Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

The door to the confessional flew open, and Ash was there, looking down on Elaine with eyes of fire.  “I see you found us a nice, private spot,” he said, stepping in and shutting the door behind him.

A scream welled up in Elaine’s throat.  Gibbering panic insisted it was impossible that he’d come here.  Ash couldn’t possibly be inside a church, not if he was a demon.  

She never cried out.  The relief of seeing him once more squelched any urge to call for help.  Even as the rational part of her mind begged her to run, her heart leapt to see him.  Elaine’s body warmed in anticipation of his touch.

Her voice was slow, as if drugged.  “This is a church, Ash.”

He grinned, his teeth slightly pointed as his surfer boy disguise slipped.  “I know.  You’re so kinky, Elaine.”

He shed his clothes and the rest of his human form, standing before her in all his profane glory.  His hair was long and silver, a glossy cascade that framed his Stygian black torso.  His tongue was silver too, peeking out to lick his lips as he looked down on her.

You silver-tongued devil, Elaine thought.  She might scream after all.

His cock was huge, pointing at her like a sexual divining rod, the flesh pulsing with a life of its own.  How was it he wasn’t so massive in the form of Ash?  Or perhaps this form wasn’t his either.  Maybe he assumed any form he wished, whether to delight or terrorize his victim.

He grasped her upper arms in clawed hands, pulling her upright.  His touch was cold, like being gripped in pincers of ice.  Elaine shuddered as he brought her close, her body erupting in gooseflesh.   “No,” she whimpered.

“But you want me to,” he answered, his voice all animal growl.  He pressed her to his muscled black frame and she caught her breath.  So cold.  He was so cold.  

The incubus yanked up Elaine’s skirt, exposing her secret flesh to the press of his frozen sex.   Whether because of her rush to get out of the apartment or subconscious obedience to his orders, she hadn’t put on panties.  She writhed against him, wanting to escape the painful sensation of his frigid length yet wanting to absorb it into her warmth at the same time.

Clawed hands gripped her buttocks, the points of his nails dimpling the mounds.  Ash raised her up, positioning for the first thrust.  “Tell me, my love.  Tell me how much you want me.”

Elaine looked into his face, the lean, hungry beauty of it stealing her breath for an instant.  He was like an ancient pagan god, one that might demand human sacrifice but was loved and worshipped just the same.  

“Please Ash,” she whispered, not sure what she begged for.  

He took her plea as assent, pressing his massive, cold sex into hers.  She opened her mouth in a silent shriek, her voice stolen by the wondrous pain that tormented and delighted all at once.  She pounded ineffectual fists against his shoulders while her legs wrapped around his waist to pull him in deeper.

He buried himself in her, snarling and rutting like a beast.  She sought his mouth, running her tongue over the points of his teeth.  His tongue pushed hers aside to lick far into her mouth, touching the back of her throat.  All his flesh was cold, so cold it burned, and the torment of giving herself to him was great.  Her body, her heart, her very soul opened to him anyway, succumbing to a pleasure so great her heart skipped several beats before galloping wildly again.

Orgasm after orgasm poured from her pussy, a deluge of lust and need.  Elaine rode up and down Ash’s body, meeting his every violent thrust to continue the cascade of sensation that rippled through each atom of her body.  She might have gone on until her lungs refused to draw another single breath had he not climaxed at last, pouring frozen seed into her belly.  Her guts cramped in agony.  It was only then that she fought with deadened limbs to escape.

Ash held her still, forcing her to accept every icy drop of his passion.  The confessional echoed with her helpless sobs as he filled her for what felt like forever.  At last the stream dried, and he pulled free of her.  He lowered her to the seat where she quaked with cold and shock.

He looked down on her, his pleased smile strangely gentle on his infernal face.  “No more lies between us Elaine.  This is what I am, and I love you.”

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