Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Sister Katherine

Still, her stomach dipped and dived with mounting need.  Her sex had achieved a will of its own, grasping at the hard appendage filling it, trying to draw it deeper.  Her clitoris swelled and expanded, emerging from its hood to reach desperately for that contact that kept just out of attainment. 

Miv moved with such care and yet he made her nearly insane with need.  At last Katherine had to beg or go mad.

“Please, my Nobek?”

“What are you asking me for?” he asked.  His voice rumbled like distant thunder.

“More.  Faster.  Harder.  I want you to touch me.”  She heard the desperation in her voice and didn’t care.

He mused over her plaintive request for a moment.  “I am not in any hurry, my Matara.  But I will touch you, a little.”

His finger and thumb closed over the shaft of her eager clit, not truly gripping but only lightly enclosing.  Miv stroked its length, her copious moisture making it easy to slide up and down.  Though the touch was ephemeral in its delicacy, Katherine’s lower body seized with intense strength.  She jerked against her captors, her cry ringing through the room.

As if Miv’s fondling wasn’t enough, Simdow and Vadef began stroking her breasts and abdomen, the contact they made just as soft as the Nobek’s.  Every caress brought a cascade of heat and effervescent sensation to her flesh, zapping down in arrow strikes to her demanding clitoris.  Had she been suffering before?  Now the tumult had been exquisitely tuned to a high pitch and Katherine nearly screamed from want.

Her sex strained for release, almost desperate to discharge the ballooning pressure.  Katherine felt swollen with ecstasy.  Even the measured friction of Miv’s movements within her passages had become flashpoints of smoldering embers, feeding the greater inferno fighting to escape.  The Nobek had her right on the verge of eruption, and there he held her, not letting her cool for an instant but yet not allowing the final explosion.

Simdow tugged on one nipple, adding to the din that made Katherine insensible to everything but profound and agonizing expectation.  Vadef stroked over her stomach, his touch seeming to transmit from the surface to deep within to join the tangled mass of need.  And still Miv stroked the sides of her most sensitive flesh, dangling her just out of reach of satiety’s claws.

Tears spilled from Katherine’s eyes.  Her mouth opened and a scream unfurled, pealing long and tormented.  “Miiiiiv!”

“Yes, my Matara.  Come for me.”

His finger tapped the exposed and straining tip of her clitoris.  Keyed up to the breaking point, Katherine finally detonated, her whole being flying outward like a bursting star.  Each discharge fed into another ignition.  She seemed to be the epicenter of the start of creation itself, a churning, heaving expulsion, blasting the components of existence far and wide.

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