne while maintaining sanity.

Elisa strained against his grip, jerking under the assault.  He was making her come ... the need was rising, straining towards his hand ... intense purple eyes filling her vision, coaxing her to obey him ... harder and faster now ... a tidal wave of mind-stealing bliss rising before her ... crashing down ... driving her under with its strength roaring in her ears ... drowning ... drowning...

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