Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

He spent a great deal of time on her clitoris.  Using his fingertips first, he spread her wetness all around the nubbin, teasing until it emerged throbbing from its hood.  Next he licked slow circles all about, making her swollen and red.  Then his lips closed on it, capturing it between their softness.  His tongue flicked across the tip, making Naya tense all over.  He sunk one finger, then a second inside her as he licked the eager flesh once more.  She whimpered.  It took all Naya had to keep herself open for the torment, especially when Elisha began to work in and out with a firm rhythm, searching for the sweet spot within her sheath as he lashed her clit back and forth.  The dual attacks on her most nerve-clustered flesh had her rushing towards crescendo in short order, and Naya readied herself for cataclysm.

Elisha felt it too, and she discerned his intent.  “Please,” she moaned, even as his fingers inside her stilled and he took the joy of his mouth away.

“Quiet,” he said, and she knew he would torment her until he could no longer stand it.  Her agony, her desperation for fulfillment, meant nothing to him except that he could enforce his dominion over her.  Her only solace was that he would feel every agonizing moment with her.

When her need had calmed to a degree, Elisha resumed playing with her, his fingers finding that stomach-curling spot inside her sheath almost immediately and his tongue visiting silken abuse to her clit.  Naya quaked all over as he made her take it, sobbed unselfconsciously as he drove her quickly to the brink once more, knowing he would deny her again and there was nothing she could do about it.

“You are mine, Naya,” he told her.   “When you give yourself over completely, I will grant your release.”

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