Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

Tristan nodded. “Let’s get her primed for the competition. Hands behind your neck and spread your legs.”
I assumed the position he wanted, interlocking my fingers together and opening my legs wide. Cream was already coating my upper thighs. Sometimes dreams do come true.
“I’m not so sure she needs warming up,” Dan snorted as his hand cupped my mons. “She’s already aroused.”
“That’s our girl. I knew we could count on that libido.”
“Hey. What are you implying?” I said, shivering as one man’s hand slid through my folds and the other man cupped my breasts and slid calloused thumbs over my nipples.
Tristan’s face went cold and stern. “Did anyone ask you to talk?”
My stomach flip flopped with equal parts fear and desire to have that gaze leveled on me. “No Sir,” I whispered.
“All I want to hear from you is moans and screams.”
My pussy gushed. I swallowed. Nodded.
“Nipple clamps. Right now.”
I had the tweezer versions on in a heartbeat, just tight enough to stay on. Of course Tristan adjusted them to make them burn. I winced, and he tightened them a little more. I groaned as the mixture of heat and hurt zapped right to my clit.
“There we are. Just right.” Tristan grinned at me.
Dan went to his knees in front of me. With a look that was all hunger he leaned forward. I tensed in anticipation. He sucked gently on my clit, and my knees darn near unhinged. I think my eyes rolled all the way back in my head.
“Climaxes during the warm-up period don’t count,” Tristan warned him. He bent to flick one of my reddened nipples with his tongue.
Fiery darts sizzled from the touch. I shuddered. He cupped the weight of my breast in his hand and closed his teeth around the sensitive tip. I gushed.
       “Mmm.” Dan burrowed his face against my hairless sex as he zeroed in to lap at my juices. Feeling the wet velvet of his tongue lapping enthusiastically through my folds had me trembling all over.
        Tristan switched to the other breast. More sparks. Lovely heat built in my belly. My legs shook with reaction at what the two men were doing to me.
        “Brandilynn, it’s like you’re in the middle of an earthquake,” my vampire lover laughed. His strong arm wrapped around the middle of my back. “Lean back, sweetheart. Let me take your weight.”
        I did as he said, my body bowed back over his arm. The position pointed my tits at the ceiling. I noticed how swollen my nipples were from the pressure of the clips.
       “Very nice,” Tristan said with appreciation. His head dipped down to catch one red nub in his mouth. The flat of his tongue rubbed it over and over, and I groaned all the way from my toes at the tantalizing agony his attentions produced.
        Meanwhile, Dan grabbed the backs of my thighs and lifted me off my feet. He settled my legs so that they draped over his wide shoulders. His hands supported my buttocks. I was wide open for him now, and he took complete advantage. He lapped my juices with strong strokes, inciting me to produce more. My hips bucked to meet that wonderful tongue. I couldn’t stop myself.
       They devoured me, making me cry out in reaction. I jerked and spasmed helplessly as their mouths worked to make me ache for orgasm. Warm up, my butt. This was a full-on workout.
       Dan’s mouth closed over my clit. He sucked hard and I arched in Tristan’s grip as something huge rolled in my belly. Dan backed off right away.

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