Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

Flencik groaned to see the nipple suction cups and double cockrings Rajhir held.  At the same time, his cocks jerked as excitement roiled in his groin.  

Rajhir’s grin became more dangerous at the reaction.  “I see you’re well aware of what I have in mind.  Any objections?”

“Will they work?” Flencik’s voice came out in a croak.   “The objections, I mean.”

“Not when I can see how excited you are.  You look forward to what I’m going to do to you.”

He was right.  There was an undercurrent of dread, because Flencik knew damned well with that cockring on, Rajhir could tease him all night.  At the same time, something inside him responded to being controlled by the stunning Dramok.  Something in Flencik wanted to be made to obey.

Rajhir set down his implements of pleasure and torment.  His hands gripped Flencik’s cocks, stroking up and down with firm demand.  Decadent delight grew at the bold touch, and Flencik moaned.  His hips rocked to move into Rajhir’s hands as much as the binds would allow.  His cocks were soaking wet, and he moved easily within the Dramok’s fists.  It felt so good, and heated pleasure slid into Flencik’s secondary cock.

Rajhir released him.  He picked up the larger of the two double cockrings he’d taken out of the box and slid it over Flencik’s pricks.  The Imdiko had lubricated so copiously that it slipped to the bases of his cocks easily.  Flencik choked back a cry to feel the snug pressure.  He would be kept in a limbo of excitement and denied climax until Rajhir removed the ring.  

It was wonderful and awful all at once.  Once more the Imdiko felt anxiety at being so vulnerable, yet he absolutely loved the agony of being under the control of a man of Rajhir’s strength and power.  It made no sense to him to delight in this torture, but he did.

Rajhir leaned over him once more, but this time he mouthed Flencik’s nipple.  The Imdiko writhed under the attention.  It felt as if every lick, suck, and gentle pull of Rajhir’s teeth went straight to his cocks.  His cries rang in the room as passion swirled with luscious brutality through his lower parts.

Rajhir released the diamond-hard nub and placed a clear suction cup over it, making sure the slightly fluted edges formed a seal with Flencik’s skin.  The cup looked a little like a shot glass with a nozzle at the end.  It covered the entire areola.  

“Have you ever had these used on you before?”

Flencik shook his head.  “I’ve only seen them in sex vids.”

Rajhir smirked.  “The ladies I’ve tried them on find them very exciting.  I’ve never used them on a man though.  The shape of these are different from the ones used on women, so I’m not sure how well they’ll work.  Let’s see how it goes.”

He twisted the nozzle, and there was a hiss as air released from the cup.  The pull of suction was immediate on Flencik’s nipple.  He groaned as the delightful sensation spilled through his breast and once more arrowed straight down to his groin.  A pulsing ache announced itself in the area between his cocks.  He would feel the desperate need to come soon.  Knowing he might be denied release for some time only made it worse.  It made the feeling of his nipple being sucked and the tightness of the cockring that much more obvious.  

Flencik whimpered.  Seeing how his nipple trapped inside the cup was swollen and pointed, resembling a woman’s nipple, only made things worse.  It stretched until it nearly filled the small cavity, flushing dark.  The pulling sensation had him gasping.

Rajhir looked pleased.  “That’s nice.  Now the other one.”

He applied the second cup.  The feeling of his nipples being sucked hard made Flencik feel a little crazy.  Shards of lightning zapped from them to his cocks, making him desperate to remove the cockring.  Lust churned in his groin.  Flencik strained against his bonds, cries tearing from his lips with every breath.  His cocks pounded with need.

Rajhir sat back and watched him struggle.  The Dramok’s wet lips were parted, his tongue peeking out every few seconds as Flencik writhed.  He stood and started to strip.

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