Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Sletran rumbled a warning deep in his chest, and he reared up.  His hands captured her wrists to pin them over her head.  The anger in his expression was gone, replaced by brute lust.  “You are so eager, my beautiful warrior female,” he said, his eyes dark and narrowed.  “And proud.  You know the word for please in my language.  I would hear you beg me for pleasure.  I would hear you scream for it.”

Rachel’s breath caught.  The Nobek looked savage and her body responded with a burst of pure need.  Her legs surrounded his hips, and she yanked hard to pull him as close to herself as she could.

Sletran chuckled.  “Oh, this will be a delightful struggle, Matara.  One I think we might both win.”

He rubbed his groin against hers, stimulating her clit so that she gasped.  His erection strained against the slick fabric of his knee-length pants, feeling like twin rods of steel against her mound.  At the same time, his hand closed over one breast, squeezing it just shy of pain and making the tip engorge with blood.  His tongue scraped over the stiff flesh.  Rachel groaned as heat sizzled through the mound.

“You enjoy a touch of intensity, don’t you?  Let’s try a little more,” Sletran said.  He bared his flat teeth, and they closed over the tip of Rachel’s nipple.  Again, the pressure increased until Rachel trembled on the threshold of hurt.  Then he flicked his sandpaper-rough tongue over the captured flesh, sending a thick wash of desire down to her belly and straight into her pussy.  A strained warble broke from her throat.

He released her breast from teeth and hand, possessing it with his mouth.  Sucking in hard, he enveloped half the lush mound in stroking wetness.  Rachel arched, as if she would shove even more into that erotic kiss.  Sletran withdrew the luscious embrace, much to her disappointment.  Then he gave her a feral grin, one in which his fangs came into sight.  Rachel gasped.

The Nobek’s head darted down, and he impaled her upper breast with those needle-thin teeth.  He held her still, careful despite his ferocity to not let her jerk and tear her flesh against those twin darts.  The bite lasted just long enough for Rachel to feel the beginnings of intoxication.

Then Sletran moved his brutally delicious attentions to her other breast.  This time he sucked in another mouthful, and slowly withdrew, letting his flat teeth scrape achingly across her skin.  Rachel groaned, her head tossing from side to side.  She ground her crotch hard against his rigid length, so tantalizingly close yet kept terribly separate from her by his pants.

Sletran’s raspy tongue swirled all around her areola.  Rachel clenched her legs hard around him, rutting like an animal, dragging her clit along that swollen part of him.  She was eager to have him inside her, fucking her with that glorious pair of cocks.

The Nobek raised his head to snarl through a lascivious smile.  His fangs descended again.  Rachel’s mouth fell open and she thrust her breast towards him.  Rattlesnake fast, darts of pain shot into the tender flesh.

As he injected her with the sweet venom that made everything feel safe and wondrous, his groin pressed down, sinking his weight down on her pelvis.  Rachel could no longer move against him.  Her burning pussy was left trembling, unable to grind for rapture.  All her attempts to writhe moved her no more than the most minute amount.


Sletran released the bite and snickered.  “That’s the best you can do?  You don’t sound nearly desperate enough.”

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I didn't realize there was one of your books I had somehow missed buying. This is like finding buried treasure. Now I just have to wait for my social security check to come in lol, I am so excited!

  2. don't laugh, seriously like 91 cents short of the 4.99 to buy it lol...the anticipation will make it all the sweeter, and Shalia will get me through :-)

  3. I hope you enjoy it! This was one of my favorites to write.